Capricorn Horoscope Today


09, Dec 2022: Personal

Maintain your integrity, Capricorn. Others may be suspicious of your motives so ensure they have no reason to suspect you. You should be confident about your actions and keep your word. Although you have a lot of power, it is not consistent. You should take breaks throughout the day in order to refocus and recharge your energy.


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What makes a Capricorn happy?

Capricorn’s are Serious and Workaholic people, and their work, profession and dreams, goals which they have set keeps them happy. They love working with full determination and completing them on time without any hurdles is something which will make them happy a lot, Boredom can’t be handled by them, the want some or the other thing to keep them busy and happy, when they are working and receiving results that keeps them happy, Being successful and having their hard work paid off and making their parents proud , seeing a smile on his/her parents face keeps them happy and motivated.

Why do Capricorns push you away?

When Capricorns are under the guilt of something or wants to come out of the situation which is creating a mess into their life, they start pushing away that person to whom it is related. When negativity is coming around them, they push you away from their life, they are very stubborn they hate being ignored and pushed away if you do so, they will never come back once gone they are gone forever from your life. They push away or avoid people when they get hurt or a broken by them, or they way they reacted hurts their ego. Ego problem is a huge mess in their life.

What is a Capricorn’s Favourite Colour?

Capricorn’s is represented by Sea goat which is combination of both Earth and Water Element, perfectly fitting to your element personality you are very much fond of Cool colours such as Blue, green and purple, as you are always in serious mode and you need some cool refreshing colours to keep you energetic throughout the day. Whereas the power colour for Capricorn Zodiac, which makes them feel confident and bold is Black, Black is such a colour which reflects their strong and bold personality. And Capricorn’s Women when confused in choosing a colour they always go for Black as it always makes them look beautiful and perfect both at work and outside.

What do Capricorns look like?

Capricorns are blessed with sharp body features, always look like a nice-finished look, they are very conscious related to their physical appearance, are gym-freaks like to remain well -maintained. Classy yet chic is their go-to style. Capricorn Women loves bold look to express themselves, either in office or outside. They keep on working on themselves a lot and take care of their health skin and body. Capricorns have a slender bony type look; they fall for chiselled and sexy look much. They are much towards darker colours and black hair colour is much liked by them. They are good looking classy in physical appearance.


What are Capricorns scared of?

Capricorns are strong-willed person, but all of us have some fear, just like that workaholic and fully-determined Capricorns are scared of Failure, failing in their task and not succeeding is something which they are scared of, they are afraid of making mistakes and feel that they are people will never get satisfied with his work so they do not take rest and keep on working as much with perfection to get appreciated, they everything will get over if they do not succeed and get failed, Failure will never be accepted by them, and Capricorn Man are also scared of pretty girls and heart breaks.

What are Capricorns attracted to?

Capricorns are mostly attracted to loyalty and professional people. Capricorn men are generally not much attracted because they are looking for loyalty, seriousness, commitment and support beyond all else. Look’s generally don’t matter to them. They are attracted to the nature and look into person’s heart, simple, determined towards work and all of the above loyalty truth in relationships and love. Capricorn are possessive in nature and insecure so they are attracted to someone who possess these kinds of traits in them.

Why is Capricorn so good in bed?

Capricorn are passionate when comes to sex relationship and loves to fully satisfy their partner in bed, they are so good as they have great stamina and like trying new different things in bed with their partner which drives both of them crazy and keeps excited. They want someone permanent and with whom they feel the best connection in bed, they do not roam around with others. They like to take first move while in bed. Capricorn Classy yet sensual surrounding while in bed, they like to take things slowly while having sex, patience is the key for them in bed.

What are Capricorns like sexually?

Sexually they are passionate and sensual, likes to play around with their partners, are dominant, dominating while having sex is their favourite part, they like to take charge. Lovemaking for them is satiable and tireless. To have good sex with them don’t make fun of them, just foreplay and sensually arouse them. They are very classy and elegant in bed. They don’t need props or extra stuff to create excitement sexually, they love to please their partner with their sexy moves. Capricorns are straightforward, they never pretend to be enjoying in bed, they can criticise their partner and express what is not liked by them.

Do Capricorns easily fall in love?

Capricorn generally does not falls in love easily or gets attracted much, as they don’t get time to come into relationship, because they are busy achieving their goals, and falling in love is not easy for them as they are looking for a serious and loyal partner, which will support and hold their hand forever. They are tended to stay away as much as possible from love and relationships, but when they fall, they are crazy for them and will try their best to work with them for a longer time. Capricorns get attracted to pretty, Classy and bold personalities.

At what age do Capricorns fall in love?

Your meeting with your soulmate and getting married are all decided by looking at the astrological star’s movement, meeting your soulmate comes naturally, while passing from them, looking them and without any prior information love can happen to Capricorns, running after love won’t get you a life partner, Capricorns. it is generally said Capricorns will most likely to meet their love in early 30’s. This is the time when they are well- settled mature enough to handle, and are likely to accept happiness in life. They find the need to get a life partner and enjoy his/her life and take a short break from that boring working serious life.

Do Capricorns like to cuddle?

Capricorns loves to cuddle, many, many and many hugs are loved and always accepted by them, they are hard-workers, a bad day at office, a tiring day, whenever they feel lonely, upset and missing someone, a warm hug would make it all look perfect. Cuddles are happiness therapy to Capricorns; they just love cuddling their partners or Mother to feel good. Long cuddling and sleeping besides their partners after such a tiring or bad day at work refreshes Capricorns and prepares them with full energy for next day. Capricorns have a magic warm and calm energy in them, the one receiving hugs from them.

