Yes, Sexual astrology exists and it is true in whatever it predicts. Some signs definitely get along better with others, and when they come together sparks literally fly, and the sexual tension can be felt by anyone in the room. You must have probably felt it too, when you find yourself wondering why sex with one partner was so good, and sex with your current partner is just enough. Or, it could be the other way round. Either way, you must have felt it and wondered why? There are high chances that their Zodiac signs along with yours will have a vital role to play in your sexual chemistry. 

So, let’s see the Zodiac signs you will have the best sex with, and by that I mean the mind-blowing, shit, I have no idea what my name is kind of one


Aries are ruled by the planet Mars and are extremely confident and assertive when it comes to sex. They are naturally agressive and hate it when the sex turns out to have emotional entanglements along with it. They are the people who love the chase that comes along with it. 


Taureans are ruled by the planet Venus and are extremely sensual when it comes to sex. They are the chased and prefer the foreplay rather than direct let us jump on the bed and have a tumble down the sheets.


Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury and are extremely curious people who love to experiment and try almost everything anywhere. They are not shy at all, and are not afraid to try out new things. They love a partner who can keep up the banter and dirty talk along with them.


Cancerians are ruled by the Moon and are people who make love rather than just have a casual fling. They view sex as love making and are very sensual and passionate, and are equally intuitive when it comes to their partner’s needs. 


Leos are ruled by the Sun and are known for their powerful and lusty sex drive. They use their charm on people relentlessly, and use their dominance to attract people. They are passionate and dominant, while being intune to their partner’s needs and desires. They revel in seduction.


Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury and are people who savor foreplay and prefer the honest, simple kind of lovemaking as compared to the extravagant and bells kind of sex. They are strung with energy and sex with them is always designed to end with a bang.


Libras are ruled by the planet Venus and are people who prefer to be seduced rather than be the seducer. They have a very refined taste and require verbal forplay with a lot of touch and mental stimulation as well.


Scorpios are ruled by the planet Mars and are people who are highly sexual. They need excitement and the adrenaline pumping through their veins for having the mind blowing sex they need. They have the innate need to control and revel in the feeling of power. They are people who tend to lean towards the kinkier side. 


Sagittarius are ruled by the planet Jupiter and are people who are extremely adventurous in bed. They are wanderers and do not settle, so they tend to get bored easily with one partner and hate being tied down. They are extremely flirty and affectionate, and extremely attentive to their partner’s needs. 


Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn and are people who are extremely sexual in the bedroom. They are the seduced and prefer to be chased than be the pursuer. They are extremely sensual so they do not need much to be sexual aroused because they are very sensitive.


Aquarians are ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus, and are people who are quite mundane when it comes to sex. They are people who are highly intellectual and seem to get along with people who meet with them on a intellectual level and need a lot of mental stimulation. 


Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune are people who quite imaginative in bed and are extremely playful and romantic.

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