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Why do we read Tarot cards?

For a mere telling of the fact, the Tarots are not for the normal fortune telling and the decision making. The fortune telling speciality of the Tarot card which we normally generalise it with is basically a casualty of the entire process or more precisely the consequences of the process of fortune telling. The Tarot is a controller of the psychic power, a more intense past, present and future connection that is made. Tarots help us to be enlightened by what is more sub conscious and lay beneath us, but we do not take notice. It includes events and fortune both.

Should I trust Tarot cards?

A question as such whether you should trust Tarots just calls for the personal choice of faith and trust. It is as mundane as asking, “If we should trust God?” The clear answer to this depends on the fact that one must always ask one’s own faith, if they do want to trust it or not. If they want to trust it, then they should definitely give it a try with absolutely no prejudices. If you see the magic unfold, you might start trusting it. For the record, many of those who have actually tried Tarots trust their power.

What should you not ask Tarot?

The Tarots are sort of a brainstorm. Therefore they are ready to answer a lot of general and wider questions. But some question should be left to personal discreetness. Question that are more about instincts, or whose answers lie inside you should be left. Questions with a yes/no approach, or whose answers you are quiet not ready to intake should be defended. Questions about birth, death and medical prognosis should be avoided. Also questions which negatively concern other people must also be avoided. You want to ask more the general course of events, their procedural aspects, rather than direct answers.

Is Tarot a pagan?

Well, the Tarots support no religion in particular. It is the part of a common belief chain that has been going on from the medieval times. Though Tarots were earlier developed as a sort of playing cards. The Tarots formed a part of history as trump cards, and then polo cards, and then as homely decorations. Later on the Tarots became a part of traditional psychedelics, and were used for the understanding of what lies above us. Though as a part of sorcery, they were though against the Church but not against Christianity. The Tarots are used today without any religious associations

Can Tarot be wrong?

The answer lies within you, are you ready to believe the Tarots? Well, the thing is there is nothing as wrong or right in a Tarot. They will just show you the supposed path. It depends on you whether you choose it or not. Minor casualties and side collaterals will always follow, but they do not sum up the entire journey. They will just reflect upon very meagre consequences. Sometimes we are hell bent on knowing the positive always, that anything negative out of the Tarots seems alarming and refuting. Therefore the point of believing Tarots, arises from refute.

Can Tarot cards drain your energy?

There are varied thoughts about it. The entire process of communicating with people, telling them the results, their convincing, their convictions and such, this entire thing is madly draining in itself. The other thing is the connection one establishes, of the Tarot with the intuition of the person in front. This establishment depends on a lot of factors too. The attitude of the person, the aura that he brings in, the amount of vehemence with which he wants to know his reading will cause an over drainage of energy. The thing is sometimes the repetition of questions also drains your energy.

Can Tarot cards predict the future?

The Tarot is more of a guide as to what are the certain things that would happen. The Tarots will just give you a sort of a framework, things that must come along, though future is more of a long term. The thing is, the Tarot cards will always tell what must be the next thing on the list, or what the immediate status of things is. This in turn will foreshadow on the future events, because the present after all, will always point towards the future level of generosity. The accuracy of Tarots in predicting future is slightly uncertain.

What can Tarot tell you?

Tarot Cards telling future is sort of a laymen language. The thing is Tarots are more an awakening, a sense of the deep intuitive thoughts that our subconscious psyche produces inside us, every time there is some sort of cosmic changes. We are way above those thoughts, these thoughts are always in the under current, flowing in some direction. We might want to give the Tarot cards some credibility in predicting the future, because the consequences of our present choices will always reflect sometime in the future. Tarots guiding us for the present may sometime come back to us later.

What is Tarot spread?

Tarot Card spread is one of the many tricks that the Tarot card reader uses. The Tarot card spread or Tarot spread is a technique in which the reader typically puts out the cards of the Tarot deck in front of the aspirant. There are so many different types of decks available and therefore there are different types of spreads practised. The original and the oldest tradition do not follow any sort of a spread. The card readers decide the spread to follow absolutely on personal discretion. The Tetraktys, the cross and the triangle, the Celtic cross spread are the ones mostly followed.

What is the best online Tarot reading?

On a very personal note, I do not think that online Tarot is very much to be followed. But there are few of the online sites that will serve the best Tarot readings. One should always make sure that when one is consulting the online Tarot card reading, they have the supervision of someone who is very expertise in these cases, from the other side of the World Wide Web. The thing is the auto generation of Tarot cards might not always be the desirable and correct. But some consultation from the other end always helps in strengthening one’s belief.

What is the best Tarot app?

Although the online Tarot card reading is sort of a lot of faith put in a baggage, there are some of them which are highly rated and hence could be used for the online tarot reading.

1. Golden Thread Tarot – 4.7 / 5

2. Labyrinthos Tarot – 4.7 / 5

3. Trusted Tarot – 4.6 / 5

4. Mysterious Tarot – 4.7 / 5

5. The Classic Rider – Waite Tarot Deck – 4.2 / 5 (Comes with the trainer app The Tarot Rider – Waite Trainer)

All of these Tarots come with their internal training set, the practice set, and also the spread interpretation and the meanings.

How does Tarot reads help us to create magic in our life?

Tarot cards spread according to our past, present and future, through the strong intuition and spiritual connection, enabling us to create the magical destiny, we are destined for.

Why is Tarot so accurate?

Again, the thing with Tarots, astrology, numerology and clairvoyance is that the accuracy of the cards is just an attribute; the real point of it lies in the faith of a person. If you are ready to see what magic lies in the Tarots, the tarots are ready to comply with it. They are ready to show what lies in the subconscious level of the mind. The Tarots know how to play along, and will show you the path, and you will be ready enough to realise that things more than coincide, and they definitely turn out to be correct.

How true are Tarot readings?

Tarot Cards are nothing but just a part of the subjective reality. Things pertaining to whether one should trust Tarot cards, or if the Tarot card readings are true, are not objective yes or no question, they are subjective and therefore need the entire impeached attention and non prejudicial judgement of the people. Most people, who have had tarot readings done for themselves, have found that Tarots have done them justice, and that the readings are true. Well Tarot cards just put out your instincts, paths and options on an open plate. Whether you want to follow, depends on you.

Is online Tarot accurate?

Again, on a very personal note, the online tarot car5d reading might not be very accurate. They may be coincidental, because technology has somehow developed the ways of astrology, numerology and star signs. The point is, the Tarots are programmed to print out a result which is functioned randomly, and that is, it is the same function used for online dice play. Therefore the automaticity of the Tarot cards, the automatic way in which the spread is generated and calculated might not be the most accurate. Hence an expert supervision or the help of a reader is always preferred over here.

Which is more accurate: Tarot or Astrology?

There is a perfect distinction between the two of these. Tarot cards and astrology both determine the different agendas and they have different ground rules. But Tarots have become more coming of age. And therefore it is believed that the Tarots are helpful in giving more personalised and very to the point information about things. Thus Tarots are thought to be more accurate than astrology and therefore in today’s world they are more sought after. There is so much of faith that lies in both of them. Therefore sometimes, a person’s faith also decides the accuracy of either.