Self Personality Report

When we are sitting all by ourselves, that’s when most of our thoughts come under our radar. Otherwise with so many distractions all around, it is hard to devote some time and figure out how we really are. The Self-Personality Report works on ground aspects of what makes a person curious about their personality.

The Self-Personality Report will throw light on—

- The nature of your personality

- How people perceive you and how you really are.

- Your positive and negative qualities and how to balance them.

- Social and communication skills

- Remedies for an enhanced personality type 

All of this is made possible with Astrology to help you shine in any kind of situation you encounter. So, are you ready to figure out yourself with our Self-Personality Report?


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What is Self -Personality?

Self-personality refers to the individual way of thinking, behaviour and feelings that make him distinct from others. Each individual has their own characteristics or traits unique to them. Intact, the way of thinking of individuals will differ in the same situation. Personality is basically the characteristics or traits that an individual possesses. This may be inherited or acquired with experience and with social connections. Self- personality is the way we behave and express ourselves with the society or environment. Each individual will have their own unique way of expressing himself/herself. For example, while introducing myself I might say that my name is so and so and I am very hardworking and charming. While some other might introduce themselves in another way. This is known as self- personality.

Which is the smartest personality type?

INTJ is the smartest personality type. It involves introverts, thoughts, sensing and judgement. They are good at their work and do not believe in wasting their time. They are collecting information in a skilled manner and know how to get things done. They are quite practical and don’t work on emotional grounds. They follow their intuition and are more confined to themselves. They work in a logical manner and keep gathering information valuable to them.

What is the 2nd rarest personality type?

ENJF are the second rarest personality type after INJP. Here the individual will have personality traits like extroverts, judgement and feelings. They like being around people so they know how to motivate people and direct them towards their goals. They are passionate and understanding and work for the society as a whole. They like working in group settings and have the ability to do the best for their society.

What personality type are the serial killers?

ISTP and ESTP are the personality types most likely to be serial killers. Talking of the ESTP they are extroverts and don’t have much emotional feeling to them. So, they are easily able to manipulate people around them and gain trust easily. As regards, ISTP they are introverts with thoughts and perception. They blend with the rest of the people and act like one of them so that they cannot be detected.

How do you become an open self-personality?

You can become and open self -personality, by being the first one to take initiative in everything, be the leader, never hesitate in doing so, sharing your problems, listening and understanding theirs, never give up, sit and properly talk to each other , don’t hide reveal yourself inside and outside, how do you feel, physically, emotionally and mentally be open up, express your thoughts, feelings , ideas and stand for yourself, helping others to do the same and if create a comfortable surroundings for them as well yourself to freely open up to someone. Having all these qualities make a person’s open self- personality.

What is the difference between person and personality?

Person is human being who is here live and work in this world, and personality is something which defines a person or human being, defines person their nature their skills and qualities, their way to act and behave to things this is personality, the way a person handles himself is known as personality. Person is an individual whose making or known by his/her personality. Personality refers to the development of traits and qualities which is present in a person.

For example – Raunak is very Kind. So, he is kind, Kindness here is his personality his quality, whereas Raunak is a person, an individual.

How do Self relate to Personality?

Self relates to personality as it plays an important role, because Self- personality is something which we all always talk about right? Self- personality means Your won personality, your qualities, skills talents and characteristics present in you. Self means you and personality is that defines you your development of traits together it is known as Self Personality. The Self is expressed as your personality, as you have to take decisions and live your life with these inherited qualities which is known as personality.

What is the difference between Self and Personality?

Self means one self, yourself, you whereas Personality defines yourself, it is the series of qualities traits, and characteristics which is found in an individual.

What Colour is personality?

Personality has different colours, each colour defines some or the other thing about your personality, Colours such as Red, blue, white and yellow, where Red defines your power and strength and Blue defines deep inner peace and freshness whereas yellow shows happiness and your love, White indicates simple, royal and classy, so all shades have different personality, Your colour personality depends on which is your favourite colour, it will define you and your personality traits. How do you decorate your house, which colours do you wear etc, all shades define about your personality and tells others about you?

What are positive qualities?

Qualities present in you are both negative and positive, positive qualities are those which enhances your personality, makes a good impression about you , which is in favour of you and for which you are known by others, qualities that spread positivity around are positive qualities such as kindness, sweetness, caring, loving, hard-working, sensitive, loyal, thoughtful, funny humour, versatile, shows motivation, takes efforts and always stay positive. People who love exercising and eating healthy food keep them maintained Taking care of themselves and others, helping them in need and always ready to take stand, all these are good and positive qualities present in a person.

What are six traits of good character?

To identifying whether you are a good character person or not, you should have these six essential traits present within yourself,

1. Be helping to others in their good and bad times, support encourage and always ready to help them.

2. Be loyal and honest to everyone, never cheat or ditich someone, truthfulness is necessary as it is not only a good quality but it will make you a good person in yourself, will radiate good and positive energy.

3. Self – Sacrifice is essential in a person to have a good character, as it means thinking about others first and keeping yourself at the last, taking care of them, sacrificing things for them to see their happiness and a smile on their face , it means you should not be witty and selfish. It is the act of letting other people stay in your life and let them suggest you with good things, listening to them.

4. Keeping Self- control is a secret to good character.

5. Always be fair, never be bias with anyone while taking any decisions.

6. Respecting everyone is very important, giving respect and receiving respect is loved by everyone, never disrespect your elders or talk to them in a wrong never.

