Libra Horoscope Today


29, Nov 2022: Personal

You are flexible. You may not be as flexible as others, but this is your opportunity to lead. The race is just beginning and you're waiting. Do not wait for other people to take your first step. Pay attention to your ears. Once you hear 'Go', start sprinting as fast as possible.


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Why is libra so good in bed?

Sexually a libra is very adventurous. You can expect the unexpected from them in the bed. Libra won't resist or shy from telling you what exactly they want in the bed so that both of you enjoy very healthy sex life. They are always ready to give their bae many oral surprises. Either you will find them as a hopeless romantic or too sexy in the bed. There is no in-between for them.

They will come up with different kinds of role plays in the bed. For all those who have a libra partner, they are too lucky to have got such a creative masterpiece in the bed.

Who are libras attracted to?

Libras are mostly attracted to those humans who stand out in a crowd. Those who are unique and different from others. Those who are mostly in the limelight. Those who are the centre of attention of a crowd without any major efforts. They also find elegance charming. They appreciate a high fashion sense. They are obsessed with people who possess great fashion sense.

The instinct attraction happens for a libra when somebody appreciates them. They just love compliments. They even appreciate a little bit of sugar coating.

Do Libras fall in love quickly?

Libra is one of those signs which drops those three words bomb really quick. They do not analyse too much if they really feel that they are in love with that person. A libra is the fastest of all the sun signs to have to declare its love for someone. A libra is somebody who loves the idea of loving someone. They don't believe in showing signs to their soulmates before. They only confess!

Why are Libras so beautiful?

The first reason that they appear so beautiful is because of their seducing nature. They have a charm of their own at seducing someone. They are even considered as the most skilled seducers from all the sun signs. The charm of a libra is very hard to resist. Heads turn when they enter a room. They are mostly the centre of attraction. Their grace in a room is definitely unmatched. Also, the confidence they emit from themselves will make you fall for them harder.

A libra is also an extremely social human being.


Are Libras good kissers?

Libra loves physical touch especially the joining of lips, the smooching. They are such passionate kissers that many would want to go in the bed with them immediately. Libra does the kissing so intensely that they won't even realise that they have wasted so much time in mere kissing each other. The kiss of a libra is the most soothing kiss in the world. Their kiss can relieve your anxiety a claim you to another level.

A libra man has various ways to do a kiss which makes the process all the more interesting. A libra does all the research before smooching, which leads to a perfect kiss between the two.

Which signs are attracted to Libras?

Aries is a sun sign which will be most attracted to you. Aries will find your stupid things attractive. Aries will be intimidated by your fears as well. You are everything that an aries is looking for in a soulmate. Even your compatibility level will be really high. You both are going to connect at a different level. An aries will absolutely love your vibe. Aries will literally crave for the presence of a libra around.

Aries will be interested to know you much more in deep. A different kind of fire will be ignited in their soul by your presence. The harmony of a libra will bring peace to an aries.

What are the lucky dates for a libra?

First comes your birthdate. In astrology, your birth date is considered the luckiest of all dates. Doing major things on the date on which you were born, or taking big decisions on that date is really going to bring you immense success. You should never ignore your birth date. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious dates of the year. Any new beginning should be done from this date.

In January its 1st, February second, March 18th, April 15th, May 10th, June 24, July 8th, August 3rd, September 18th, October 16th, November 11th and December 7th. These are a few lucky dates each month this year. Do keep a check on these and don't ignore them.

What is libra’s favourite animal?

You are attracted to charming animals like rabbits. The sole reason for a rabbit is that they are charming to look at and will definitely give you a lot of attention. They are really very much playful. You are a person who always wants to be surrounded by beautiful things so that is the reason you are most attracted to rabbits. Also, they are best at cuddling.

Libra loves cuddling, so for you, rabbit is a perfect pet to have. No doubts about that.

What is libra’s favourite food?

Dessert is the favourite part of a libra. Anything sweet is libra’s favourite. It's tough for these humans to resist sweet, as they have sweet tooth. If they go out to eat, you will mostly find them outside a bakery enjoying some cookies or anything sweet. Chocolate is like their first and last love. They can cry for a bar of chocolate.

They won't share their piece of cake with anyone, no matter whoever it is. Libra is someone who has a really big appetite. With the smell of food, they can tell what all ingredients have been used. They are a proper definition of a foodie.

Who is the soulmate of a libra?

Aries can really be your perfect soulmate. Aries is someone which will allow you to keep your sense of freedom. They are somebody who will drive you towards your passion. You will be less distracted once you meet an artist. Aries has a big soulmate potential in them especially for you libra!

Second arrives at the Taurus. Taurus is a practical-minded person, which is perfect for you. You can actually balance your relationship with all spirituality with a libra! You two really have a scope of the long lasting type of a connection. You two can taketh relationship far too long. Since both of you have a fixed nature, you are likely to be committed for too long. They challenge each other to be a better person every day.

