Pisces being a very sensitive sign tends to go in guilt and overthink when upset. They tend to go in a downward spiral and their sadness keeps on increasing. This sign blames itself for everything. Although as soon as they divert their mind towards all the little things that make them happy like watching a movie, they come out of their bad phase.



This sign tends to withdraw itself completely from the world when sad. An Aquarius will run away and hide when they sense even the slightest hint of sadness inside them. To come out of their situation they tend to write poems or learn something new. Normally, the people of this sign will not be very vocal about the reason behind their mood.



When this sign is angry, it causes destruction. Being very aggressive, an Aries reacts to sadness by writing an angry text with violent repercussions. Whatever be the course of action this sign takes, it just portrays rage. The only way this sign copes up is by taking a violent sport like kickboxing and taking out all their frustration in it.



Cancer is a sign which cannot really hide their emotions easily. Whatever the feeling is pretty evident on their face. Since this sign craves a lot of attention, it requires love and care from its near ones to come of sorrow. On the brighter side, if this sign invests this emotion into talking or writing, it can come out with fruitful and beautiful results.



Although very strong, this sign tends to get into sorrow very easily, thereby putting everything to a standstill. Capricorns get very upset and feel as if all their hard work and goals are ending. This sign never leaves its link with itself and hence with time finds happiness inside itself.



This sign is known to accept sadness very strongly. Although, Leos will spend a lot of time overanalyzing a situation which is making them upset. They dig deeper and deeper in order to find a reason behind their sadness, failing to accept that some situations don’t need a reason to go downhill. Surrounding themselves with people they love, and talking openly about their sorrows can help this sign come out of blue.



Geminis normally reject the feeling of being sad. They try and hide everything behind a smile. However, if one notices carefully, this sign will seem to be somewhere else inside their head when upset. To come out of all this, all this sign has to do is give time, gather all the thoughts, write them down and accept sadness.



This sign loves to have emotional balance, and even the slightest of sorrows can make them hate everything around them. Libras tend to lose all hope inside them and make a small situation appear bigger. But as soon as they lose hope, they can gain hope too. A mentor or a self-help book is enough to bring this sign out of all the sorrows.



Sagittarius normally starts working on its sadness way before actually feeling it fully. When sad, this sign starts indulging in many activities or starts partying in order to shut the feeling of being upset. However, if that doesn’t help, these people start thinking their future is bleak and that they are all alone. Facing sadness and accepting sorrow can help them come out of it fully.



Being a very manipulating sign, Scorpios prolong their period of sadness. When this sign is upset, it has a tsunami of mood swings. One minute these people will be over a particular situation, but the next one might see them crying their hearts out. Being very empathetic, all this sign needs to heal is to spend some quality time with animals, or with the people they love. This sign can heal itself very quickly.



When upset, this sign excludes itself from everyone. It loves to stay alone, being engulfed in sadness. Taurus feels that the entire world is against it when upset. However, a simple walk to their favorite place can help this sign to come out of everything troubling them.



Since this sign is a bit hyper, a Virgo overanalyzes the situation and cannot accept the idea of being sad. They generally are unable to give words to their feelings and hence, people fail to understand these signs of sadness. To come out of this, all this sign needs to do is make a to-do list and start working in the reasons calmly and piece by piece.