Leo Horoscope Today


08, Dec 2022: Personal

An unexpected increase could make you feel extra generous towards those you care about. While your gifts may be greatly appreciated, you should not lose all that you have gained. You might be influenced by romantic ideals and start to think about your partner. You can do it. Keep the memories alive for the weeks and days to come.


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What are Leo’s Weaknesses?

Their qualities when they reach its extremity can turn into their weaknesses. Behind all the limelight, there’s a shadow aspect to their personality which they need to have control over.

Their self-confidence, if not kept in check can turn into arrogance. Too much confidence in one’s own abilities and qualities can turn these individuals egotistical and self-centered. And if not taken care of, can affect their relationships with loved ones and coworkers in the long run.

These individuals can be stubborn at times. Their ambitious and independent nature doesn’t allow them to listen to the opinions of other people. This determination to their goals can make them stubborn. It's important for them to learn to participate in a group and work together.

What is Leo’s favorite colour?

Leo’s prefer to be surrounded by colours that reflect their personality. Being the warm and cheerful kind, they use colours that radiate the same energy and vibe.

As they are ruled by the mighty Sun, bright colours like Yellow and Orange suit them well as they give a bright, happy and colourful meaning. Wearing these colours more often will attract more people towards their optimistic and magnetic aura, making them feel good about themselves.

Using colours that match your frequency will attract positive energy in your life and it will keep you happy. Other colours that the Leo natives like are Red, Gold and Purple

Do Leo’s hide their feelings?

Leo’s are sensitive and emotional beings. Behind their strong and magnetic personality, and under all that spotlight and attention, there’s a deep desire within them to be loved and adored.

In fact their love for being the centre of attraction and all the things they do, is in a way an attempt to feel good about themselves. When it comes to feelings, they are very honest about them, whatever they be, and prefer to talk it out instead of keeping it with themselves for a long time.

They aren’t afraid of showing their emotional side to others as they know it’s a necessary aspect of a human being, and as the natural leader and strong person they are, they prefer to accept themselves for who they are instead of hiding away.

What is Leo Soulmate?

Soulmates are the individuals with whom you share a soul contract with. Soulmates are destined to meet and come together and the depth of their connection is magical. More than just romantic partners, soulmates are individuals who share close friendships, and those who help each other grow spiritually.

For Leo’s, their fellow fire signs that are Aries and Sagittarius have the chances of being their soulmates. There will be instant connection and understanding with these signs as they share the same element, and their qualities prove very compatible to each other.


Who is Leo's best friend?

Charming and confident, Leo’s have a magnetic personality and are surrounded by a lot of people. But at the same time it becomes very important that among all the fame, they need close and strong friendships to rely upon.

Leo’s are very warm and good at heart people, and they look for friendships in those on whom they can trust, and who remain loyal to them as much as they are.

Zodiac signs with whom they naturally bond well are Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra. The elements and traits these signs possess goes really well with Leo natives.

Do Leo’s fall in love easily?

Leo’s doesn’t fall in love that easy. They have a very self-centered nature, and among all that spotlight and attention, they are hardly looking for someone to love.

But if they get lucky, and finally finds the one who can actually skip their heart, then there’s no turning back. They will fall and they will fall hard. And will use all their might to get that person.

They aren’t afraid of expressing their emotions, and would shower their lover with gifts, surprises, warmth and affection. They love to show their love and gratitude to their lover through warm little gesture

How do you win a Leo’s heart?

To win a Leo’s heart is a tough task. It’s not easy to catch their attention, and you would probably need to work on yourself before wanting his attention.

You’ll probably gain their attention by being unique and you. And by this it doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way to do that. Instead, you need to be confident and original in the way you exist. From the way you dress to the way you interact with people, you have to be really comfortable in your own skin and the way you truly are.

Who should a Leo marry?

When it comes to marriage, the best signs with whom they share good compatibility are the fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, and the air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The air signs bring the best out of Leo natives, and act as a fuel to their inner fires. They support and complement each other perfectly, and together form a complete and healthy couple.

With the fellow fire signs, they share a deep level of mutual understanding and respect which acts as a strong foundation for a successful and happy marriage.

Can Leo and Leo be together?

Leo and Leo make a great couple. They are an instant connection, and when together, they become the talk of the town and the whole limelight is on them.