What makes a Capricorn tick?

People with low self- esteem, not ready to take efforts, have time value and low ambition makes Capricorn tick, as they are total opposite of these traits, people who works slowly and getting things done is difficult from them are not liked by Capricorns. Capricorn’s primary motivation is to use, is to make use of their skills and talents in a better way, rather than getting waste or in vain. They are witty and sharp to make use and take advantage of the facilities and opportunities given to them. Capricorn planet Moon is a serious one, and it gets ticked off when they see people wasting their time and not utilising it for a good cause.

How do you know a Capricorn is done with you?

When Capricorn’s start reacting in a weird or unusual way, when you start finding changes in your Capricorn partner, they are trying to avoid or ignore you, you have to assume that they are done with you, Capricorns face Ego problem, when somebody hurts their Ego, they are done with them, and will never come back again, they are very stubborn in nature and convincing them is very difficult, they generally don’t forgive once they are badly hurt with something or someone, they won’t express but from their behaviour you will understand that they are done with you and acting differently.

How do Capricorns act when they like someone?

Capricorn’s are a little shy and introvert. They take their move slowly in relationship. They are very sophisticated while approaching the one they like. They will be with full manners when they like someone. They make their loved one feel special and on top of the world with their mannerism. Capricorn feel jealous when they see them talking with someone else. They try to make their special one feels warm and light with their good sense of humour and make them laugh and happy. They start relying you and trusting you. They will share their things with you which they will otherwise not as they are shy.

Who should Capricorns marry?

Capricorn’s are very serious when in relationship. They are goal oriented, ambitious and traditional. In relationship they believe in commitment and loyalty. They are patient, prudent and reliable. They take their own time to contemplate over their decision of getting into relationship and end up getting married. Capricorn matches very well with Taurus. Taurus and Capricorn both have quite a few things in common in relation to their dreams and goals. They both support each other and have a same plan of action for them. Cancer and Capricorn are also eligible for marriage. Their traditional and family values are quite common. They are there for each other’s security and stability at home and a comfy routine.

How do you make a Capricorn jealous?

Making jealous and insecure to Capricorns is very easy, Seeing their partner with some other and talking and being too much friendly with them makes them feel jealous, seeing others success and goals being achieved before theirs makes them annoyed and jealous, but this is good for them, as it makes them motivated and encouraged by looking at others success, so that they can work with more determination and quickly. They are also jealous when their love and attention is divided among others.


Capricorns follow norms and regulations in their life and abide by it even if it hurts them.

What is the personality of Capricorn?

Capricorns belongs to Earth Sign which tells a lot about Capricorn’s Personality, Capricorn People are said to be grounded, full of determination and ambitious to achieve their goals. They are into their work a lot, and loves to be in a studious serious mode with full focus. They are often polite but have strong opinions. They are said to be good debaters as they can express their thoughts related to profession or work and convince people with it easily. They are Self-Conscious and are not much fun around people, they roast others with sarcastic comments, but when it comes to them, they will hate it and run from that situation.

What makes Capricorn attractive?

Capricorns hard working and perfection for everything makes them attractive, their sensual body features, and physical appearance drives all the people crazy and attracted towards them, they are pretty and beautiful from outside and their inner beauty is loved by all. Their helping others and sacrificing their happiness for others makes them adored by others a lot. Capricorns are admired and adored for their personality, the way they handle themselves, their fashion statement to handling professional and home life so smoothly. The way sometimes they act so cutely and their smile can win anyone’s heart makes them look very attractive.

How do you make Capricorn women happy?

Capricorn women are one with high ambitions and goal oriented. They like men who have some set goals in life and work relentlessly to achieve them. She likes men who are smart and intelligent. They like small cute flirts by her man but those creepy lines won’t work for her. Try to be decent when flirting with her. They should take the first step which being a lady anyone would love. But Capricorn women don’t like men to be dominating. Capricorn women enjoys light comedy. She appreciates good sense of humour. Her man should try to always make her smile and be witty. She believes in serious commitment in relationship. She wants her man to express her love in words and her action.

What is Capricorn’s best match?

Capricorn is an earthy sign and would make the best pair with like of earth sign and water sign also. Capricorn’s are disciplined and hardworking. They are goal oriented and ambitious. They have a good sense of humour. The best matches for Capricorn are Taurus, Pisces and Virgo. Taurus and Capricorn make an excellent match together. They both understand each other very well. They respect each other’s goals and work hard towards it. Pisces and Capricorn make for a great match as per astrology. Capricorn provides stability and security to Pisces. Pisces lightens the mood of the serous Capricorn and keep them happy. Capricorn and Virgo together make their home a happy place to live and radiate positivity.

Why do Capricorns end up alone?

Capricorn’s are quite goal oriented and for them work comes first for them. They take their own time to trust someone and commit to any relationship. They take their move slowly and steadily. They are hardworking and disciplined which makes it difficult for others to commit to them. But if one breaks through, they can easily win the hearts of Capricorn. Capricorn demands adjustment and comprises and if one is ready for it, they can be well suitable. For the ones who cannot cope up with such nature will not enter into a relationship with Capricorn’s and thus they end up being alone.