Aquarius Horoscope Today


29, Nov 2022: Personal

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Are Aquarius good in bed?

Aquarius put a lot of brainpower, when in bed. Things are very personal and erotic for them. They always try to find out new techniques and toys and never settle for less.

Aquarius in bed gets very demanding of their lover. They want a partner who is always ready for trying new moves and does not get tired of the love making marathons.

These people are tender, patient and sexually submissive as well as open minded. Aquarius will always want a dominating partner who initiates things. Any display of emotions might turn these people off and they will get a chance to run away.

How does Aquarius look?

the most common physical trait of Aquarius is a well-defined forehead. The smile of these people is very subtle and they tend to have dimples on their cheeks.

Their light-colored eyes give these people a lively appearance, however their face might always has a serious appearance.

These people have straight, light colored hair and chiseled as well as attractive face features. They can sometimes be broad through hips and shoulders.

These people have strong and shaped legs. However, some of these people might have face features which are neither remarkably feminine nor remarkably masculine. They have a lean and strong skeletal structure too.

Are Aquarius freaks?

Aquarius are not really freaks. These people tend to be different from people belonging to other zodiac signs but this doesn’t necessarily make them freaks. Aquarius are extroverts and love hanging out with people. On getting very close, they might seem crazy first but then people enjoy their company. Aquarius has a very different styles in clothes and wear something that other people might hesitate to even try. They are not very concerned about what others think about them and do what they feel is right for them.

All in all, being different might make others believe that these people are freak, but in reality, this is one of the most unique and fun loving Zodiac sign.

What dates are Aquarius?

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the Zodiac. The dates for Aquarius are between 20th January to 19th February.

The Zodiac symbol of this sign is the water bearer and belongs to the element air. Saturn and Uranus are the ruling planets of this sign.

Its zodiac quality is fixed and belongs to the constellation Aquarius. The spirit color of Aquarius as predicted by the dates that this sign belongs to is sky blue. Its lucky gemstone is Amethyst and lucky flower is orchid.

The most compatible sign with Aquarius when it comes to falling in love is Sagittarius.


Who should Aquarius marry?

Marriage with Aquarius is not very traditional as they have a very different attitude when it comes to spending life with someone. These people will always want their freedom. The soul mate for Aquarius is one who has the perfect compatibility with these people. Fire and air signs can fall in the list of being soul mates of Aquarius.

The people belonging to this sign are matched with other unconventional zodiac signs like Gemini and Libra. This is because, Gemini, Libra as well as Aquarius are air signs. These signs have the same lookout and hence are successful in understanding each other.

What sign is Aquarius attracted to?

The reason for the attraction is Libra’s interest in anything new in fashion, art and music, something which Aquarius adore too. Aquarius enjoy watching Libra taking interest in all these things and will keep giving latest updates in these industries.

Aquarius get attracted to Sagittarius as well. This is because, just like Aquarius, Sagittarius love freedom too. This leads to attraction and mutual attraction between the two.

What Aquarius good at?

There are many things that Aquarius is good at. These people are very intelligent and make friends very easily. They are pure at heart and always ready to help others around them. They are good writers as well as excellent speakers. Their conversations are most interesting, instructive and informative. They have a lot of interest in astrology, psychology and healing arts. They have good judgment faculty too. Aquarius is an excellent listener too. On the whole, Aquarius have something very subtle in them and this attracts people towards them pretty easily. These people are attached to their spouse strongly and will never betray them no matter what the satiation might be.

What does Aquarius mean sexually?

For Aquarius, sex is simply search. They will make love in order to know their partner. They are intimated by the idea that a lot can be learned by about two people during intercourse. However, they want sex to be an interesting experience too. They feel that this will make the bond between them and their partner very deep and strong.

These people will always be in the search of trying new techniques and new positions. For them, sex is full of mysteries. The sexual experience makes Aquarius think about the illusive meaning of life, loneliness of soul and, makes these people wander into deeper matters of science and environment

What type of person is Aquarius?

This is the most humanitarian sign and is represented by the water bearer. They are a rebel at heart. They are free spirited and adore freedom. The people belonging to this sign are big thinkers and are lost in their own world most of the time. They are focused to change things around them but end up neglecting their family as well as near and dear ones in this process. They tend to be aloof and distant in a relationship, yet are super loyal to their partner. Aquarius is full of mood swings and pretty extrovert.

They are like the life of a party and can makes friends very easily. These people are focused towards their goals and work very hard to get success.


Aquarius are confident with love and emotions and when it comes to passionate kisses, they make the world go round.

Are Aquarius good kissers?

An Aquarius believes in the art of seduction and will never kiss anyone just randomly. They will start with slow kisses and slowly move on the deep ones. Aquarius are messy and chaotic when it comes to kissing. They would prefer perfect music and lightening to set the mood. These people just don’t limit themselves to lip kisses, but will shower their partner with wet kisses everywhere. The kisses received by an Aquarius are something that one has never experienced.

They will always make the first move and take things in their hand. Once these people get in the mood, their kisses turn out to be simply divine.

Who is Aquarius sexually compatible with?

Aquarius is sexually compatible with Taurus. The reputation of Taurus of being very stubborn and materialistic can actually be pleasant for an Aquarius.

These two will always stick with their decision to go in bed with each other. The two will respect each other’s decision and are determined to turn each other on time and again. Taurus, just like Aquarius is very sensual. These two share common interest in the kind of mood setting ambience required and will follow their own routine before the actual play.

These two keep each other satisfied and might end up in a long-term relationship too.

Is Aquarius loyal in a relationship?

An Aquarius in love is extremely loyal and compassionate when in relationship. They are extroverts who are very friendly as well as excellent listeners. Their loyalty towards their partner will never let these people end a relationship easily over small and silly everyday problems.

Aquarius are rational and will always want to take out about any issue rather than taking adverse steps. Aquarius, when in love will stick to their partner in every situation. They will always support their lover through thick and thin. These people tend to be friendly even after the relationship ends between Aquarius and its partner.

Where does Aquarius like to be touched?

These people will always stand up for what they believe. Aquarius is associated with calves and ankles. Paying close attention to these areas can actually help turn on an Aquarius. They like to be touched around calves and ankles as Aquarius likes to stay grounded sexually.

Soft biting and kissing on the ankles are likely to turn these people on. On receiving consent, tying an Aquarius’s ankles in handcuffs or tickling of calves might drive these people crazy in a good way. Although, pretty picky, these people love to be touched at just these places and might feel uncomfortable at being touched elsewhere.

Do Aquarius like to cuddle?

This sign is one of the least cuddly signs. Giving space to these people is must otherwise they don’t tend to be happy. Aquarius will show love and affection in their own way as well as take their own sweet time. Being cuddly might actually push these people away from their partner.

Cuddling is definitely not an Aquarius thing no matter how close they are with their partner. Being cuddled, these people get annoyed easily, might feel to warm and therefore uncomfortable. While cuddling, Aquarius might also complain that it feels like its arm is always falling asleep and this will make these people angry.