Zodiac Signs And Their General Traits

Astrology has always the power & will always have the power to reveal the general characteristics of any zodiac sign. As according to one’s time of birth it can reveal various true facts such as a ruling planet, one’s keyword, lucky color, day, number & personality traits that one can easily relate to. For knowing people around you better, you can always take the help of astrology as it rarely goes wrong. Let’s see today the basic information & general traits of each zodiac sign, to know them better & what their motto is. Astrology zodiac signs are divided into four equal groups, of 3 signs in each according to the elements they belong to.

There are four element Fire, Air, Water, Earth, which has a huge impact on one’s behavior & personality:-

Element Fire denotes passion, inspiration  & the zodiac sign under this element tend to be excited & are quick with their action or words.

Also, in their bad days,  they are short-tempered & can lose their balance easily.

This element includes ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS.

Element Air denotes ideas, action & change. The zodiac under air element tends to be more practical, flexible, sociable & believe in having fun & living the moment. but air elements can also make them anxious, confused & indecisive at times.

This element includes GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS.

Element Water shows flow, refreshment & depth. The zodiac underwater element tends to be sensitive, intuitive, and care more than others. They are the most artistic & creative ones of all. On their bad day, they can be moody, controlling, and can become stagnant.


Element Earth shows stability, foundation, and strength. The zodiacs under earth element tend to be disciplined, patient, strong & stable. They tend to be practical & extremely successful than others. On Negative note, they tend to be conservative & materialistic and highly stubborn at times.




Symbol: The Ram

Date: Mar 21- Apr 19

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Quality: Cardinal

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky No.: 9

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Gem: Diamond

Key Phrase: “I am “

Being first of all, they tend to be the leader & there’s a passion & excitement in them to lead everywhere. They are very energetic and can do whatever it demands to be successful. They are the first & hence to define themselves in the world  “ I am ” keyword suits best for an Aries person. They tend to be passionate, competitive & smart enough. They are very honest, & sometimes can be blunt with their opinion. They tend to lose temper very easily & their anger can capture them all senses.



Symbol: The Bull

Date: Apr 20 – May 20

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quality: Fixed

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky No.: 6

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Gem: Emerald

Key Phrase: “ I have “

Determined, patient & practical. Taureans have all the quality which are needed to be successful & that’s why they tend to be successful than others. They believe in, ‘ slow & steady wins the race’ & hence avoid taking a risk. They appreciate nature, beauty & finer details in life which everyone else misses out. They tend to be stubborn to no end, they just can’t see or better say, don’t want to see their mistake & will stand rigid in any situation.Taurus love their comfort zone & hence the keyword “I have’’ is best suited to them as it shows they have all they want & there is no room for change.



Symbol: The Twins

Date: May 21 – Jun 20

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Quality: Mutable

Lucky Color: Yellow

Lucky No.: 5

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Gem: Agate

Key Phrase: “I think“

Witty, knowledgeable & versatile Gemini represents happiness & bring life wherever they go. They are the communicators of the zodiac,  and are known well for representing their views & influencing minds of others. Their energy, adaptability, multitasking ability & seeing glass always half full, kind attitude brings them all the success they thrive for. They tend to be craziest and most humorous of all and hence people love being around them. They are very curious & have always something to ponder for, their brain never runs out of thought & hence “ I think ‘’ represent them best.

On a negative note, they bored easily & are highly inconsistent & indecisive and it can bring anxiety & instability in their life.



Symbol: Crab

Date: Jun 21 – July 22

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

Quality: Cardinal

Lucky Color: Silver

Lucky No.: 2

Lucky Day: Monday

Lucky Gem: Pearl

Key Phrase: “I feel “

Emotional, psychic & deep cancer has an intuition for everything & most of the time it’s correct whether it’s for people, place, or anything in general. They like everything in-depth, especially talking with someone they prefer to go deep. As they also are loyal to fault, they love & value relationships most & will be happiest if in one.

Being ruled by moon, they do care a lot for people & sometimes their extra caring & trusting nature prove harmful for them only. They feel everything very deeply & it’s both a blessing & curse and this suits cancer very well as their keyword is “I feel”. Sometimes their sensitive side overpowers them & they get very touchy & feel bad for everything which in led to depression. They also tend to be moody & clingy at times.



Symbol: The Lion

Date: July 23  – Aug 22

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Sun

Quality: Fixed

Lucky Color: Golden

Lucky No.: 1

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Gem: Ruby

Key Phrase: “ I will ‘’            

Courageous, Bold & energetic lions love going out & making friends. They loves attention & know that they have all the qualities which can grab them that attention. They prioritize themselves above all & theirs this nature can make them bit arrogant in the eyes of others, but as f Leo even does cares. They are passionate & want to lead the world but hard-work is not their type, they go for smart-work. Also they don’t feel shy or ashamed saying what they feel. Their keyword “ I will ‘’ represent their undying passion & maybe overconfidence sometimes.

They are possessive, self-indulgent & materialistic too & theirs these qualities can harm them more than the good created by their positive trait.   



