Aries love to give it a good fight when it comes to protecting their loved ones. They generally do not show it to them but at the time of crisis, they would make sure to jump into the situation to protect them.

But when they need help and moral support at the time of sadness or pain, they won’t look up to anybody and take care of it all by themselves even if it kills them inside.

A bit of prompt advice for you is you need to understand that if everyone could solve their own problem, the word “Help” would not have been invented.


Taurus is an extremely intuitive individual. They can feel what the others are thinking even without communicating with them. The first and the last thing, they fear in their life is Change.

They cultivate in their mind that that the Change may destroy their comfort as they love being stable. They cannot concentrate anymore even if it pricks them for a minute that something is wrong.

For a friendly note, you need to be calm and take life the way it is, everything would unfold with time if they let the universe does the work.


Gemini is the curious group of species found in the Zodiacs. They love a free-flowing life and hate to stick in one place for a long time.

Their deepest fear is to be grounded at some point in their life, where nothing would progress. Losing their independence, even for a day makes them feel like being in bondage or prison.

Dear Cancer, you need to feel the moment one at the time rather than evaluating what might take place. When you enjoy a moment, you treasure it for a lifetime.


When we talk about emotions, Cancer would definitely raise their hands amongst the crowd. They are the owner of a big and kind heart that knows how to love and give, without asking for anything.

As they are sensitive, they tend to hide their emotions from people. They cannot take the fact that someone might not take an interest in them and that might lead to rejection. The fear of being judged makes them feel low about themselves.

Straight cut advice for a Cancer wouldn’t have been better than this- Give a damn about what others think. They are not living your life, sweetheart.


Leo is labeled as the great leader that the world can get when it comes to lead a group of students at a chorus or leading a project of the company. They know their work and where to implement their words and ideas.

Leos are the Zodiacs who desire for constant attention and what can be their instant fear? That is the loss of pampers and the attention they receive. With this kind of feeling, they feel like losing their stand amongst others as a part of insecurity.

The world has so much to offer Leo. Nobody waits for anyone. Start loving yourself and everything will fall in place.


Virgos crave for work as they love to put their dedication at whatever they do. They do not like situations or things that are not organized- be it your kitchen or be it your life.

Being perfect at nearly almost everything, they create a lot of expectations around themselves and when that criteria break due to some reason, they lose hope in their own values and norms.

“Always hope, never expect”. Hope is a wish, it does not demand anything but only hopes whereas expectation is a bondage that has to be met.


Libras love to be balanced in life. They focus on every detailing that needs to be done to make it perfect. In the search for a perfect solution, they tend to get confused because of the situation that would be perfect for them.

Libra fears the defeat of getting in the tug of taking decisions. They become clumsy and restless when no solution comes up to them with such a lot of hard thinking and soul searching.

Keep this in mind Libra, no decision is beyond your happiness. Concentrate on what makes you happy and you will definitely reach your desired solution.


Scorpio has a personality where they portray a mysterious image. They do not like overflowing with their thoughts and emotions to others as they feel they are strong enough to handle it themselves and above that, nobody needs to know what they are up to.

While dealing with stress all alone, it might lead to acute depression or a sense of thought that nobody wants to be with them, which is not true. With this mind-set, they push people, who are eagerly waiting to stand beside them.

Never forget Scorpio that a person who gives advice is also allowed to reach out for advice to others. Do not make the situations worsen. Go and talk about it right now.


Sagittarius is the flying birds who want to keep on flying and do not want to be stopped ever. They have a set of ambitions and dreams that they want to acquire. They love their freedom and would not give it up for anyone.

As you are a fighter within, you have a tendency to think that others might be an obstacle in the path of your dreams, even if they have no intention as such. You get vulnerable when you start feeling a competition.

It is very beneficial if you try to understand others and step into their shoes. Not all around you is your enemy and a true friend would not let you in a position where you doubt the relationship.


Capricorns have a nature to excel in almost everything that they take up in hand. They are very hardworking and follows a principle of never betraying work. Due to their immense dedication, they feel closed up sometimes when it comes up to handling their love and life as well.

 They have a fear of achieving less in life. They do not want to be behind anyone. When they are not motivated, it brings them spiritually drained oy and them lose hope to deal with situations.

Do not sabotage your achievement with the thought process you follow. There is no competition anymore. Strive for growth. It brings inner peace at the end.


Aquarius wants to be a part of everything. They love to indulge themselves in situations or instances just out of curiosity. They have a strong sense of bringing happiness in their life and at the same time, they think to lag behind by their mental conflict, which generally is being envious of someone that is better than you.

You want to stand out as an individual and create a revolution. Having a rebellious mentality is good but that should not affect others as you speak words out of frustration which you regret later.

To stand out, you need to stand within, Aquarius. There will be chances to improve. Stop playing a victim and be a warrior always.


Pisces is a zodiac who loves everything that is granted to them. They love to live life each day that has been bestowed on them. They have a kind heart that loves to help people and they encourage others towards positivity.

Pisces have a tendency to shut themselves out in a cocoon as soon as they feel that their words have not been heard or taken under consideration. They feel that they are neglected or avoided.

A word for you, Pisces, nobody is ever going to be sticking around you or keeping a track of your words. You do not need to feel bad regarding it. People go through so many thoughts each day all within themselves that they do not speak of. Do not feel bad, be kind.