They love each other's company as they share the same characteristic traits. They are funny, warm and cheerful and together will share really good times. People would love to be around them, and they make the go to party couple who loves to throw gatherings frequently.

Equally intense are their fights and standoff as both of them are stubborn and arrogant. Both of them like to have control over their relationships, but together they have enough respect and loyalty towards each other to fight that off.

What don’t Leos like?

The King of Jungle, Leo’s have their territories marked. They know what they want and they will work day and night to achieve their goals.

They are very strong and confident personalities, they hate it if any threat or obstacle comes their way. It can turn them into aggressive and angry creatures who will do whatever they have in their hands to return back to their power.

They value loyalty and honesty in all relationships, and you don’t want to break that trust with Leo’s, they hate it. Their resentment and anger can turn really ugly and it can have tough repercussions.

Is Leo a good sign?

There’s no doubt that Leo’s are a good sign for they are adored and loved by many. They are very warm hearted and compassionate people who are always willing to help people in any way possible.

Kind and generous, they will go all their ways and lengths to make their friends and loved ones happy. They love to shower their love and affections in the form of gifts and warm gestures, and don't shy away from openly expressing it.

They are those 3am friends to talk to when you are feeling low, and will always try their best to cheer you up and light up your spirits.

How do Leo’s break up?

Leo’s love to be in love, and when in love they put all their heart into the relationship. Break up is hard for them and they are okay and open about the way they feel after that. It can be a shock to their pride and ego that the relationship didn’t work out the way they wanted, and they will like to be with their close friends to heal through it.

But this phase wouldn’t stay long for them. As the Leo’s are pretty strong and resilient, they get through the heartbreak and pain pretty soon, and return to their natural cheerful mode with more strength and warmth.


When it comes to attitude and dominancy, one should learn it from a brave Leo. They are their own motivation.

What type of person is a Leo?

Leo’s are the Lions of the zodiac known for immense strength and confidence. They are natural born leaders who love all the glitter and luxuries life has to offer. Their love for spotlight and attention make them quite popular among all people around them.

Optimistic, fearless and ambitious, these lions have the power and ability to achieve whatever they set their eyes on.

Leo’s are very warm and cheerful, and have many friends who love them. They are extremely protective of their close and loved ones. They remain very loyal in any relationship they involve in and are the ones you can rely on, whenever you need someone.

Can Leo’s fight?

It’s a natural tendency in few signs to maintain their calm and cool when a situation gets intense. Well, Leo’s aren’t one of them.

You wouldn’t want to mess up with Leo’s as they can turn very aggressive and arrogant when it comes to some disagreement or fight. Bold and confident, they are very protective about themselves and the ones they care, and if anybody tries to threaten them in any way, they won’t keep quiet.

They can turn very harsh and fiery, and it’s better that you don’t annoy them in the first place itself, or apologize soon, as they’ll not forgive you until they give an ending to the fight.

What are Leo’s attracted to?

For every zodiac, there are few connections that feel right and instant. This probably has to do with some traits that are astrologically innate among the individuals.

The few zodiac signs that Leos are attracted to are Libra, Scorpio and Pisces. These signs complement and complete each other in a very beautiful way, and make a perfect match for each other.

Libra’s need for a loving partner and Scorpio’s desire for a strong commitment is what makes Leo feel worthy and important. And Pisces is one of those signs who will be very happy with the success and fame of Leo that they deeply crave.

What makes Leo happy?

Being around friends and loved ones makes them happiest. All the love and attention they get for their charming personality is what they live for.

They are very humorous and they like to keep around them entertained and cheerful. They wouldn’t shy away from showering their loved ones with gifts, surprises, lots of love and affection. They are warm, cheerful and fun and are always up for a get together or a fun outing.

Being loved and showering positive energies to their surroundings is what they crave and desire the most, and this is what that makes them really happy.

What are Leos good at?

Leo’s are creative, dynamic and confident, and these qualities make them a very good leader naturally. They have the power and ability to bring people together for a common cause and guide them in a forward and positive direction.

They also make really good friends as they have a very charming and warm personality. Leo’s remain loyal and honest in their relationships, thus making them really trustworthy, respected and loved by people surrounding him.

They will make really good leaders, politicians, actors, entertainers, teachers etc. Usually someone who can use their power and authority to bring changes and lead the mass.