What are the 13 zodiac signs and dates?

Many of you rely on the mysterious calculations and predictions made on the positions of the stars. Horoscope determines the personality traits and outcomes in life. According to astrologers the 13 zodiac signs with the dates are as the follow-up

a) CAPRICORN is from date January 20 to February 16

b) AQUARIUS is from date February 16 to March 11

c) PISCES is from date March 11 to April 18

d) ARIES is from date April 18 to May 13

e) TAURUS is from date May 13 to June 21

f) GEMINI is from date June 21 to July 20

g) CANCER is from date July 20 to August 10

h) LEO is from date August 10 to September 16

i) VIRGO is from date September 16 to October 30

j) LIBRA is from date October 30 to November 23

k) SCORPIO is from date November 23 to November 29

l) OPHIUCHUS (the newly introduced zodiac sign) is from date November 29 to December 17

m) SAGITTARIUS is from date December 17 to January 20.

What are the bad zodiac signs?

The six zodiac signs namely Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, and Aquarius signs give out negative energy. Everyone has a dark side but as per astrology, many have constant negative energy. It generally makes you a bad zodiac sign that keeps on growing and influencing.

You give off negative vibes, constantly feel angry, and stop expressing the thought and feelings. And this negative energy is shown as a feeling of depression, anxiety, and lack of hope. You should stay away from the negative emotions and know how to deal with it so you do not feel it.

What is the best horoscope?

As every horoscope is unique in its own way and has its own pros and cons. As Aries is high on energy and is ready to solve any challenge in life as being ambitious. Taurus is the most trustworthy and dependable sign that make good friends.

Gemini is an exciting person with smart and attractive skills. Cancers are best in making friends and are loyal to the family and home. Leos are the best protective signs that are generous and loving people. Virgos are dedicated to lifestyle plans and are clever. Libras maintain a balance in life who are mild and food meditators. Scorpios are of splendid interest and passion. Sagittarius is a very good co-people with exceptional knowledge.

Capricorn has a desire for business, cash, and power. Aquarius is frank and refined people that are strong and persuasive. Pisces are best in making friends cherish and be happy.

Which zodiac sign is better in bed?

Taurus is a masculine sign that increases the sex drive in you. Gemini is smart people, you are intelligent and witty in flirting and embracing. Cancer is the most emotional and sensitive signs, you need to be soft and have a loving touch. Leos are the best lovers and burn with sexual confidence and power. Virgos are cool and calm that gives you personal attention. Libra is a very adorable roommate and an attentive lover.

Scorpio is said to be the most sexual zodiac sign out of all the signs as per the astrology. Sagittarius and the Capricorns are creative and deeply in love. Aquarius cares about the relationship before having sex. Pisces gives you a sex life full of satisfaction and pleasure.

Which sign is the leader of the zodiac?

Aries are said to be born leaders and include all the traits as that of a firstborn in the feature. You are logical, determined, and when helping others. You become one of the best bosses as you do not have an ego and come from a place of cooperation.

You make mindful choices and take the emotions out of the equations with creative and innovative minds. You are exceptionally powerful with incredible ideas and practical executions. You may not be a warm leader but are the most effective one to be the leader.

What is your sign?

My zodiac sign is Cancer, who are emotional and sensitive people with high intuitions. They can sometimes be overly sentimental and moody due to a range of emotions inside. They are comfortable being at home surrounded by loved ones.

They prefer deep conversations with intimate connections being an introvert one, socialize with only a few. Though you are loyal and protective but are difficult to connect at first. You rely more on the intuitions than the words and are a bit psychic.

What does it mean when someone asks you for your sign?

It clearly shows that you are interested in and believe in astrology. It could both be good and bad for you completely depending on the beliefs as when he gets to know the zodiac sign he checks the compatibility. Though he would not know much about compatibility as it is not that accurate

You have a trait or characteristic that might not be normal and is more common to certain zodiac signs. Or the person might like you and want to build a stronger bond of friendship and love with you. The above mentioned two reasons might be why someone has asked you your zodiac sign.

