Cancer Horoscope Today


29, Nov 2022: Personal

The day will be quiet and calm, Cancer. It is important that you finish what you start. You may have an opportunity to make final adjustments to projects that you've worked on. You will have some free time which you can use to make new friends.


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Who Should a Cancer marry?

At times Cancer finds intense difficulty in finding an individual with whom they can share the equitable emotional bond with. They fear the disrespect of their intense sentiments. They tend to feel more than they think and it’s a tough work to discover someone with the same quotient. Cancer is most likely to clash with sun-signs like Capricorn and bond beautifully with a fellow Pisces because they share the same Emotional Quotient. Pisces are also insightful and understand deep situations like Cancer hence securing trust between the two because it is going to be next to impossible to hide something for them.

Is Cancer a water sign?

Yes Cancer is a water sign. The zodiac will always adjust to every situation and also make sure that everyone around her are well comfortable. Cancers are family people and they no matter wherever they go around the world they are the most likely to come back to their parents or children and settle with them indefinite. The relation of blood is also the most important for them hence they will always stand with their family. They will also never allow themselves to be too rigid to disappoint the one they love. They will take a step back only to make them happy.

Are Cancers a Moonchild?

The Cancer is a moon child because they are sensitive and Moody. People born under Cancer are very talented in creation and they cannot be bind in jobs which contain rigid rules and regulations. Most Cancerians if they cultivate their given creativity can turn them into Artist, writers or well-known painters. Cancers are pure cat person because they tend to relate with them the most. It is their spirit animal because of the grace they animals just like the moon possess. They also find the most comfort in the company of a cat at the end of the day when they return home.

Is Cancer an Earth Sign?

No, Cancer is not an Earth sign they belong to the element water.


Is July 22 a Cancer or Leo?

Yes Individual’s born under July 22nd is Cancer. Positioned on the celestial longitude of 90 degrees to 120 degrees of the Zodiac wheel Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac list. The sun transits the constellation area of the Zodiac is from June 22nd to July 22nd of the year. The figurative translation of the constellation is a lobster or a crab based on Karakinos. It is represented by the element water which helps in shaping the personality of the zodiac. The ruling celestial body associated with Cancer is not a planet but the moon herself and it is said that this is where Cancer women derives their feminine nature from, the celestial body also helps in reading some of the future prediction by studying their placement.

What does it mean to be a Cancer?

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac list. Symbolized by the animal, crab, this sun-sign is surely tougher to the social crowd but one who has witnessed it can’t deny the innate overflowing emotions they have within. Influenced by the celestial body moon, the Cancer zodiac acquires its creativity and grace from the lunar wax. At the same time, Cancer’s moodiness is inspired from the lunatic face of the Moon. Born in the summer months, they are naturally enigmatic and jolly by heart and always possess that nurturing motherly attitude towards everyone. Cancer, born selfless nature always allow them be impressionable and a favourite among others.

Are Cancer’s controlling?

Cancerians surely have a nurturing selfless nature but they detest being told what they should do. Consider them as your mother, their maternal instincts will never end for their loved ones but at the same time they have the most wisdom of what is right and wrong and will not take orders from someone else. Cancers will always be protective towards their partner but never possessive enough to control them. They will respect the freedom that their significant other will need and will expect the same from their partners too.

What does the 69 mean for Cancer?

It is not the number 69. Unlike other planets this zodiac is not symbolized by the constellation but the lunar position of the Moon. The 69 is nothing but a symbolized derivation of the animal crab that represents the sun-sign. Cancerians are ruled by the moon which tend to influence all other planets which indicates self-encouragement and growth. Cancers can fall but they never retreat or forget to get up again. In fact they teach the same to the people who are close to them.


Cancers do not say, they make sure to do it and that sassy attitude triggers people to know them even more.

How do Cancers think?

Cancers are different because of their righteous selfless nature. Their nurturing nature will always allow them to work for other people’s cause. Cancers will always worry about other people’s problem like it’s their own. As a result, they provide the most righteous advice to their close ones. Their emotional quotient allows them to keep themselves in other people’s shoe measure the perspective and depths of the situation. They will never overwhelm someone with their own advises but listen to the problem patiently.

How smart is a cancer zodiac?

Cancer’s get their extreme overflowing emotional capability from the moon itself. The celestial body influencing them certainly makes them sentimental and makes them feel more rather than think while opting any decision at any given circumstances. But this surely doesn’t imply fellow Cancerians to be naïve because they don’t allow their impulse overtake their choices and always are smart enough to make a wise decision that will not only benefit them but to everyone they love.

Why are cancers so different?

A Cancer has a very motherly nature and their nurturing attitude activates towards people they love. They will always make sure that their close one always have the comfort they need. They put themselves in front of everyone else and that is what makes them so different from other zodiacs who always have a self- righteous ulterior motive attached to their cause of help for anything. A Cancer will never disappoint their friends, family or close ones.

How do Cancer’s act?

Needless to mention the emotional overflow of a Cancer are very prevailing but at the same time people might have also witnessed the moodiness of the zodiac. They have very frequent mood swings. This doesn’t necessarily imply anger as these individuals are more likely to retreat and calm themselves before portraying the temperament that can harm someone. But at the same time when it comes to anger due to stress in work field they tend to burst out.

Are Cancers protective?

Yes, they are extremely protective towards the people they dearly love and care about. Keeping aside the nurturing attitude they will go to any extent to safeguard their friends and family. If you are facing any trouble, you can always count on a Cancerian. They will not only put forward their helping hand but are great listeners. They will selflessly listen to you and rather than passing judgement if an individual is going through a tough decision. Cancerians are excellent listeners and they will provide you comfort and not unsolicited advice.

How do Cancers act?

Cancer have great intuition and they can read people very easily. It might act as a task of extreme difficulty to conceal anything from a fellow cancer because they can study the body language and react accordingly if they know something is wrong with their friend or companion. Cancerians maintain discipline in their lives but at the same time can love unconditionally and that is what makes them such great parents. They will teach them the concept of good and malefic but will never force upon their own suggestions or orders upon them and will always respect the well-being of the relationship.