Privacy Policy

Personal information

Trusted teller aims to give knowledge about astrology related information to all the users. This requires personal info about the user like contact details or the email may be asked. The activity of the user on our site is also tracked to gather some information about his interests to serve him in a better way. This personal info is made use of by Trusted Teller to deliver the required services to the users by means of communication. If you accept our terms and conditions, you give your consent to receive this info. If you disagree, you may opt-out of any provision. User privacy is of supreme importance to us. We guarantee to preserve it. The user may reveal only the amount of information that he wants to. But it should also be noted that if voluntarily you chose to give us some personal info, it may be made use of by third parties to send some message etc which is not our responsibility.We ensure complete safety, the security of the credit card by means of encryption. The entire communication between the browser and the site is encrypted thus protected. Advertisement Advertisements on our sites are shown by third parties who might make use of your relevant info to display advertisements which will be based upon your activity on the site.

Something you must know

We cannot take complete guarantee that your info will not be disclosed in ways that are not specified in this policy. So, it should not be expected that your information will never ever be made use of by any third party. If in case this happens then you should take complete responsibility.

Your contact information

It is up to you regarding selection of which information you would like to display. You may do this in the section regarding contact information in the resume. In case any fraud happens, then you should inform the police and also let us know.

The info provided to us

We would ask you to sign into your Trusted Teller account for more personalised services. For that, we may require your name, personal info, email id your gender, place of birth etc. We also collect some other information like the info related to your mobile or other devices

Some technologies are also used by us to preserve information about the browsing of the user. This includes the use of cookies for the purpose of marketing and identification of the browser.

The info that the user provides us or the one that our site collects is used for the purpose of marketing and for researching. We aim at providing the best experience to our users. We also use this info gathered to provide some content related to astrology like horoscopes and Vastu. The name of the person, the details of his birth and some other information shall be shared by us for providing you the required services. We also search for some trusted astrologers to provide you guidance on some specific matters.