Zodiac Sex Horoscope with your Spouse

Zodiac Sex Horoscope with your Spouse

While the rains are troubling many, those who are cooped up at homes with their spouses can find the perfect time to utilize this change in weather this weekend. Here, we present you this Weekend’s Sex Horoscope for all the Zodiac Signs. You can treat it however way you want. You can treat the following horoscope for all the Zodiac Signs as mere suggestions or literal inspiring ideas to spice and revamp your sex life by evaluating what your Zodiac Sign prefers and experiment with it.

With the Full Moon happening on 26th May in the truth-seeking Zodiac sign of Sagittarius will add a lot of energy to nature. Are you ready to use it to enrich your bedroom life?

Let us begin, shall we?


Aries is a passionate lover. They are open to trying any sort of wild things in the bedroom with their partner. The best way to get them turned on is to let them know how much you want and need them. Aries’ have an inherent need to be yearned for, to be wanted, and to be loved. If you can fulfill this prerequisite of theirs, you won’t know what boring sex life is. This weekend, we are getting closer to the Full Moon which is going to occur on 26th May in the Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius. This is the best match for Aries as both are Fire Signs and understand each other well.

Open up your hearts, lay out some free time, and get ready to rock and roll dirty Aries. If you have a partner whose Zodiac Sign is Aries, then neck bites will be the best way to turn them on. This weekend, it is likely for an Aries to get sloppy with a drink or a two and reunite with an old ex-flame. This reunion will arouse you so much, Dear Aries, that you won’t be able to resist the pull and give in to your desire. Think of the consequences before acting up!


For our Dear Taurus, sex is like a gentle communion that has to happen in a private, indoor space. They can get clingy but in a lowkey way with their partner or a crush. Taurus if you are reading this, you should know how to make use of the approaching energies of this Full Moon happening in the Zodiac Sign of Taurus. Taurus, you are somebody who takes slow and steady steps but a Sagittarius is like a vagabond, uncontrollable and free. If you like somebody, it is the best time to confess it to them. As per your weekend sex horoscope, you are likely to progress further onto your path to impressing your crush and getting together with them.

Taurus if you are already partnered up or married, it is suggested that you bring out a kinkier side of you in the bedroom. With the right kind of communication with your partner, you can open up and let them know what you wish to experiment with. According to the weekend sex horoscope, you will try choking or employing the use of a gag ball with your partner which is truly kinky af!


As per this weekend’s Sex Horoscope, Gemini would be a bit slow in doing something in this direction. You are likely having confidence issues being felt within yourself, Dear Gemini. Do not be so hard on yourself and go overboard with materialistic purchases to make you feel good. If you have gotten heartbroken in the recent past, likely, these confidence issues are now sprouting up. With regards to matters of sex and the body, take a good look at yourself and know how beautiful you are, but not with the dependence of somebody’s appreciation or compliments being showered upon you. To make this experience more enriching, you could indulge in an alone masturbation session and make yourself feel good with a Vibrator!

Gemini people who are coupled up can expect a huge shift in their bedroom life this weekend. You are feeling the pull to experiment with the swinger’s lifestyle and wanting to inculcate it. Make sure that your partner is okay with it and only then you may proceed.


Dear Cancer, you do not wish to hurt anybody but it looks like this weekend, you have cut a lot of people by your words and they deserved it. Do not waste your time by overthinking in the matter and go about your day, happy and tramping. As per the weekend sex horoscope, Cancerian people who have a spouse or already mingled up with somebody will be spending a quality, sweet time in their bedroom with their partners. The atmosphere will be so sweet and touching that most of you might even think about proposing to your partner.

It may feel like a big step but you will not think about it during the intimate moment. Cancer does not be shy of your kinky desires. With Sagittarius’ energy flowing and swirling all around, you are likely to ask your partner about Anal sex and trying it out for yourself. Have fun!


Leo, presently you are feeling very content and happy from within. You feel like not wanting anyone’s word of assurance to make you feel better. Life is good, you muse about it every day. However, as per the weekend sex horoscope, it looks like you feel inferior about your body type or the way you look and do not know how to express it. This may have led you to object to sex or deny it multiple times without having an authentic reason to justify it. Your partner might have even felt rejected by your unexplained statement. It is time that you make up for it now with them.

According to the weekend sex horoscope, this weekend is very conducive if you are thinking about having babies, those who do not have any! Financially, most of you are secure and wish to expand your family. This weekend could be your practice session for the baby-making process. Make sure to enjoy it. A good suggestion for you is to make use of the Sex Toys like a Dildo and or a Vibrator. People if you have a Leo partner, make sure to give their spine lots of kisses and caresses as it is their erogenous zone and will turn them like anything else.


Virgo, for you, this week was all about work and planning out ways to lessen the burden. Because of it, you did not have much time to think about Sex or cooping up with anybody. However, this weekend is a brilliant time to indulge and have sex with your partner. If you do not know this, you should know that you are a Zodiac Sign which enjoys exhibitionism and voyeurism a lot than all the Zodiac Signs combined. You may be secretive about it but want to experiment with it. Do not be secretive about it anymore. Your spouse may secretly enjoy it too.

