Sagittarius Horoscope Today


29, Nov 2022: Personal

Instead of continuing with an old project that is tired and out of date, why not try something different? You'll have a difficult, frustrating journey ahead of you if you don't give up on something that is doomed for failure. This is especially true for anything that involves music, beauty and creativity. Your energy can be directed to something better.


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Are Sagittarius good kissers?

Sagittarius is full of positivity. They kiss with such passion that their lovers brighten up. Their kiss are aggressive and they prefer dominating in their relationship. They experiment with different styles of kisses at their own emotional level. They kiss softly to initiate a romantic moment and then the kisses turn into playfulness. They run fingers through the locks of the hair and a go for a deeper level of connectivity to create a mood. They love to kiss at movie theatres or under a star gazing night. Where everyone is busy with their own life, Sagittarius searches a way to the make every moment worthwhile.

How do you make a Sagittarius jealous?

Sagittarius are very straight forward and not a jealous kind of the person. If you hurt them, they will remember it forever. They are quite understanding and so jealousy is not even a part of their plan so if they are jealous, there has to be a crucial reason behind it. They show jealousy out of insecurity even when they act that it does not matter to them.

Do Sagittarius like to cuddle?

Sagittarius might give a chance to flirtatious attitude. They make a smooth cuddle. They wrap their lovers with a good cosy hug and kiss their cheeks to make the hug even warmer. They prefer a partner who caress their hair rather than only a hug. Cuddling involves an infinite amount of kisses and lots of adventurous words that makes the moment a beautiful journey, for a proper good night sleep.

Who should a Sagittarius marry?

Sagittarius wants to spend a lot of time investing on their soulmate. Though they have a flirtatious nature but deep down in the heart, they want someone who takes care of them like they do for others. They might throw an attitude when people come towards them with pampers but then they slowly dive into it like a toddler learning to swim for the first time. Sagittarius wants a friend in their soulmate, to whom they can open their heart out. Sagittarius men prefer marrying Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aries whereas Sagittarius women would love to get married to Libra, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo. Preferences might change according to an individual’s mind-set.


Why are Sagittarius single?

Sagittarius prefer being the anchor of their own ship and avoid being dominated by anyone. They prefer to stay free and ease out their life at their own terms and conditions. They may get attracted by many personalities around them but nothing costs them more than their freedom and out-going lifestyle. They find it safer to let go of the relationship if it is not working. It saves them time and emotions. For a Sagittarius, their ideal partner would be their shadow. They would support this Archer at the mid of the night or through a big storm.

Is 2020 good for Sagittarius?

The year 2020 brings a lot of positivity in the mid of the negative impacts happening around them. There might be lot of difficult situations to deal with but there will always be a silver lining amongst the clouds. The success would come in slow but for sure and that would make a few people envious of you, who are pretty close you in profession. With family, things will be smooth and a lot of understanding would take place that was missing before. In a relationship, the bud would bloom more beautiful than ever. Sagittarius’s partner would rectify their mistakes and bring them to track. The Archer would be the happiest in the relationship this year, which never happened to them before. For the singles, love is around the corner, they should understand the difference between real love and fling. Other than that, economy would flourish and money would come the whole year except a few ups and downs.

Where do Sagittarius like to be touched?

Sagittarius, being a fire sign, emits passion and energy when it comes to romance. A right way to touch ignites a Sagittarius more than anything. They prefer to be touched down below their belly. A good massage to the belly, hips and thighs might arouse them to a different zone.

Do Sagittarius fall in love quickly?

Ruled by Jupiter and being a blazing fire sign, Sagittarius are extremely unpredictable. They can be very moody when it comes to sticking to one person or a thing. They can be involved with themselves and sometimes miss out to keep a concern about their loved ones. Their carefree attitude might be a big reason for their falling out of love because they might get bored of one person or one thing unless they solemnly want it from their heart.

Do Sagittarius like to fight?

Sagittarius, a fiery sign, are always up for a fight where they find is not justified. They would present their opinion very bluntly whether the opposition likes it or not. Their fight might be verbal and end up in physical terms due to their pride and ego. They need to keep a balance between both to maintain a peaceful situation.

What signs do Sagittarius attract?

Sagittarius are the life of the party and adds a great value of happiness amongst their friends and family. They love to value thoughts of others and provides complete freedom to the person they admire or love. That makes many zodiacs fall in love with this ambitious Archer. Scorpio, Libra, Pisces tops the list when it comes to falling head over heels in love with a Sagittarius. Fire is compatible to Air and water and thus Scorpio and Libra holds an upper hand when it comes to love the personality of a Sagittarius.

What is a Sagittarius favourite colour?

Sagittarius love colours that makes them feel happy and brightened up like a sunflower. Their colours represent their mood. They enjoy shades of Yellow. Yellow make them feel flamboyant and they bring the purity out of them. They find it easier with this colour to express their happiness or great moments. Yellow makes them feel confident as well as makes them stand out in the crowd.

What is a Sagittarius favourite food?

Sagittarius are one of the Zodiacs who are diligently concerned about their health and the dietary intake they consume in day today’s life. On the other hand, whatever they have, they would make sure it is in good amount to fill their famished stomach. Chicken are their all-time favourite dietary consumption when it comes to food. They prefer healthy foods like a bowl of salad with dressing, an apple or may be some pears to grab on.


Sagittarius are the light hearted zodiac who loves to live life at the own happy terms. They demand freedom and embraces passion for life.

What kind of person is a Sagittarius?

Sagittarius are the independent zodiacs. They are brutally truthful and sticks to it no matter how rigid the time is. They live in honesty more than anything. Their loyalty is at par. They love a sophiscated lifestyle and their artistic nature makes them more creative. Sagittarius are full of compassion. The care they show to others makes people love them even more. They preferably ignore people who try to put them down. Their empathy makes them understand people more than the other two fire signs. Even if they are busy or hurt, if people look up to them, they would readily help them.

What makes a Sagittarius happy?

Sagittarius is full of zeal and refuse to stop dancing even if the music stops. The always look for the future rather than concentrating on the mere small thoughts. They try to find the philosophical aspect of each situation and encourage people to look for the same. They believe in honest opinions and would never bow down to anything dishonest. They love to explore new places, ideas and thoughts. They cannot be grounded and wait for the time to go out and travel. They love to introduce themselves by expressing how they live life at its fullest.

Is Sagittarius loyal?

Sagittarius vows to stay loyal to the person they truly love. They are a flirtatious zodiac and might fall in love very quick and swift like an arrow and it wouldn’t take time to get away from it too. But when they truly fall in love, everything changes then. Being a free sign, they can never be bound and we they get their true love, they come to understand the meaning of being stable and grounded. Such love stays forever and loyalty is inevitable.

What are Sagittarius afraid of?

Sagittarius are free- spirited souls and hates to be bound. Their nightmare would be someone caging them forever. Their love for adventure would be taken away from them and an idea of settling at one place forever would drive them crazy. They cannot stay at one destination for a long time and if they are bounded, they would lose their freedom there itself, which is a big- No for a Sagittarius.

What age will Sagittarius find love?

Sagittarius cannot be tamed and thus they enjoy life in their own free will. They are many a times afraid of serious commitments and so avoid getting to anything more than flirting or dating. They decide a lot before involving themselves into something that will last for a life time and therefore their tendency of meeting their real life comes at the age of 25 to 30’s and more if needed because they stick around that person who makes them understand life. They involve with that real love when they are ready inside.