Zodiacs and the flowers they connect to

Zodiacs and the flowers they connect to

Flowers are the purest creation of the Universe and its beauty cannot be spoken in words. Floral Astrology takes us to the best of the flowers that connect with each of the Zodiacs at their own level. Let’s have a look at the floral list:


Aries, being a fire element of the Zodiac chart, is quite dynamic. They love to take turns of the mountains rather than taking a sunbath at the beach. They love to lead and their confidence always makes them look steady when it comes to lead.

Aries prefer a tint of passion or romance when it comes to the flowers and a dark pink tulip cannot be any better than that. The flower, itself, presents full of energy, appealing to the eyes and food for the soul.

Flower: Dark Pink Tulip.


Taurus, being an Earth element of the Zodiac chart, are warm and dedicated. Ruled by the planet Venus, makes them sensual. These signs are down to earth and love to harbor affection for everything that is beautiful. They feel that nature lives within their soul.

Taurus appreciates subtle yet majestic flowers and the royal Lillies are the definitions of that. They are fond of aroma and the fragrance of the Lillies reveals their romantic nature to the core.

Flower: Water Lillies.


Gemini, being an Air element of the Zodiac chart, are very creative in nature. These twins are social butterflies and love a deep-hearted conversation when it comes to communicating. They are the queen of expression and their power of adaptability makes them fun.

Gemini is all about compassionate love and Roses are the epitome of love. This flower portrays their sides of sophisticated as well as the vulnerable nature.

Flower: Rose.


Cancer, being a Water element of the Zodiac chart, is known as the sign full of deep emotions. Romanticism is the birthright and they can’t help falling in love deeply. Their sensitive, fun-loving and patience makes them more attractive than any other thing.

Cancer is the spirit of generosity. Being connected to water, Delphinium makes them feel light with an open heart that inclines towards romantic gestures.

Flower: Delphinium.


Leo, being the Fire of the Zodiacs, are full of spontaneity. They are one of the most lovable, confident zodiacs amongst the zodiacs. They love to advise their loved ones and be the center of attention in the spotlight.

Leo is warm and full of happiness, thus Sunflowers describe their flamboyancy quite well. These flowers represent the confidence of the lion and the strength they put up with.

Flower: Sunflower.


Virgos are the epitome of hard work and dedication over all the Zodiacs. They are very modest and are mostly reserved before opening up with people. They have a witty understanding and a keen observation over each and every detail of their life.

Virgos are intelligent and full of seriousness. Daisy is the flower the makes them relate to themselves. Like a daisy, they are beautiful and enchanting.

Flower: Daisy.


Libra is one of the signs of the zodiacs, who are well desired by many other zodiacs on the list. They are the replica of symmetry and harmony. They are quite loving and romantic thus they make sure to be always around their closed ones. They have a serene and gentle nature.

Libra is the symbol of balance thus Hydrangeas are the flowers that describe them the best. They have sincerity within and depth of thoughtfulness above all.

Flower: Hydrangeas.


Scorpio is the most mysterious sign when it comes to the Zodiac list. They are clever and their will power describes them the best. They would complete the work they have taken at hand no matter how challenging it can be, they would make sure they complete it.

Scorpio is very passionate and has a charm that can attract any zodiac instantly but they are hard to decode. Red peonies describe them the best. Red, being the sign of romance and the flower itself brings a good fortune.

Flower: Red peonies.


Sagittarius is the power pact intelligent fellows when it comes to the house of Zodiacs. They are full of positive energy and spirits at its best, they love to explore the world and keeps hope no matter whatever happens. Their way of thinking makes them quite attractive to others.

Sagittarius is the perfect zodiac for the Carnations. They are the symbol of love, luck, and happiness. This flower presents Sag’s strength and perseverance to the next level.

Flower: Carnations.


Capricorns are the sign of Responsibility and maturity when it comes to the Zodiacs. They are traditional and prefer deep roots that connect with their soul. They are stable and full of steadiness. They appreciate everything beautiful and attractive in their life.

Capricorn is the ideal zodiac for taking care of others. Their kindness makes them more beautiful inside out and African Violets can only describe them the best. It reveals their symbol of faithfulness.

Flower: African Violets.


Aquarius is the sign that craves independence among the zodiacs. They are full of spirituality and honesty. They love to count positive situations and eliminate the rest. The nature of their honesty and loyalty makes them special.

Aquarius is quiet in nature and Orchids are the flower that brings out their characteristics of intuitive nature. They bring pure affection and warmth wherever they go.

Flower: Orchids.


Pisces is the most gentle and full of patience when it comes to the Zodiacs. They are very compassionate and easy-go-lucky people. They follow emotions from the depth of their heart rather than being in control by their mind. They are the zodiacs full of intellectual traits.

Pisces is the symbolism of appreciative nature and generosity. They have a grand outlook towards life making them want to live life king size. Alstroemeria is the perfect flowers for them as they are the replica of beauty and luxury.

Flower: Alstroemeria.

Flowers make the soul open up to nature. When the world goes upside down, never forget to give yourself up to nature and wait for the miracle.