Symbol: The Virgin

Date: Aug 23 – Sep 22

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Quality: Mutable

Lucky Color: Blue/white 

Lucky No.: 5

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Gem: Sapphire

Key Phrase: “I analyze ‘’

Sophisticated, practical & perfectionist Virgo lives life with perfection & has an edge over others due to such qualities. They do every small thing after planning very smartly. Virgo seems shy for the first time but one will get to befriend easily with Virgo after knowing them. They are very passionate, hardworking & are always on time with their job or anything they do. They also love trying & learning new things & keep themselves filled with knowledge.“ I analyze ‘’ is Virgo’s keyword as Virgos are detail-oriented & analyzes everything, every situation before coming to any conclusion & sometimes overanalyzes too.

On a negative side, they seem to be over-demanding  & want everyone to be like them. Sometimes their organized behavior tend to be annoying as hell for peoples around them.



Symbol: The Scales

Date: Sep 23 – Oct 22

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Quality: Cardinal

Lucky Color: Blue & Pink

Lucky No.: 6

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Gem: Opal

Key Phrase: “I balance ‘’

Calm, diplomatic & imaginative Libra’s love manifesting their dreams. They love socializing with people and care & enjoy a lot with their friends & family. They value beauty in everything the most. Libra can be unstoppable if they can find the right balance in their life. They love spending alone time & founding where they are lagging. They see both sides of coin & then choose the right hence the keyword  “ I balance ‘’ represent them & they crave balance in everything well. Like Gemini being an air sign they can also be indecisive at times. Their carefree attitude towards everything can cost them too much. Also when everything slips from the hand they start complaining a lot.



Symbol: The Scorpion

Date: Oct 23 – Nov 21

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Pluto & Mars

Quality: Fixed

Lucky Color: Shades of Red

Lucky No.: 2

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Gem: Topaz

Key Phrase: “I create “

Secretive, sensuous & passionate Scorpion lives life under wraps & keeps things to themselves. Their passion knows no bound & can get whatever they want to achieve whether is in work or in love life. They are the most sexist sign of all & can drive anyone crazy with the way they carry themselves. They have never-ending enthusiasm, which keeps them alive all the time & also brings life & happiness in them. That’s why the keyword “ I create ‘’ is well suited to them as they bring transformation in lives.On a bad day, they can be jealous, aggressive & destructive for self as well for others, which can be very harmful.


Symbol: The Archer

Date: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Quality: Mutable

Lucky Color: Blue/Purple

Lucky No.: 5

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Gem: Turquoise

Key Phrase: “ I perceive ‘’         

Adventurous, independent & free-spirited Sag is the traveler of zodiac & is not afraid of anything that comes their way. They just love exploring new things  & love of solo traveling also. They are very truthful & can be harsh at times that’s why many people don’t like them. But they are big-hearted and very generous souls and are trustworthy too. They are very creative & always ready to absorb knowledge about anything. They believe that the path to a destination is only their goal. And hence, “I perceive” represents their motive clearly. They can be rude at times & they never think before they speak and also they are blindly optimistic, which leads them away from seeing reality & can hurt them badly.



Symbol: The Goat

Date: Dec 12 – Jan 19

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Quality: Cardinal

Lucky Color: Brown/Green

Lucky No.: 8

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Gem: garnet

Key Phrase: “I utilize “

Hardworking, well-disciplined, smart & focused Capricorn aim for high & always achieves it with their hard work, rigidness & never-ending zeal.

They love following rules & being on time. & values time a lot. Capricorns are family people they love being in the family, taking care & doing things for them. They can do anything to make their family happy They love their partner, their family just like their job.

Keyword “I utilize ‘’ is basically for Capricorn as they are masters in defining & making something. They tend to use various things together & make a beautiful world from them. But sometimes they tend to be very pessimistic & are kind of insensitive  and their overworking kind nature make them far from peoples also



Symbol: Water bearer

Date: Jan 20-Feb18

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Quality: Fixed

Lucky Color: Violet/blue

Lucky No.: 7

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Gem: Amethyst

Key Phrase: “I know”

Independent, intellectual, artistic and open-minded Aquarius is always ready to do something innovative. Aquarius are deep thinkers and think for the betterment of their future, they have that desire and energy which helps in achieving what they want and makes their future better. They always welcome change and also want to change things in the world for good. They are kind and fun people to be with. They tend to know everything before being told even, they are ‘know it all’ type of person and that’s why their keyword is “I know”.

On a negative side, they are somewhat selfish, can’t settle for anything and demand excess freedom, which is not good for them even every time.



Symbol: The Fish

Date: Feb 19-Mar20

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Quality: Mutable

Lucky Color: Sea green

Lucky No.: 3

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Gem: Aquamarine

Key Phrase: “I believe”

Artistic, dreamy and sensitive Pisces feels things way too deeply and that’s why they’re talented in knowing people from depth. Also they are very intuitive and loves noticing people and any detail about anything. They love spending time with themselves and value it most. They tend to make their own small dreamy world and loves living their. They may seem quiet or weak but are kinda weak from outside strong from inside people. Everyone can mix-up easily with them, and ones who know them really value their words. They are also very fond of music, art and reading books or anything that brings their creative side to the front. As they’re highly intuitive and dreamy so whatever they believe, rarely goes wrong, and hence “ I believe” is the best suitable word for them.

As a negative trait, they are escapist and tend to escape from real-world problems, also they’re irrational and indecisive at times.


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