Zodiac Signs as Besties

Zodiac Signs as Besties

Raise your hand if you have got the best Bestie, you could have asked for! There is a lot of stuff involved when it comes to friendships and a lot of the same stuff is internal. You do not suddenly make a pact with a person and say you will be my best friend. When you spend time with them, when you experience things with them, when you go out with them to explore the world, when you share your secrets and ideas with them is when you get to know who would be your best friend.

Here’s a list of all the Zodiac Signs and them being a Bestie, describing their cute & quirky qualities! Enjoy!


Aries has a lot of inside jokes with their friends. They have a good taste in music and recommends bomb songs to you! They are super loyal and always have your back in troubling times. They are usually the first ones to know if you are not feeling okay and are super supportive.


Having Taurus as your Bestie is having them as your second mom. Taurus is a super loyal Zodiac Sign which tends to give good, grounding advice from their experiences and find it hard to lie. They would let you gossip about your ex and listen to all your rants patiently with a smile. They are also good cooks and invites you over dinners and lunches.


Gemini Bestie is like a partner in crime. They are always up for you and are super helpful. They will push you out of your comfort zone whenever you need a little cajoling and are very proud of your accomplishments. They would teach you the importance of being authentic and unafraid at the same time.


Cancer Besties is the ultimate mom type! They are loyal to the bone and very goofy. They would make you feel comfortable whenever you are awkward and will give you alone time if necessary. They are sweet but are constructive critical friends whenever you need a piece of honest advice on anything.


Leos as Besties are the kind of ones that hype you up after your breakup and would shit on your ex just so you feel light and unburdened after the ranting. They will spoil you with gifts and wants the best for you always. People would be afraid of hurting you when you have Leo as your Best Friend.


Virgo is a great listened and the best friend when it comes to remembering every little detail about you. They may not talk much about your friendship and how great you are but shows you their appreciation in the way they treat you. Virgo is a bestie who is bluntly honest and proud to show you off on their Instagram account.


Libra Bestie is the one to calm you down when you get hyper and angry. Libra Besties will listen to you cry, loathe, and complain but would always be present for you when it is time to get up and move forward. They are usually the ones arriving late at an event and the funniest at random times.


Scorpio Bestie is like a Spouse who will want to have a meaningful friendship with you. They know everything about you inside out and someone who would never discuss your private life or reveal your secrets to anyone even if they are at the stage of dying. They are honest and true in their conduct as your Besties.


Having a Sagittarius Bestie is like having a faraway Aunt who is always fun! They are considerate of your feelings and the types to distract you when you are at the peak of your extremist emotion. They will always depend on you and remain your reliable friend simultaneously.


Capricorn Besties are warm & inviting at all times. Genuine in their thought and conduct, they love to gift something meaningful and thoughtful to their friends. They are party planners for you and gives you the most mature advice out of all.


An Aquarius bestie is the most chill Bestie you will ever have in your life. They are only social with you and would not hesitate to bitch about your new girlfriend or boyfriend if they have the slightest sense of them duping you. They are very generous and loves insulting you affectionately.


A Pisces Bestie will do weird, random shit with you and not remember it the day after. They are a good listener and someone funny and genuine at the same time. They are very nurturing and will always have your back when you are in trouble.