Zodiacs and the magic crystals that are meant for them

Zodiacs and the magic crystals that are meant for them

Crystal is the habitat of energies. They reflect the energy that goes on in your mind. The crystals help in a great process when it comes to manifestation and also helps in enhancing more stability, a well-suited personality with a calmness in mind. Let’s have a glance over the crystal that brings power to you.


Aries, being an element of Fire, acquires a lot of fiery energy. They yearn for adventures and face obstacles with a spirit full of zeal and confidence. They have an optimistic attitude to face what life brings to them and live it as every day counts.

A powerful crystal for them: Carnelian.

This crystal gives Aries the enigma to maintain the happy, blissful nature along with the confidence that can move mountains. This will help Aries to cope up with the troubles and manifest the life, they have been wanting to live if they develop a good concentration to achieve it.

This crystal will act as a shield during the time of distress.


Being an element of Earth, Taurus, all over the world, stands for their creativity, integrity, and dedication. Once they have some plan ready in mind and they won’t hesitate to work upon it and make sure to execute them with consistency. They are peaceful and safe haven to be around and with the empathic nature, they possess the power to heal the world.

A powerful crystal for them: Rose Quartz.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, which makes them inclined towards everything that concerns love. This crystal helps to be an inner strength of Taurus when they are trying to bring a fact to the limelight. This crystal also acts as a protection cloak during days of turmoil and is also active to bring true love and happiness in the life of Taurus.


Gemini, being the Air element, is an epitome of joy and happiness all within themselves and that is well understood by the world. They have a great potential of intellectual thoughts but they suppress it instead of bringing them forward. They must look forward to expressing themselves even if it is a moment of adversity.

A powerful crystal for them: Citrine.

Gemini has a flamboyant persona. They have such intelligent thoughts that it is difficult to decode or understand by all. This crystal will bless them will a good stand over the mind to retain the memory or thoughts. This crystal will channelize their focus in a positive direction whenever they feel low or confused.


Cancer, being the element of Water, gives rise to the turmoil of emotions. Sensitivity and emotion create Cancer for the way they are. For them, every second in the world is a treat. They develop a strong affinity towards feeling people rather than judging them. Cancer makes thoughts that they build with lots of affection.

A powerful crystal for them: Moonstone.

This crystal plays a great part is processing the heart, mind, and soul of a Cancer as the moon is highly related to the tides of emotions. This crystal brings a sense of comfort and evokes a calm mind that thinks with proper rationality and avoids the stress as well as irritation whenever this crystal is near.


Being born under the element of Fire, Leo unleashes the talent of authority and leadership skills. They are experts when it comes to organizing or regulating people or projects. They make sure to put their soul to what they want to achieve. Their rude behavior tends to surface up when they are extremely hurt. They have a soul that shines.

A powerful crystal for them: Tiger’s Eye.

This crystal is perfect for the roaring Leo as it is always necessary to stand up with the confidant during the time when struggle deserves to be felt. This crystal soothes the mind and heart, making a path for a positive outcome in the situation.


Virgo, being the element of Earth, possess a flexible and swift personality. They prefer to stay sophisticated and on point. These zodiacs know how to balance the personal and the professional life thus they create a beautiful consistency when it comes to living a happy life They might tend to overlap their feelings in trying to make others happy.

A powerful crystal for them: Red Jasper.

Virgo has a tendency to entangle themselves in different troubles even if they do not create it. They need to keep their pro-active energy at check. This crystal brings a sense of stability in their life and also controls and calms their mind to relish the situations from the other’s point of view. 


Being an Air element, Libra floats in between the world of justice and rightfulness. These Zodiac signs are determined with whatever work they take up in hand and execute it with proper focus and consistency. They have an exquisite balance of maintaining work and family as both are essentially important to them no matter what.

A powerful crystal for them: Lapis lazuli.

This crystal can help Libra to exit the moments of trouble. It helps them to get through the indecisiveness of the situation. It improves their thought process helping them to think about the facts more analytically. This crystal also rises their spirit making them positive towards life and love.


Scorpio, being the Water element, holds a designation in the position of secrecy and silence when it comes to the other zodiacs. They have a great sense of feeling the intuition and are often capable of foretelling things. They will definitely hatch out a plan if something is snatched away from them, without their agreement and so, Scorpio manages to win it back with a revenge.

A powerful crystal for them: Obsidian

This crystal’s main motive is to spread positivity around Scorpio to keep them inclined towards the vibes of positivity as Scorpio’s mind ravels with lots of energies that make them restless and mad at times. It is indeed a magical crystal for Scorpio as it keeps them in their own power with a steady and clear mind for reaching successful heights.


Sagittarius, being born under the Fire element, thrives to know about life or to veil themselves with adequate knowledge that is going around the world. They love to keep themselves along with the pace of day to day life. They can never be held back and reaches their goal if they have made up a stern mind to achieve them.

A powerful crystal for them: Turquoise.

Sagittarius experiences a change of destiny as soon as this crystal lands into their possession. They feel good luck on their side and also go through profound meditation and manifestation processes, which mostly tend to succeed. This crystal helps in determining to keep the intentions transparent.


Capricorn is born under the element of Earth. They hold the roots of tradition when it comes to family and friends. They love to serve people according to their best possible. They might fall in traps and situations that are dangerous or harmful for them but a good sense of prompt ideas, they get past through it with triumph.

A powerful crystal for them: Jade.

With Capricorn’s personality to win almost everything that they thrive, Jade is the perfect crystal that keeps their emotions at bay and help them regulate happiness and flourishment with ease and smooth movement. This crystal works like a fairy godmother in their life, saving them from all the unnecessary troubles, they encounter.


Aquarius, being the Air element, is very friendly and established. They are outspoken and keeps thoughts or plans that they execute later. They have an attitude of wanting it all. Once they learn the truth, they have the tendency to drive the situation into their favor with emotional or physical means.

A powerful crystal for them: Aquamarine.

This stone helps in the healing process of the zodiac, Aquarius. Healing applies both mentally and physically. This crystal makes them stronger when it comes to the point of handling the moment alone. It clears their thoughts and makes them feel revived. This crystal pulls out the bad to eliminate them from keeping behind the good.


Pisces, born under the element, Water, is baggage full of positivity and love all over. They are witty when it comes to earn money or to spend it. They prefer to back away from things and people that portray them with a feeling of competition.

A powerful crystal for them: Amethyst.

This crystal helps in showing the path through which the intuition travels, in a Pisces. It soothes the spirit and mind, helping to bring a level of spiritual vibes within. The body feels relieved of stress as soon as the crystal starts working like magic. It always gives them hope for a good future ahead, even if the situations are upside down.