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Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching or Horoscope Matching is an auspicious process that is carried out before the wedlock takes place. From the history of the Vedas and the Puranas, it is quite clear the Marriage has been the divine ritual for every individual. In today’s world, it is still unique and one of the best memories when a couple gets married.

We might or might not express our feelings but as time passes, somewhere deep down the heart, we long for a beautiful relationship with our lover and we want to have a blissful life with each other forever.

Let us unfold you the real secret of a successful marriage. It is understanding, happiness with each other, respect, and lots of care. But are you sure you will have all of them after the marriage? Kundli matching comes to the rescue.

Kundali matching is the matching of stars, celestial bodies, and position of planets and constellation that binds up both the couple together. The more points acquired by the match, the more happiness you experience. It freezes and eliminates all the obstacles and ill- effects that might have arisen.

Kundali matching also exposes a number of mishaps and dosha that might come to disturb your marriage. Astrological remedies are provided to overcome them as well.

How to know if they are the one for you?

In the Hindu Vedas and Puranas, Kundali- Matching has always been considered auspicious and holy. Marriage is the fusion of two souls through divine rituals and mantras, prayers, and hymns that bind them together forever. Soul connection comes backs at every lifetime but it depends on us about choosing the “Right” one.

Vedic Astrology of India follows different methods to enlighten about the consequences of the match making. They are: Horoscope Matching, Kundali Milan Method, Gunn Milan Method, Lagna matching, etc.

There are a few important objectives that highly affect the marriage, either with a positive impact or a negative one.

They are:

1.            Gunn Milan Method.

2.            Navamsa Chart.

3.            Manglik Dosha and its remedy.

Gunn Milan Method

In our Indian Astrology, we create a birth chart of a child during the time of their birth. The birth chart is the map of the alignment of the celestial bodies, stars, and planets. Through this, we get to know the life tale of the child and their later lifestyle too. 

This birth chart is matched with the birth chart of the person, he/she wants to marry or about to marry. This matching of the birth chart is known as Kundali matching.

Gunn Milan method, also known as the Ashthakoota Method is the calculations and readings done by knowing the position of the Moon in the charts of the couple. In the Gunn Milan method, at least 18 Gunns needs to match for a happy married life. As there are Eight Kootas in the method, it came up to be named Ashthakoota too.

The eight kootas of the method are:


In the Vedic Astrology, every person is born under each Varna or class of the Birth signs. It is the match done upon their Varnas, which depicts their status with each other. Varna is divided into 4 segments: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishya, and Shudras.


This is match of attraction, emotions, and desire between the man and the woman. It denotes their compassion and respect, it also depicts dominancy between the couples, Vashya calculates it all. An individual is categorized into 5 different segments. They are Human (Manav), Wild animals (Vanchar), tiny animals (Chatuspad), Water animals (Jalchar) and Insects (Keet).


Tara is the match of the position of the planetary structures like stars and moon in the chart of the couple. It signifies the destiny they are about to venture together and the luck that would highly benefit them.


This Koota is the bond that takes between the two zodiacs. It is the count of friendliness between zodiacs. If the compatibility is affirmative and auspicious, the doshas become nullified.


Gana depicts behavioral matches. Three Ganas are segmented in this koota. They are categorized into Deva Gana (Gods), Manushya or Manav Gana (Humans) and Rakshas Gana (Demons). 


Nakshathras hold a specific place in the calculation of Yoni, presented in the formation of animals or signs. It signifies the behavior of the animal according to the Zodiac. This is to understand the match of the couple, their intimacy and sexual desires, they experience with one another.


Rashi is the calculation of emotions that are shared in the couple’s Kundli. It is mostly related to the position of the Moon. If the moon’s position is in 7 and 12th of the man’s chart, it is highly positive and supposed to be holy. If the moon’s position is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6th in the man’s chart compared to the woman, it is highly inauspicious. The same procedure is followed regarding women. If the moon’s position is in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, it is considered to be affirmative whereas if the position of the moon is in 12 in comparison with the man, it is not holy at all.


Nadi is the calculation of genes and health that needs to be acquired between the two birth charts. Nadi is of three parts- Vata (Air), Pitta (Bile) and Kappa (phlegm). 


Points to be obtained

















Total Points


Therefore, 36 points need to be acquired for an auspicious Gunn Milan method and happy marriage. There are certain effects at the certain points through this process.

If the points are:

Below 18 points- It is not auspicious for marriage.

18 to 24 points- Satisfactory and accepted for marriage recommendation.

24 to 32 points- This is the points of the high success and a happy marriage.

32 to 36 points- This is the most auspicious and beautiful points of match making.

Overall, these are the highly prominent factors that need to be kept in mind regarding the match to obtain a beautiful life after the wedding.

There are a few auspicious remedial solutions that are also provided regarding the long lifespan of the lover/beloved, Manglik Dosha, Finance, Inner peace, etc.

Kundali matching enhances the power of the stars and the celestial bodies, influencing the married life of the couple with love and life.

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