Who should a libra marry?

Most likely you should marry a Gemini. There are multiple reasons for it. Gemini is someone who is sapiosexual, exactly what you are or might be looking for in a partner libra! They have a sharp intellect and a very sharp wit, which will totally match yours. You hate ego and Gemini is someone who is the most grounded human being no matter how much fame or success comes into his lap.

Gemini is also not the one who is going to test your patience a lot. You will be in a very calm state with a Gemini person.

At what age will a libra meet its soulmate?

Mostly you will have found your soulmate at early elderly, at your 20s. That's a very awkward age but lucky for you libra! At this when you will be clueless to various questions, your soulmate will jump into your life helping you answer to all those questions, including the most stupid ones too. This person is likely going to come up for your rescue.

You might be wondering how someone can randomly come to you at this age? Well, maybe he is your friend, whom you have known all your life. Maybe at that age when you are between teenage and adulthood, your friend would turn into your soulmate.

Who is a libra twin flame?

Aquarius and Gemini are your perfect twin flames. Just like they too need a lot of independence and freedom. They have high spirit just like you. They also crave for the intellect to thrive on. Saggitarius is much more like you. Full of life and positivity. They have a great amount of positivity in them. When you are with a Gemini, you will always feel all charged up. You will never feel yourself to be bored.

Are Libras loyal?

Yeah. They are the most loyal sign in the entire zodiac. They will stand by your side no matter what. Even if you hurt them, they will stick by your side. If they seriously love you, their eyes want to wander anywhere else no matter what. If they want you, they will only stick to you. There is no way that a libra can ever cheat you. The chances are very minimal. They will go beyond anything to put you first.

They will love you more than themselves and will keep you before themselves. When they truly love someone, they give unconditional love to them, expecting nothing much in return.

How do Libras act when mad?

They will play the passive-aggressive card. A libra, when totally pissed off, hates confronting the person he is pissed off at. They won't come up and tell you the exact reason why they are mad at you. Instead, they will give you signs and would want you to understand why they are mad at you. They won't create any kind of unnecessary drama. They will stop talking to that person and start giving weird looks to that person. He will drift him from that person for a while and would want a lot of space.

Can libra fight?

They will try their level best to shift a hot topic of fight into something else. They are not into arguments much. In fact, libra is someone who is the least likely to end up in a fight. The only reason why they keep their social circle small is that they would want to avoid any kind of arguments. They just hate all of this. They feel this as a big wastage of time and energy. Also, they are not very transparent with their emotions, which is another aspect to avoid any kind of conflict, because when you keep your issues and your feelings within you, why will someone come up to you or prove their point.


Libra loves a view of a peaceful valley and loves to listen to the sound of the spring when things go wrong in their world.

What personality is libra?

Libra is a pro at being the most diplomatic sign. They have the most diplomatic and politically correct answers to every question. In this way, they are the national peacemakers too. They can stoop to any level at being tactful. Be it a relationship or maybe family or even friends, these are the most tactful people you will ever come across. They have this superpower of choosing the apt word in the apt situation. There is no way that these people will answer in one word or even a sentence.

They are also very fair towards everyone, be it their haters even. There will be no sense of bias in their decision.

What are libra weaknesses?

One of the biggest weakness of a libra is that they can’t choose. They never know whose side to take in any decision. Another big problem is that they are perfectionists, who want a perfect relationship as well. A perfect relationship can happen only with a perfect partner and no human is perfect. With this, they become more and more fragile. Another common mistake which mostly all the Libras make is convincing people a lot. They please even them those they don't like.

Another weakness can be that libra is extra kind and helpful. In this regard, people take advantage of them.

What are Libras afraid of?

As you might know that libra has a basic struggle like making a decision or choosing something. So they most fear to make the wrong decisions and not living up to their expectations. Another big fear in their minds is having to spend life alone. They always need somebody or the other by their side. They fear to be all alone or maybe left all alone. If something like separation happens in the life of a libra, they will end up in major depression.

Are all Libras beautiful?

Yes, indeed. Cosmetic experts confirm that. They are ultra-classy and ultra-sociable. They know how to be subtle all the time. They carry off every clothing very nicely. They mostly shine from their elegant sense of humour. They are so beautiful that they add beauty to the room as well. Also, the ruling planet of libra is venus, which is the planet of love and all about beauty. It seems like being beautiful is in their blood or maybe their DNA.

No wonder how old they get, they look fresh and happy all the time. The biggest explanation for this can be Kim Kardashian.

Why are Libras the best sign?

They are not biased towards anything. They will make the fairest decision. They hate partiality and believes in equal opportunity. Also, they have a very balanced approach in their life. Libra has a charm of its own. They are genuine people who don't do any kind of frauds. They hate being fake. They don't fake their personality or even their friendship. They love to be committed. They are so romantic and the perfect kissers. They are very playful in the bed. Libra also has a very elegant and expensive taste.