What is my moon sign?

As per the astrology, a person's Moon sign depicts its emotions and inner moods that play a very important role. It can be determined by various astrological calculations of the exact date, place, and time of birth. The Moon jeeps on moving around the zodiac signs and within a month visits all the signs.

It stays for about two days in each sign that influences the various characteristics you possess mainly the emotions. You must know the exact time of birth to get the Moon sign placement in a person's life. Even if you don't know the exact time an approximate time close to it would be preferred to know about the Moon sign.

How do you know your horoscope?

The horoscope is known by which zodiac sign the Sun is at the time of a child's birth. Each and every 12 signs have 30 degrees that make a 360-degree circle. Horoscope is nothing but that gives the future information based on the placement of stars.

The position of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets at the time of the birth states the horoscope. The different weekly, yearly, and monthly horoscope lets you know the effects in life and personality. You must know the zodiac sign in order to know the get the exact forecast of the horoscope.

Can we believe in horoscope?

Many of us want to know the difficulties and the better things that our future holds and how to avoid them. That is the main reason why people want to know the horoscope that guides you to make correct decisions. It completely depends on astrology and also it is accurate as it depends upon the location of planets and stars at the exact time and place of the birth. It is not any realm of entertainment rather now it is religion-based and many a time has proved to be accurate. It is just believed that you have on the realization of horoscope whether it is true or not.

Does our Zodiac decide our destiny?

Zodiac is a replica of our own nature and deeds. The way we are, as a soul in human form sparks out in form of our specific Zodiacs, making us unique in our own way.

Which zodiac sign is more powerful?

The following five zodiac signs are the maximum powerful socially, emotionally, or physically. You have an ideal personality with all the strengths that you bestow. Libra finds it difficult to resist and is dominant that makes you a very powerful personality.

Scorpios are fierce and excellent workers with assertive and passionate nature that is why you have power. Sagittarius has an excellent sense of humor and is optimistic, idealistic, and enthusiastic. Capricorn has great self-control and power that makes you physically fit.

Which zodiac sign is the smartest?

As per the astrologers, the Aquarius and the Scorpios are said to be the smartest zodiac signs of all. Aquarians have the highest level of analytical intelligence. It is generally measured by analytical intelligence and intelligence quotient.

You are perceptive smarts and are best at realistic assessing, understanding the world. Even Gemini and Libra are a lot of mental smarts and cancer and Pisces are emotionally intelligent. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are the practically intelligent person. While the Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius tend to be the most intuitive person.

What zodiac sign is the prettiest?

Generally, the Geminis are said to be the most beautiful and the prettiest zodiac sign of all. You are bestowed with the acts full of confidence and having no fear in sharing the feelings. You are the most attractive youth that is active, shining, and joyful.

You are energetic and love the inconstancy in life who do not keep grudges and misuse anyone. You do not stop looking forward even if something goes wrong. You keep on motivating and influencing others to have a positive attitude and carry on. You are also the most attractive female out of all the zodiac signs.

What is the rarest sign?

The three of the rarest zodiac signs are Aquarius, Sagittarius, and the Aries sign. The Sun stays for about a month in the sign and January has a very less number of births as per the principle. February is a very short month so it is a very rare zodiac sign. The period of the Aries also has a very less number of birth than the rest of the year. You are known for the dynamic and an excellent passion for you. You have the least number of births in the period that goes along for the Sagittarius.

Which zodiac sign go well together?

If you really believe so much in astrology then you might be searching for the right match quiet often. It does help in the love area and many are curious about it. The signs that go well together are as follows

● Aries and Aquarius have an exciting relationship.

● Taurus and Cancer have a serious relationship.

● Leo and Sagittarius are passionate about each other.

● Virgo and Taurus are practical and easygoing.

● Libra and Gemini have an interesting and sexy relationship.

● Scorpio and Cancer have an intense emotional bond.

● Sagittarius and Aries have a hot and passionate relationship.

● Capricorn and Taurus are sincere and respect love.

● Pisces and Scorpio is the understanding of the soul.