Virgos are often obsessed with perfection and try enforcing this ideal of theirs onto their closest acquaintances. This might not go well with the others, depending on their zodiac signs. Virgos are often labelled perfectionists which in most cases will act against them, rather than in their favor. They also have a deeply introverted nature, which might cause a rift in their approach towards the ones they love. They will not be able to express properly, which might distance them from their lovers. On the work aspect, a Virgo is filled with an overwhelming anxiety that forces them to strive for perfection.


Hugs to a Virgo is like the soothing touch after a long and tiring day. They hug to remind the importance a person holds in their life. They hug to vent out their unexpressed pain, hidden silently in themselves. Virgos being naturally introverted tend to express their emotions in physical aspects at times and hugging will be their go to option. Similar to their kisses, their hugs are passionate too, making their partners feel loved. The Virgos often distance themselves from someone when they do not see the attention they need. This can be revealed easily by the kind of hug they give their partner


Virgos, who generally love hugs, cannot handle cuddles. They tend to move away and are unable to handle the time. This is because of their lack of preference towards physical things. These physical things do not amuse them the most and distract their attention towards other things around them. This will be the case with cuddling too. They tend to move away and this is often misunderstood by partners as a lack of interest in them, but, given there are proper situations, it is the lack of interest in cuddling and not the person. Virgos or Virgo partners who find this a disturbing factor need to talk to their partners about this and explain their feelings.


Virgos being highly introverted do not find a proper reason to express their emotions properly. They prefer keeping those emotions away rather than explaining them. They believe they will be taken on a guilt trip if they express their emotions. Though this is a false notion, the Virgos get comfortable only with those they have an established level of trust. Making a Virgo open up about their actual feelings is not always possible. In cases like these, moving on to the next best option of providing them possible solutions based on intuitions might work or even better, not talking and investing in listening to them will work.


Virgos take care of their physical appearance intricately owing to their need for perfection. They tend to invest their time and finances in things and products that will make them look the best. But, their beauty does not lie in their physical appearance, rather, it is dominated by their inner beauty. They are among the sweetest people of the zodiac, who have a tender heart for the unanticipated things around them. They jump in to rescue in all the situations they can handle. They will also lend a helping hand to those who desperately need support in anything. Virgos are also beautiful in their intentions which generally are not aimed at a bad sources, keeping them diverted to the best side alone.


Being an earth sign, the Virgos are known for their grounded decisions in many respects. Other supporting signs which tend to have a similar nature will be their best matches. Though zodiac signs do not have a particular soul mate, the people can have which is often above the zodiac signs and other things. Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer are among the most suitable signs that will match the intentions and intensity in a Virgo. There will surely be discrepancies to face, but, they are generally highly compatible. Signs such as Gemini too are partially compatible with the Virgo if they can handle each other properly.


When someone keeps a constant effort in dating a Virgo, they will easily fall in their eyes. The Virgo being a perfectionist and a choosy one, rules out the other possible people from their list. They are pretty choosy and the issue lies within their choice of person. Those who have already been ruled out of the probable list do not hold a chance at all, let alone a second chance. This makes them a difficult sign to date. Though, if a Virgo accepts and invites another probable sign to gatherings, the chances that they have an impression on you is high. Keeping this effect the same might involve a deeper attention than earlier.


Virgos do not make their decisions soon, but their decisions in most cases are on point. In the case of love too, Virgos make very suitable decisions which will help them in any situation. They take their time to choose the right person and will not move away from them in situations of any kind. Unfortunately this might be a wrong decision for a few Virgos who generally have a partner exposing their true face of abuse at a later stage. They will face this only to stay connected to their partner and generally Virgo women tend to go in the bad boy direction, which will be a wrong choice for them.


Virgos, being their natural selves are not flirts. They do not prefer flirting at all and believe in showing the real side alone. This is mainly due to their introverted nature that they tend to talk less to people. This will leave lower chances for a Virgo to make up words and flirt. Their nature also indicates a direct talk without sugar coating that might at times hide away their natural feelings. Virgos are extremely good at heart and this sugar coating and making up of words is unnecessary for them. If they happen to do this to someone, they will be a wrong person in most of the cases.


