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Your consent

When you visit a trusted teller, we assume that you accept the terms and conditions that are related to our site. You hereby accept and declare that you shall abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in the disclaimer. In a situation where a dispute arises regarding your non-compliance to any obligation or any term or condition mentioned, or regarding non-payment of your dues, then jurisdiction against you shall be carried on in New Delhi courts.


For being a member of this site, you should possess the right and authority regarding entering into this agreement. You must accept and follow all the terms and conditions mentioned by us. If you are not in a position to enter into an agreement with Trusted Teller, then we shall be entitled to change or restrict this agreement according to our own free will.

Term of agreement and its termination

When this site is being used by you or when you are its member, till that time this agreement is in effect. By sending in written to Trusted Tellers, you may cancel your membership. In case this happens, no refund of any fees regarding your subscription shall be provided to you. Also, any content purchased by you shall no longer be made available to you.

The trusted teller may also eliminate your membership to its site for any reason it may find appropriate. Your access to our site may also be prohibited. A mail would be sent to you in the e-mail provided by you in case this happens. After termination, some terms and conditions shall still be effective.

Trusted teller has full rights to delete or change any features in the policy or any features whenever it deems correct. For this, no notice would be sent. In case of cancellation of any service that is provided by us, the data that you entered shall be deleted. It should not be expected that we shall keep any record of the entered data.

If the service is canceled entirely without stating any reason behind it, then the money shall be refunded to you. The amount shall be decided on the basis of the service left to be provided to you prior to the time when it was canceled. We may forbid you to access our site and its services.

Not for any commercial purposes

This is to be noted that our site is meant only for use by an individual. It should not be used for any commercial purposes until approved by us. You are also not allowed to provide any link to any other website. In case such an occurrence happens, an action can be taken against you.

We can extract any revenue from you or your future generations in case you make any profit by using this site illegally. We shall also extract a penalty of 50% from you in this regard.

Other terms and conditions for members

Until our site grants any verification to you, you are not allowed to sell any products or any services related to our site to its users. Any mails or letters would not be sent by you.

Content on site

We have a full Copywrite of the content which is mentioned on our site. Nobody is allowed to copy or make any changes to such content. Any such information used by you will be our property. We have a complete right to make any changes to such content or delete it when used without our notice. Our material can’t be posted or reproduced by you in the form of any copyright etc. without our written consent.

Privacy policy

Trusted teller aims to give knowledge about astrology related information to all the users. This requires personal info about the user like contact details or the email may be asked. User privacy is of supreme importance to us. We guarantee to preserve it. The user may reveal only the amount of information that he wants to. But it should also be noted that if voluntarily you chose to give us some personal info, it may be made use of by third parties to send some message, etc which is not our responsibility. We ensure complete safety, the security of the credit card by means of encryption. The entire communication between the browser and the site is encrypted thus protected. Further, you may look into our privacy policy for more details.


If you are a member of our site or if you are using it, then you are bound to receive some messages or emails from Trusted Teller. You must inform us if you find our site being misused for any purpose by any member. But if the complaint turns out to be a fallacy, then you shall be liable to termination.