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Who We Are

Here at Trusted Teller, we operate differently. Every report is custom made for the individual and manually created to give the best results possible. While many companies are using systems, API and computer-generated predictions - we recognize all individuals are unique and different and there is no one size fit’s all report. This means you receive the most accurate and detailed report possible to help reveal the hidden future and all that it brings.
Our Vedic Astrologer will carefully examine your information (birth date, place, name and birth time) and then make a precise reading based on your horoscope, birth chart and more. We recognize that astrology is an age-old tradition that has played a vital role throughout time. We provide this information to help empower individuals through all facets of their life. There is no reason to live in fear, doubt, or worry any longer. Let us help you experience the unknown mystery of the future with proven readings. 

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What is a life purpose?

Everyone has one particular thought or aim that keeps them motivated to live their life. That particular aim is the Life Purpose. There can be different life purposes for different people. Some can have happiness as their life purpose. This means that their sole aim in life is to attain happiness in whatever things they do. On the other hand, someone might also have money or fame as their life purpose. They are always inspired or motivated to do things in their life just to attain fame or earn a lot of money. Life purpose is that thing which drives you throughout your life journey.

What is the best definition of life?

There can never be a best or a perfect definition of life. It is very difficult to define life. Because life means different to different people. There are different expectations from life. Thus there can never be one particular definition that can describe the meaning of life for everyone. Life is a journey with different experiences where you meet other people living their own life. Life can be given many meanings depending on how you see it. Some people see life as a book with many blank pages which is to be written by us in our life journey. This particular line was said by Anais Nin. Similarly there can be many different meanings.

Can Kundali predict life future?

Kundali is a kind of chart which has the movements and positions of different planet and stars at the time of birth. Astrologers believe that planets and stars can influence one’s life to a great extent and thus it can predict the different possibilities of things that might occur in future. The predictions made by the kundali are never considered to be 100% accurate. It just gives a list of different possibilities so that we can prepare ourselves to fight against the problems from the future. Kundali can predict the possibilities of marriages, career aspects, personality etc. from the future.

How can you tell the future of someone?

There are different Psychics, astrologers etc. that can predict the future of someone. These people are considered to have powers to look at the future. They take the help of different things like some can use tarot cards, while others uses one’s palm to study their future. These tarots cards are considered to have occult powers which can be able to predict the future. While in palm reading, astrologers believes that the different lines in a person’s palm are able to explain a lot about their future. Similarly there are many different ways by which one can predict the future of someone.

Can we know our future?

You can never know your future accurately. You can develop an idea about the different possibilities of future. There are many fortune tellers, Psychics that can help you give an idea about your future. But it is impossible to know one’ future accurately. There are many different people that have psychic abilities to predict the future. Future are basically a collection of results of the actions taken today. Thus, even you can predict a little about the future based on your today’s actions. Some people can also predict the future by your dreams. It is considered that dreams show a lot of things from our future.

Can dreams predict the future?

It is a very interesting topic and yes one can predict the future by dreams. But these dreams are not seen by everybody. Only few people can get visions of the future in their dreams. These types of dreams are known as Precognitive dreams. In precognitive dreams one can see about any event from the future. Again, not all dreams are precognitive dreams. But some people definitely see something in their dreams which after some days comes true. So it is difficult to differentiate precognitive dreams from normal dreams. But there are chances that dreams can predict the future.

How does Life help you like a friend, philosopher and guide?

Life shows us many phases that decorates our life with a purpose to live, to be ambitious for future and to know the real meaning of living life.

What is the real meaning of life?

There will never going to be a perfect definition for life. Everyone sees life through different lenses. Life is all about a short span of time where you can do everything you want and experience as many things you can and then a day will come when everything will come to an end and you will be leaving the life provided to you. Different people spends this short span of time doing different things and this is the reason they have different opinions or most accurately different meanings of life. The real meaning of life depends on how you will be spending the time given to you.

Does life has any meaning?

Life doesn’t have any specific meaning. It can mean different to different people. It can be considered as a gift which is given to us for a particular time period so that we can experience about different things and then after the time is over it is taken back from us. This can be one interpretation of life. Similarly, there are many different interpretations about the meaning of life. The meaning of life depends a lot on what is expected out of it. In short the meaning of life depends upon the life purposes. Depending on different purposes people may have different meanings.

How do I found my life purposes?

Life purpose is basically an aim which inspires or drives us in our life journey. We live life with that particular aim in life. There can be many other purposes in life but life purpose is that one thing that is the reason behind other purposes. To find your life purpose you need to understand your feelings and emotions. Study them and look what is the one thing that drives you to take actions in your life. Understand the inspiration behind your every actions in life. That particular thing is your life purpose. It can be as simple as “to attain happiness in life” while it can also be earning a lot of money or” attaining fame”.

Can someone predict my life future?

There are many different practices that are believed to predict the life future. Practices like Kundali reading, astrology, tarot card reading, palm reading, numerology etc. are believed to predict the different possibilities of future so that one can take actions for them. It is never guaranteed that the predictions made by all these are fully accurate. There can be some chances of such predictions to come true. Till now, there are no such things discovered which can predict one’s life with full accuracy. Everything known till now gives an idea about the different possibilities, but none can guarantee their full accuracy.

How can I see my future?

Future is the consequences of different actions taken today. Thus, for example if you plant a seed today chances are that it might grow into a big tree. But there are probability as well that it might die. Thus, you cannot see the future completely. You can only see predictions of some possibilities that might happen in the future. So, study your actions and determine that based on your actions what can be the different results expected in the future. Apart from these, there are many astrologers, psychics in the market that can also predict about the possibilities of your future.