Refund Policy

According to the refund policy of Trusted Teller, the refund requests will only be transferred back to the customer’s bank account through our payment gateway within 5 to 7 bank working days .In the process of the refund request, the customer agrees to grant permission for the Quality audit team of Trusted Teller to understand the issue of refund and consult the problem as soon as possible

understand the issue of refund and consult the problem as soon as possible. The Trusted Teller’s quality audit team will make the final decision of refunding if the request is valid with a perfect flaw to attend to. Their decision is final and cannot be changed at any point. Trusted Teller’s quality Audit team will take it upon themselves to correct any mistakes and make sure the customer service reaches the expectations. They will put in the best efforts to provide refunds to the customers wherever the quality has been the issue. The refund will be safely deposited in the customer’s Trusted Teller’s bank account within 5 to 7 working days.

The refund requests are processed on valid terms like:

  • There is a disturbance on the ongoing call and weak signals, inaudible voices on both the ends of the call.
  • There is language inconvenience between the two speakers and the message and problem have not been conveyed.
  • The partner Astrologer took a long time to analyze the problem and to respond to the customer’s query.
  • If the Partner Astrologer has given irrelevant and inappropriate answers and responses to the customer’s need.
  • The reports ordered get delayed within the time mentioned in our reports section.
  • The report is not following the proper table of content in the start of the report.
  • The astrologer is not talking about the issue mentioned in the report.
  • Unavailability of the astrologer due to some urgent issue.

The refund requests are mandatory to be placed within 24 hours of consultation with the partnered Astrologer. There won’t be any refund requests accepted without an accurate reason. The Trusted Teller takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the predicted statements.