In the aspects of marriage, a Virgo must always look for an equally stable partner, who will fight situations as much as they do. This quality can generally be found in the Taurus and Capricorn. While Capricorns are known to be addicted to their work, they also have a great sense of love which they express openly too. The Taurus being an extremely grounded sign easily expresses their strength in a situation. Marrying a Taurus will provide a proper stability to the Virgo which they expect out of their relationship. This marriage will only be an added benefit to them and must not depreciate their energy in any manner


Virgo looks for sexual compatibility in those who can give them a proper commitment in a relationship. Short lived and casual relations are not the kind that will suit a Virgo. The signs that are highly suitable for marriage, Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer will be compatible with the Virgo on the sexual level too. For the Virgo, physical stimulation begins with mental stimulation. They give their physical needs to only those they consider having a proper mental relationship. In thoughts too, the Virgo looks for a proper companion. They will be none other than the Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer alone


The sexual approach of a Virgo woman is highly dependent on the partner. They have a sensual and erotic way of enjoying their physical intimacy. Though they are not creative, they tend to choose the regular approach in this case. The Virgos need to be very open about their needs and their partner’s needs in case of physical intimacy. If there is a lack of this, then, the problems surrounding them will keep rising only and shall not reduce so soon. While the Virgo might feel this as sudden, the need cannot be denied at all.


The Virgos generally have no enemies. This is mainly because of the calm and composed demeanor they possess. They have a calm and composed stage which will not bring them any enemies. But, those who are a mess both internally and externally might be problematic to a Virgo. The Virgo’s nature of keeping everything perfect around them is easily disrupted by this and can make them lose their cool. It should be understood that a Virgo does not generally express anger without having a proper reason that would offend them. This should avoid most of the quarrels and enemies possible.


The signs a Virgo should avoid is dependent on the situation and the kind of relationship they share. Signs such as Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius that are the exact opposite of stability and settling down soon will be a negative influence in the case of a Virgo’s life. But, if the Virgo understands those in their life carefully, they can easily understand the problems that tag along. These problems too can be solved simply by talking a little, which can be done much easily if the root of the problem is known.


Virgos prefer perfection from the string of their shoes to the string of their life. They create harmony through the perfect symphony.


A sign that is filled with logical and practical approach to life, a Virgo is a perfectionist by nature. They live a systematic life, extending this approach to all major aspects of their life. The Virgo would never deter from learning something new that will add to their existing talents. They are hard-working and are dedicated to their work. In relationships, they are passionate lovers, who are loyal to their partner in all circumstances. They give immense support to their partners in situations of all kinds, which make them truly admirable. They, at times, surrender to their urge for perfection, often causing strives in their relationships.


Being the ones seeking perfection and only the best in any situation, a Virgo does not fail in the kissing department too. A Virgo is often a good kisser. They do their research beforehand in case of their first one. They learn and unlearn techniques that will help them to easily make their best impressions. They do not kiss often and when they do, there will be a lot of passion involved, making their kisses often unforgettable. A few Virgos might not exhibit the patience to learn. This can be overcome when the partner tries explaining the imperfections in the methods they are using, stimulating their senses immediately.


A Virgo strives for perfectionism in everything they do. In fact, they make every single effort that is needed to keep them on the higher ground. Compliments make a large difference in the life of a Virgo. These compliments on the slightest effort they make also will give them immense happiness which can be the cause of a proper relation between the people. The beauty of the Virgos is that they return the compliment on a day when the person has been feeling low lately. Their good hearted nature comes onto display every single time there is a requirement appearing on the front.


Virgos are greatly known for their perfectionist nature which they exhibit greatly. They tend to have a kind heart too which makes for a rare combination. The Virgo will be searching for the best in everything they take up and unknowingly their eye also falls on the right one. This ranges from the basic things in the day to those related to the one they might spend their life with. All together a Virgo will not have to look somewhere for magic and great surprising things to happen, they are surprise and good fortune most people search for in their lives.


Virgos are generally attracted to those who maintain a balance in life. They seek the perfection they have and are attracted to. Apart from the presence of perfection, the Virgo looks for a stable and supportive hand to rely on in case of problems. This can be found easily in their soulmates who appear in the form of Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. Though the Cancer might appear a bit too emotional, they understand and empathize with the Virgo. This will be attractive to them instantaneously, making the Cancer too as desirable person. The Virgo at times searches for a person who is not like them, but the Cancer would love to be. In situations like these, they shall turn to the Gemini and Sagittarius.