We all crave for a time that is all our own. We do not feel like sharing it with anyone or for anything or may be, we do with people whom we immensely trust. And in that “Me” time, we make sure to expose our guilty pleasures that provides us with a peace of mind and happiness from all within. We might hover around the fridge and take out our tub of mint chocolate ice-cream or tune into one of the best tracks while no one is watching.

We all do this one or the other time.

Here is the list of each zodiac and their very own guilty pleasures to abide by:


Aries, being the zodiac of action, would not care if others come across to you with their own opinion because you are full with your own. But there is a secret urge inside you which makes you feel others to take notice of you. You might post your own pictures in the social media and keep checking on the engagement.


Being a stable zodiac, you know what you are talking about. When it is about presenting views regarding something, you never step back. You love to be the reason for a conversation, taking hold of the issue which others are afraid to talk about. That is where ignites the fire. You do escape from the scene after that but hold the stand for your own words.


Movement is your forte, Gemini. You cannot stay still even if you want to. You are the social butterfly of the zodiacs but you also make sure to stay away from all the connections, especially social media and make your unreachable. You prefer to stay away from the hustle of life and enjoy fresh air of comfort.


You prefer to stick to your home front. You are dedicated to things that are highly related to family issues. This is what makes you a motherly figure at times. But on the contrary, you make sure to step out of this role at times and hit the party with your friends.


Limelight is what Leos crave. It makes you valid in the world. You love to be around people who takes concern of your words. But at times, you stay away from all these and enjoy a good show at the bar with a smooth music and a glass of wine.


Virgo are universally known to be hardworking. That makes them quite overpowered at times. That is why taking care of your mental state at times, makes you feel light and happy. You love spending a day getting pampered with a good massage. You hit the spa if needed.


Libras thrive for balance in almost everything that they execute. You make sure to keep other’s need before yours. But even you desire for the same attention that you give to others. To make yourself feel special, you go through the compliments that others bestow on you and then switch off everything to tune on to the favourite movie that you always love to watch.


Scorpio are known for their profound behaviour. You do not reveal what goes on inside your mind and therefore, no one even tries to intervene your thoughts. Being an unpredictable zodiac, you hit the junk food items and sit down to watch a rom-com movie. You also laugh and cry watching them.


Independent Sagittarius always search for loopholes to travel away to some unknown place but Sagittarius do stay at home and stay away from chaos and conflict of the world. You make sure to read a few magazines and listen to Titanic with beer at Sunday afternoons.


You are quite strenuous about the work that you take care of, Capricorn but when you feel overburdened, you make sure to skip all of them and fill crystals at your bath tub with candles and aroma. You relax yourself with royalty with a glass of wine and good music while having a bath.


Aquarius are all about showing interests over what is related to the community. But at times, you rip open your strict outlook and make sure to enjoy the innocence of the world. You go to parks and spend the leisure time with candyfloss and a good movie or two.


Pisces are quite empathetic and compassionate. You make sure to take care and listen to your friends. But you sneak out, put on your artistic jacket and sit down to edit the best possible pictures of your loved ones while sipping whiskey. You are at your extremities during that period.