What behaviours are inherited?

Behaviours can be inherited, as being reserved or extrovert or introvert is always inherited from the starting but people try to change themselves if they are willing too, love to explore nature and surroundings are likings which are inherited somewhat, liking towards animals or dogs, being kind and sweet their physical appearance these all qualities or behaviours are pas from their parents to the offspring. These all or parents acts and behaviour which are inherited in the child since birth.

Is personality learned or genetic?

Personality can be both genetic and learned, Genetic personality is that one receives from their partners since birth, whereas learned personality is that we have learn by looking and living by people, we inculcate from them after the birth, by living with them understanding them we develop new skills and qualities by understanding ourselves such as liking towards particular food, music or dance forms and people, painting towards reading books, honesty etc these all are learned personality traits. Whereas the parents act and behaviours such as being kind or sweet, physical appearance, being emotional, introvert etc.

Are you born with personality?

Personality is something which is said to be development of traits, qualities and skills, so it will not be right to say that one is born with personality, because meeting with people, living with them conversing , you get to learn new things and you inculcate them in you , and that is development of personality.

What are 5 main personality traits?

The main 5 personality traits which one should have within yourself are

1. Openness is very important, one needs to open up express and reveal themselves in front of others, Share their thoughts and feelings without hesitation.

2. Conscientiousness is said as the tendency to organize and dependable.

3. Agreeablness is very important for everyone as it reflects positive behaviour of a person, he/ she needs to listen and agree on things, be kin and sweet, appreciate things and accept others, be honest and trustworthy person, shower love and affection.

4. Extroversion is very much required in an personality as extroverts as those who are capable of communicating, are very social, gets mix with everyone easily, talkative enjoying and having fun in their lives, being and reserved introvert is not a good personality trait.

5. Neuroticism is that kind of personality who are usually gloomy and sad people are emotionally instable, it seems that they are very boring people.

What is the rarest of the 16 personality traits?

Out of 16 personality traits, Introversion is the rarest one, introversion is intuition feeling, people who are reserved and like to stay indoors and does not likes talking much to people or meeting them, they into themselves but like judging people a lot. This is the rarest as no one likes to be in this category of personality.

What are 3 types of personality disorders?

paranoid personality disorder- This is the disorder in which people are not able to trust on someone ,they are afraid of getting hurt and they think that everyone is lying so they don’t trust anyone, even if they want to they will not be able to trust because they are suffering from this type of disorder.

schizoid personality disorder- These are those people who cannot be comfortable with anyone, they generally avoid eye contact and shake hands, like to stay away from people. People assume that they are introverts and lonely. But they are just uncomfortable in connecting to others.

schizotypal personality disorder- These people face difficulty in developing relationships or maintaining them, they don’t have much close relationships other than their family. They face social anxiety, lack of confidence and friends.

What makes your personality one of a kind?

A pure heart with a pure mind, where there is no sense of ill-feelings makes a personality the best of all.

What are the four distinctive personality types?

Every individual wants to know the category under which their personality falls which gives them a better picture of themselves. There are 4 distinctive personality types.

Average- most people belong to this category. Here, the people like being in the company of others and people around them ( extroversion) and they have high levels of emotional anxiety and mood swings( neurotic).

Reserved- people here are emotionally stable and more of introverts and agreeable. They might not be considered as neurotic.

Self- Centered - here people are very extrovert but rank less in openness, agreeability and consciousness.

Role model- here people are open to new ideas and concepts. They have high levels of agreeableness and consciousness and low level of extroversion. They are natural leaders.

What is romantic personality??

Romance is something which is natural and not forced. It is a spark that ignites the soul of the person. It is inherited and not acquired. Romantics are empathetic, idealistic and authentic. They have deep emotions and instil in others the importance of things in their life. They are good at expressing themselves. They see both the sides of the situation good or bad. They are very artistic and imaginative and enjoy working at places which give them the freedom to work according to them. Therefore, they chose careers such as gardeners, artist or graphic designer.

What it means to open up to someone?

Opening up means expressing yourself, showing , telling and freeing yourself in front of others, how to feel about the person or how do you feel comfortable with the person or not, telling them regarding it, do not shy or hesitate in starting a conversation with someone, stand for yourself, show and express, open up be comfortable in front of others. It means to confess something to him/her about them or yourself. It means Revealing your secrets or hidden things to someone which you will not be sharing with somebody else, talking about your skills, dreams, family and problems to someone.

How do I learn to open up emotionally?

Opening up yourself in front of someone emotionally is not easy though, but one needs to learn how one should open up emotionally.

1. If you have genuine feelings for someone without hesitating tell them, don’t think what will be the consequences Open up and express yourself.

2. Don’t be afraid be emotional and show your emotional phase to them, let them know how do you feel, and why are you emotional, being emotional is in our nature, one cannot control over emotions, so when you are emotionally breakdown ,you should express your thoughts and yourself.

3. Listen to them also, and then both of you can share yourself emotionally.

How do you understand Self?

Self means oneness, knowing about yourself, Self means You, understanding yourself, talking and giving more time to yourself, rather than other, meeting a new person in you every day, understanding what are you, your qualities, skills and talents. It is like observing yourself, your behaviour how do you react to things what is the reason behind it, taking efforts to know who you are is called Self.