As per this weekend’s sex horoscope, you could try having sex near your balcony to feel the thrill of being watched by somebody. If you are into this, then you might as well present yourself in your birthday suit and enjoy the time of your life, having sex naked on your balcony! Take it or leave. It is also suggested that before venturing into any kind of exhibitionism activity, you think of the consequences. Sex is a delight for you and you wish to enjoy every aspect of it.

People if you have a partner whose Zodiac Sign is Virgo, then know that their stomach is their most erogenous and sensitive spots on the body. Kiss it, cuddle it, smooch it up and the heavenly maiden is yours to have and cherish.


With the Sagittarius Fuel already in the year (pointing towards the Full Moon), Libra you can enrich your Sex Life in innumerable ways. If you have been shy and inhibited all your life, now is the time to be all out and experiment and see what you like and do not like. As an Air Sign, Dear Libra, you possess the ability to switch easily between a dominant and a submissive role. This weekend, try having sex in front of a mirror with their partner so you can see both of yourself and how you get entangled into the rolling sheets of desire and masked breaths.

Libra, your erogenous and the most sensitive part of the body is your anal outlet and your buttocks. You can also try having anal sex with your partner and figure it out. You can also use a butt plug as an added accessory to enrich the whole experience and be open to newer things


Scorpio has a lot of mystery attached to their sign but that doesn’t mean that they are mysterious in reality. It is just that they have an added layer to their personality to prevent themselves from encountering and getting hurt. However, this air of mystery is sexually compelling and attractive for most people and this is what draws them in the first place towards a Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be accomplished lovers in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom. They can do anything with their partner as long as they have their consent. Scorpios like to have sex a lot but only with the people they love. Getting in relationships too frequently is not their cup of tea.

As per this weekend’s Sex Horoscope, it is advised that you take things slow Scorpio as your person might just get overwhelmed by your intensity. Your erogenous zone is your genital area so it is no surprise how enthusiastic you get at the idea of sex. Try incorporating sex toys for the whole experience to get richer and better. 


Sagittarius you are in luck this weekend as your energy is swirling all around! You can make use of this weekend in several ways. The first and foremost thing is to be devoid of any strong opinions on sex. You are the Sexy Explorer of all the Zodiac Signs. As per Astrology, your erogenous zone tends to be your butt cheeks. Try to wear a Thong or low-cut underwear if you haven’t before and see how you like it.

Tell your partner that you like to be grabbed your buttocks and see your sex life take a major turn. With Full Moon happening on the 26th of May in your Zodiac Sign, your erogenous zone which is your butt cheeks will be the most sensitive. Light kisses on your hip would have your body twisted on the bed. Bondage would be a good thing to try out in bed and kinky at the same time.


Capricorn is a tough nut to crack out of all the Zodiac Signs of the Astrological wheel. But why is that? Capricorns tend to be the most hardworking, independent, strong-willed, and reliable people who love to help a lending hand to others in need. In doing so they forget about their welfare and miss out on things that everybody takes pleasure in. Like this, their sex life gets affected too. Too much emphasis on ambition and building a career takes away the simple pleasure of enjoying the act of having sex. But at the same time, sex is something they release their pent-up emotions and desires in.

Capricorn is a tough love kind of person, as per this weekend’s sex horoscope, it is advised that you be free all the time with your spouse and plan out your day. It could include going on a morning walk or a jog or preparing a meal together. To spice up your sex life, you should try having sex in positions you haven’t dear Capricorn. You would be surprised how good you can be at it until you try it out!


Dear Aquarius, you are the most eccentric and unpredictable out of all the Zodiac Signs. It may be hard to please you deeply but when you get touched, you are touched. As per this weekend’s sex horoscope, it is recommended to throw all your inhibitions away and listen to your body. With your spouse, try out the 69 and Doggy-Style Sex Position to deepen the experience of penetration and being penetrated deep within.

The Sagittarius’ full moon energy will give you the confidence and elevation that you need and have you scream out in ecstasy while you are buried deep inside your partner.


Dear Pisces, you are somebody who likes to have their sex life balanced. You are not too fond of over-the-top wild sex and prefer a quiet, intimate setting with your dear one when you make love. As per this weekend’s sex horoscope, it is the best time to distance away from your limitations and channel your inner sex goddess out. You look good when you are confident, dear Pisces. You naturally love to play the role of a submissive when it comes to sex, Pisces. You also tend to mirror your partner’s actions while being in an intimate lock with them.

This weekend, try to be more in control and be the dominant one while having sex with your partner Dear Pisces. It will give you a look that you haven’t experienced ever before. You would be shining in confidence with droplets of sweat oozing away as it does on the pebbles of an ocean being washed away by its water.

So, are you ready to plan your weekend and have the best sex of your life? Spend a little alone, see what you prefer, and plan it with your spouse or your partner and relish the wonderful experience of being bonded as one.