Pisces being the most emotional sign believes very strongly in true love. They are the happiest when in love and always want a partner by their side. It is easy for them to fall in love but very hard and heartbreaking to fall out of love. This sign loves the idea of dinner dates and romantic gestures and thus it is easy for other signs to fall in love with a Pisces.




Aquarius is pretty slow to fall in love. They fall in love only once they are sure about their feelings as well as the feelings of the person with whom they are romantically involved. But once they are sure, they become the deepest lovers. An Aquarius would do anything to please its partner. This sign might breakup constantly just to patch-up later. All this because this sign needs spice in their relationship.



An Aries in love is very direct. They never play mind games and are pretty dominating and aggressive. Although this nature of theirs’s come purely out of love and one cannot find out faults in it. Although dominating, this sign wants an equally feisty partner and might get bored easily if they find a submissive one.



Cancer is the most sensitive sign when in love. They tend to fall in love very quickly and get attached easily. Being very empathetic and loving, they tend to give their everything to their partner. They will defend their better half in every situation. Being a very loyal sign, Cancer expects the utmost respect and devotion from their partner.



Capricorns express love with actions more than words. They love to make their partner feel contented and satisfied. They are a great asset in a relationship as this sign is the most reliable sign. They believe in long term relationships and work towards achieving it. Once they are sure about their partner and know they have good control over the situation only then do they tend to start an affair.



Leos are very strong lovers. When in love they tell exactly what they want and expect from their partner. They are very loyal and encouraging towards their partner. Leos need to be nurtured and need the surety of being safe and cared for. This sign tends to be a bit possessive and gets a bit jealous.



This sign is known to be very intuitive and curious about everything making them good listeners. All they want in their partner is a best friend. Their eye contact and undivided attention make them irresistible. A Gemini in love wants to talk and one should never expect this sign to be less friendly. This sign doesn’t want a lot of attention from its partner when in love.



This sign is believed to shower love in the form of compliments. It is known to be the best seducer when in love. Libra wants to spoil its partner and will appreciate all the little efforts made. Be it in getting dressed or by giving attention. They tend to give a lot of attention when in love.



This sign falls in love crazily and tends to keep big future plans. They have their eyes locked on their target and can cross any limits just to please their partner. They are pretty vocal about their big plans when in love. Being in love with a Sagittarius is like being on a roller coaster ride.



This sign tends to demand what it gives when in love. All they want from their partner is love and loyalty. A Scorpio wants a strong lover. This sign tends to keep track of everything and has excellent memory due to which they want their partner to be very honest with them.



This sign is intensely loyal when in love and wants deep and committed relationships. Taurus’s are deeply romantic and have a sweet and charming side to them. They are very generous in love and their sweetheart makes them one of the strongest lovers.



Virgos are slow to fall in love as they want to keep their heart safe. They are very subtle when in love and their actions speak more than words. A Virgo in love gives a lot of support to its partner but expects the same in return. As a result, it aspires for a mature and understanding lover just like itself. They are very modest and want a lot of care for their love to blossom.