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What does an astrologer do?

An Astrologer is a person who studies the celestial bodies in the universe and makes future predictions. The subject of Astrology is scripted in the ancient Vedas. It is very holy and most believed subject among the Hindus and over time it has become a part of their traditions.

The Astrologer is highly knowledgeable in the Vedic astrology and use the various methods to predict the future for any seeker. The Astrologer drafts the birth charts for the new borns and examine it in order to prevent any form of misfortune in the future. He also matches two perfect birth charts before weddings.

Do billionaires use Astrology?

Astrology is one such great belief that prevails in all classes of the Society. From a very poor peasant to a rich billionaire, they believe that God has a say in their birth charts. Yes, there are many billionaires who believe in Astrology and use it in every step of their path of success.

Astrology is believed by people all over the world who have a strong belief in the Hinduism. The Astrology helps the billionaires to get the perfect timings and dates to start a new business or invest in something. Billionaires like Ambani, Ekta Kapoor, Ratan Tata all believe that Astrology can guide people towards a successful path with right decisions.

Do astronomers believe in Astrology?

Astronomers are scientists who study about the stars, galaxies, planets and every other celestial bodies in the universe. Astronomers look for logical explanation behind every myth and belief. They believe that the study of Astrology has deep science behind it.

The famous Astronomer, Isaac Newton himself claimed that Astrology aids in the study of Astronomy and they are interlinked. He claims that Astrology is purely based on the Science that can explain the future based on the position of the planets and other celestial bodies in the Universe. Yes, there are many Astronomers who believe in Astrology.

What is Dhana yoga in Astrology?

The Astrological chart is divided into various segments where each segment is governed by a lord and a property. The Lord or the planets who signify the Lord keeps going around the circular astrological chart all year. The Dhana yoga is the combination of the planet Jupiter and the property of wealth and prosperity, There are no sub houses of the astrological chart that will affect the Dhana yoga segment. The presence of the other planets in this segment will have different influence on the astrological chart. It is highly influential and impactful when Jupiter is in this house.

Does Astrology really work?

Yes, Astrology really works. It is an ancient subject of looking into the future based on the celestial bodies’ properties in the universe. Every planet in the Vedic Astrology has a significant meaning and importance. With the help of the planets and their properties, the Astrologer can draw the meaning of their positions in the birth charts.

Every zodiac will be influenced differently due to the planet position. Astrology really works wonders in gathering information and for giving an insight into the future. It is scientifically proved by the NASA scientists that Astrology that is drafted by the ancient sages are scientifically advanced theories.

Are Astrology readings accurate?

Astrology is the subject that helps the astrologer to make future predictions. They give a clear insight of the future while the fate is in the hands of the seeker. The final outcome is according to the Astrological prediction but the path lies on the seeker.

Yes, Astrology readings are accurate as long as they are predicted by a knowledgeable Astrologer. The Astrologer who can understand the precise meaning of the planets positions will be able to make the most accurate astrology readings. The astrology readings will gear the seeker to be mentally prepared to face the future.

How does astrology influence a person’s life?

The Astrology is the method of predicting the uncertain future. It can impact the person’ life in very significant way. The astrology helps the person to make the right decisions and the right choices in their life. It makes the person well prepared for the upcoming hinderances in their life.

A strong believer of Astrology will include Astrology in every day to day life and look for the perfect timings to make a new move. The Astrology has all the answers for the questions of life. it impacts everyone’s life in significant amount. The planets in the universe will directly influence the person on earth.

Can astrology be proven?

Yes, the ancient astrology can be proven. It is completely based on the science of today. The Astrology is the subject of stars, planets, and celestial bodies. It focuses on how these celestial bodies have an impact on people on Earth. The NASA scientists have proved that planets positions can impact people on a different level. Just like how Moon can make the tides go up and down, it also impacts people who are sick to become mentally unstable on a full moon. Similarly, it is proven that every planet has unique effect on people of various zodiacs. Astrology is a deep subject that needs high level patience and understanding.

