Zodiac Signs and their Mental Health

Zodiac Signs and their Mental Health

Mental Health is an important aspect of an individuals’ life. It is as important as your physical health.

We live in times where we face a lot of stress as we are not equipped with the tools to deal with them. Our zodiac signs play a significant role in how we react to stressful situations. Some deal with patience and grace and some can get stuck in negative energies.

In this article, we’ll learn about our reaction and responses to stressful situations, and how strong is our mental strength according to astrology.



Aries are energetic individuals and they are always excited to do something. They keep themselves busy by indulging in anything that excites them. They would not confide their emotions with anyone and would try to run away from these by keeping themselves busy somewhere else. They respond to stress by engaging themselves in some other stressful situation, ending up with headaches and migraines. They need to calm up a little and practice exercises that aren’t that hardcore and that brings a little calm to their bodies.



Taurus and methodical and practical people. They take their time in whatever situation they face.

When it comes to facing stress, they take a little subtle approach. They might retreat back to their personal space, avoiding any social contact. And might prefer indulging in little household chores to release their stress.



Instead of dealing with them, Gemini’s hide and runs away from them. But for how long can one run. Stress is best released when you learn how to deal with them. Gemini’s try to avoid these situations by focusing extra on their work and working extra hard, thereby exhausting themselves. They should try talking to someone about it as communication is an important aspect of their sign, or maybe loosen up a little and play some music.


Cancer’s can have the tendency to retreat back to their shells whenever they feel stressed and anxious. They are sensitive souls, and wouldn’t want to involve anyone in this. They will keep that to themselves, deal with it quietly. This will take time for sure, and can help, but make sure they don't reach an extreme level of solitude. They would like to retreat to the habits they enjoy doing like reading, cooking, gardening etc.



Leo can come out as strong signs when it comes to stress. They can take that as an opportunity to work on themselves. Yes they will cry, discuss, bring that out, but in the end they’ll come out strong. They have a different perspective of looking at things, and can also find humour in it. Instead of hiding in a shell, they would prefer to go out, socialize, join clubs etc.



Virgo’s stress a lot. They can be highly critical of themselves, and can create stressful situations inside their head only. When dealing with them, they like to do it on their own. Organizing their stuff, cleaning their rooms and wardrobes etc are the things they find very healing. They can also try walking out in the park, roam around the streets, relax in cafes etc. A little time to themselves, and they’ll be fine.



Libra’s are all about balance and even in stressful situations they can come up with a well thought solution. They will prefer reaching out to their friends and loved one’s for their advice and take them seriously. Instead of shutting down, they use their energies creatively. Go to park, draw, paint, dance, and anything that brings them back to their instincts, and balance.



Scorpio are secret keepers and if they are going through anxiety and stress, they will keep that to themselves. It's a little hard for them to accept that they are going through all this. It’s only when their stress levels increase exponentially, and become physically evident, that they acknowledge the fact. They have to understand that it’s okay to feel all of this, otherwise it can take a toll on their lives.



Sagittarius too try to avoid stressful situations. They like to joke around it, and keep themselves busy with work. Instead of working on it, they’ll distract themselves with work and by being surrounded by people. Travel and adventure is one thing they would like to do to escape from everything. It can give them necessary time to calm their restless soul, and tend to their deep emotional wounds.



Capricorns are masters when it comes to handling stress. Obviously they freak out and get nervous, but they don’t get too hung up on that. They will figure out a well planned practical way to work through it, and come out as warriors.



Aquarius remain in their heads. They are always planning ahead, and this can lead to stress, as sometimes they forget reality. They can easily detach themselves from their emotions, and it’s not healthy. Open up if there’s someone out there who you think can help.



Pisces are good at dealing with stress. They’ll use their imaginations to figure out ways to keep their stress away.But sometimes you’ll often put others' needs ahead of your own. They need to understand that self-care is important, and it’s absolutely fine to put yourself on a pedestal.