Zodiac horoscopes: What does 2021 say about your sign?

The year 2021 holds great expectations for everyone since a new year means new opportunities and challenges or achievements. Many people wish to remain well-prepared throughout the year, so they tend to see what is in store for their respective signs with the help of the zodiac horoscopes

Signs that will experience the most changes


Good things are most likely in store for Aries according to the placement of cards. You will flourish financially due to a sudden rush of confidence; however, try to stay away from financial schemes since it might cause your money to drop. Relationship-wise your partner will still have their doubts about you even after many clarifications. So be open about all your thoughts and keep a straight check.


According to zodiac horoscopes, the combination of Mercury and the Sun will favor you. Students will do well in their exams and as a result, the father of Gemini will be in full support of the natives. However, the impact of Venus may cause your children to face many challenges in the future. Try and stay away from arguments to prevent mental stress.


This year brings in a mix of things for Scorpios based on their relationships and careers. In terms of education and exams, Scorpios will have a great school performance. Those that will take competitive exams will see great results. Due to the transition of Saturn and Jupiter, you will experience an easy-going relationship; however, those who are single may see a delay. Wealth gain is also on the cards, but you may have to spend a lot for auspicious occasions with your family.


Your year will be judged according to the transitory motion of several planets. This year will be more challenging for Aquarius since many obstacles will come in their way. The placement of Venus in you tenth house at the beginning of the year will cause you to experience many changes. Try and stay calm to prevent things from taking a turn for the worse. Things will get hard even for the people who have a business, but the love life of an Aquarius will remain still.

The luckiest signs in 2021


With a multitude of planetary placements, you will have a ton of energy and confidence. Try to give up on materialistic things and search for practical ones. As per the readings, Jupiter will help you move past all the traumas you have. You are advised to strengthen the bond between your family members by spending some quality time together.


As per the placement of the planets, you will be in good health throughout the year. Situations will deliver auspicious results and energy and good vibes will surround you. Due to the Sun being in the sixth house, any court or family decisions will be in your favor. The other planets will also align in a way that favors you, so if you are seeking a job or trying to open a new business, the opportunity will present itself very soon.


This year reveals several favorable opportunities due to the placement of the Sun and Mercury. You will share some good times will your family and relatives, due to the position of the Sun. However, because of other planets like Saturn, Uranus, Rahu, etc your exam results will only be average and it may take some time for them to rise up. A rise in your bank account will be seen as per the horoscopes, and your profits will become stable with time. Try not to stress or overthink a situation since that might cause minor health problems.


The readings state that you will have a strong financial background this year. You will not hesitate to add to the income you have since wealth is on the cards for you. You will only add to your accumulated wealth and will make great financial decisions. Any kind of dispute will come to an end and property-wise you will see good results. Due to Mercury and the Sun you will stay in good health, but fitness like yoga or cardio is highly recommended for you. Try not to dig deep into situations and go with the flow. 

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