Marriage is a type of milestone in one’s life, especially for whom love is important. In this world, there exist many different kinds of marriage rituals and fashions and forms following it. And when it comes to marriages, Indian weddings have a glamorous outlook.

In India, the amount of enthusiasm you can see for some festival is equivalent or more when it comes to marriages. Each wedding in India can go for as long as a week, as there are many rites and rituals to be fulfilled.

And for any couple to marry even if they have been in the relationship for a long time, they can get married only if one of the most important rites are completed that is, Kundali Milan (Kundali Matching).

The compatibility-checking is very important to know the similarities, as it helps in determining the road ahead awaiting the couple. It also helps in deciding the nature of your marriage with the help of this method.

In most Asian countries, marriages can be either a love marriage or an arranged marriage. Love marriage where the girl and the boy choose their own life partner and arranged marriage is the one where the parents find the bride or groom for their children.

No matter what type the wedding, matching of zodiacs is done in both the cases, to predict the future life of the bride and groom together. There are only some zodiacs in this lucky list of marriage where the zodiacs get to choose their own partner.


Might not seem true for the aggressive, headstrong, an impulsive and jumpy sign that they are, but yes, this zodiac is likely to have a love marriage. However, they might look on the outside, on the inside, Aries are very emotional.

They are trustworthy and innocent, have a good bond with whomever they are friends with, and the people surrounding them and tend to fall in love with the person they are most close to. When it comes to marriage, these people will not find for someone far and wide, instead will look into their friend circles and actually find someone worthy of them.


Taureans might also have a love marriage. Taureans, the epitome of an earth sign, are known for their determination and hard work. Even though they are determined, if they feel they need a change of job or for that matter change of anything they will be choosy.

They will never choose something that might not be the best suit for them. They will always go for something which they are good at or something which they will love and cherish for a lifetime. They prefer making decisions for themselves, by themselves. They won’t change something they have planned just because of somebody’s pestered.


Capricorns are also likely to end up in love marriage. These people are very pragmatic and focused. The kind of people they fall in love with and marry maybe some childhood friend of theirs. They kindle their love at a very young age.

As mentioned, they are very determined and will not hide-away from their choices. They find the choices they made for themselves to be reliable and stick to it no matter what. Even if they find their life to be boring they will go on with it, because it’s what they chose.


Geminis might seem cool, but they have a temper. They vary a lot with their nature and keep jumping from thought to thought. Though this nature seems not so reliable, this is the one that most people find attractive.

This chubby nature of theirs attracts many people and the one they marry is likely to be one of them. This person will be the one to be able to handle them.


This fire sign is also likely to have a love marriage. Geminis were known to be chubby which would attract people to them but it’s not the same with Sagittarius. These zodiacs are strict and will lead their life the way they have planned.

This planning is not just about their life, but it also contains the person they wish to marry. Since plans need to be executed in an orderly manner, finding a suitable partner also takes some time. And once when they meet their significant other, they won’t leave them no matter what.

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