How do astrologers predict the future?

The Astrologers are well versed in the subject of astrology. They draft the birth charts for the infants. The birth charts have various houses which are ruled by different planets. And the planets go to every house all year. This is read by the Astrologers and depending on the person’s zodiac they make the predictions on all aspects of life.

The study of astrology helps the astrologer to understand what it means for the planets to be in their ruling house and nonruling houses. The astrologers also match two birth charts before marriages to predict the future of the partners. They will analyze the planets and their zodiacs to predict the precise future.

Is astrology a Science?

Astrology and Science are the two sides of the same coin. The Astrology is the subject that is based on the planets, stars, and celestial bodies. All the celestial bodies in the universe come under the subject of Science. The Astrology claims that the positions of the planets in the universe affect the various parameters of the person’s life.

It is scientifically proved that the moon can affect the metal state of sick people and infants on its full moon and new moon day. The direct position of Jupiter over Venus can impact people’ mood and drive them more determined. All the scientific facts prove that Astrology is a part of Science with a deeper meaning that needs a lot of understanding.

How does astrology encircle from our birth till death?

Astrology was born along with an individual’s birth. It is the map of the person’s lifespan from his words to his actions.

Can we believe in astrology?

In this modern era of Science, it is the common question among this generation. Astrology is an ancient subject that has been scripted by the Scientists of those days who have acquired immense enlightenment through years of meditating and prayers. They understood that different position of the planets impact people differently based on their birth charts.

This subject has deep scientific reasons that can be elaborated and explained. This belief runs from centuries for a reason as it prevents people from misfortune and illness. Astrology is very powerful concept that is believed by the Hindus. It can be followed by everyone in the world.

Who invented Astrology?

According to the facts, the ancient astrology initially originated in the Babylon. The Babylonians are the first people who understood that the unique positions of planets are affecting the people on Earth in a unique way. The Babylonians started taking observations and started scripting various information on the celestial bodies.

They started drafting horoscopes and birth charts slowly. They didn’t gather all the deep meanings of the constellations but they invented the study of astrology. They understood the various forms of stars and planets. They were the first astrologers who understood the meaning of astrology. Slowly this subject got popular in the Egypt and Greece.

Who is the father of astrology?

The Astrology had different origins. The Hindus claim that the Vedas had the Astrology scripted in them by the ancient sage Vyasa. But it was lord Brahma who narrated the Vedas to the sage. While it is claimed that Babylonians are the first to understand that stars and planets have impact on Earthlings.

After that confusion, in later years, it was Alan Leo who was claimed to be the father of astrology. He was a famous British astrologer who did exceptional readings and was called the Father of modern astrology. But even today, the ancient astrology is claimed to be drafted by old sages of India.

Who is the No.1 astrologer in India?

Bejan Daruwalla is the No.1 astrologer in India. He is 90-year-old astrologer who is been practicing astrology since 7 decades. He is presently residing in Mumbai and helps people to follow their destiny. He also has a school of astrology where he grooms young astrologers and enlighten them in the deeper meaning of astrology. Bejan Daruwalla has been writing in many newspapers for the astrology column since many years. He is a strong follower of Lord Ganesh believes that Astrology and God are highly interconnected. He has appeared on Tv for various of kinds of astrology shows. He is the best astrologer in India.

Who invented Astrology in India?

The Astrology was scripted among the ancient Vedas which were written by the famous sage Vyasa. He wrote four Vedas and among them is the ancient Vedic Astrology that is followed till today. It has every detail on how the concept of astrology works and the significant meanings of the planets and stars. The Vedas were told to Vyasa by the Lord Brahma from the Heaven. It is very unclear on who invented the subject of Astrology as it is given to the Humans from Brahma himself. The astrology passed on to many hands and the subject was written and rewritten in various forms for the laymen to understand and follow.