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It is believed that health and physical well being is dependable on the daily lifestyle habits of an individual but as popularly said before the sky is full of mysteries. Studying the positioning of the celestial objects in the sky can be defined as a very old form of sidereal astrology and as concluded astrology is the key to unleash all the mysteries beyond space hence Astrology can provide answers to many mundane occurring in our diurnal life. One such activity recorded is our health and how the placement of the planets and aligned with the Zodiac we are born in influence how we feel physically throughout the year. Today we will be discussing how to predict your bodily functions annually through the help of zodiac reading.



Aries cannot be considered a weak sign after studying its characteristics traits and it is also safe to infer that Aries doesn’t have a weak immune system to get very sick often. They are also pretty steady with their physical health as they are always running around participating in various activities. The only factor that can bring an Aries down physically is overstressing at work. Aries can also suffer from trivial mental health issues like impatience, frustration, anxiety, and temperament because of overburdening themselves with a task they are not able to accomplish at that moment.

This year Aries is predicted to have a the wonderful year ahead with no major health problem obstructing their physical wellbeing. Some cold and cough here and there can be diminished by putting some extra attention on diet and secondly this year can also be called as the year where an Aries spiritually heal herself from within.



Taurus has a strong stamina from birth and they rarely take medicines when it comes to curing any slight disease they are going through, a Taurus will mostly apply natural remedies to cure it. They are very unlikely to suffer from any sought of major health problem but when they do they will surely have a steady and quick recovery because Taurus don’t waste their time being pessimistic about it and rather have a positive outlook for it. The health situation will weaken a little with the growing age but one must remember that some fresh air out in the open and healthy walk are keys to miracle.

It is highly suggested that this year Taurus takes good care of their physical being and maybe they are not very fond of medicines but slight medications prescribed can help you stay in track with your health.



Lungs are the best part of a Gemini’s body so it doesn’t just imply that they are not very likely to suffer from any kind of lung diseases but metaphorically it also means Gemini’s are fond of respiring fresh air and this keeps them fit for most of the years. Gemini rarely has physical health issues but because of their sentimental quality traits, they will mostly suffer from mental health issues like major emotional breakdowns because of a disappointment from someone close. Their stress level is also always high because of excess working because they are terrified of disappointing other people as they invite judgment. It is advised for Gemini’s to give their mind some rest to avoid overthinking.

Astrological reading predicts it is going to be quiet a busy year so suggested that Geminis make sure their physical and mental health are on track so they can sportily and handle all the stress meters.



The most unique and beneficial factor of a Cancer’s health is that they have an excellent reproductive organ and mentally also, they will be excellent parents with boring healthy children too. But the major the problem in cancer is they tend to not show their emotional side to anyone and hence can suffer from emotional breakdown once in a while for bottling up the feelings.  Cancer’s daily lifestyle involves fitness activities, workouts and exercising and they also have this amazing capability to train their mind and body to connect so if their mental health is going on track automatically their physical health will.

Cancer documents an unexpected injury this year because of the influence of Mars in the tenth house but its not a major one and can be cured by taking some rest at home.



Leo is physically strong and their strong point includes upper back, forearms, wrist, spine, and most importantly the heart and this also implies they have positivity within themselves. Another beneficial factor about Leo is their speedy healing even though they rarely suffer from physical diseases. Leos are adventurous but they also don’t forget about their healthy diet routine and exercise regime. Leo will mostly suffer from body aches and muscle tenders.

Unfortunately, 2020 doesn’t seem to be like a a good year for Leo as they will be suffering from a few unexpected health issues that will also disturb their mental headspace as they will fail to complete certainly tasks because of this issue.



Libra has been fortunate with good hair and skin so they will rarely suffer from any cosmetic issue but even if they do that will just be a consideration of age approaching and Libra’s bias justified personality will accept it gracefully. You will be spending your life with a few trivial diseases but your restless and over-reactive nature will slow the healing so it is advisable that a Libra doesn’t take much stress about their health and a few healthy habits can avoid a lot of issues.

Libra is going to have a great year ahead because they won’t fall majorly sick at all this year but the kidney needs special care because it is the most vulnerable in 2020



The ruling planet of Virgo in mercury has a strong influence on governing Virgo’s health especially the brain and the nervous system. Virgos may take special care when it comes to diet as the food they consume affects their digestive system which is a little delicate because of their weak comparatively weak intestine from other parts of the body. Libras also tend to process food quickly so it is advisable they sit down and eat with time.

Indigestion, gas pain and bowel issues are problems Virgos are mostly suffering from but this year they have to be extra cautious with their diet as it might help to avoid a stomach ulcer predicted this year.



Astrologically Scorpios are predicted to be born with good intestine this adds up to their good resistance power which helps them consume all types of cuisine without the fear of indigestion or allergic reaction but the issue they will be suffering the most in their life is being prone to accident. The key here is to make sure the accidents are trivial and Scorpios should cautiously avoid major accidents. Also, they might have some time to time small throat and lung problems but these are not life-risking.

2020 is the year of viral infection especially for Scorpio so they are advised to be careful and make sure their stamina and immune system are at its peak so they can fight the bacteria out of their body. They should also depend on natural food habits and remedies and not much in medicine.



Normally this Zodiac mostly strays their way away from major health issues but what they suffer is some minor physical disturbance. Sagittarius personality to overindulge themselves in a situation and then not being able to let them go invites overthinking and anxiety, this directly affects their physical wellbeing especially the liver which is a sensitive region of the body for this sun-sign. They are also advised to avoid blood pressure problems which also originates from their mental disbalance.

In 2020 Sagittarius will be under a lot of retrospection on their health and will learn to care for it by being cautious this will result in them having trivial to no health issues this year.



Capricorn is considered very strong because not that they are resistant and fight a minor health issue but their astrology also reads quick recovery from their major diseases too.  Another positive factor about a Capricorn’s health is that their body does not weaken with the age. They can only have problems with bones especially near their knees which is more delicate to Capricorn.

Capricorn will have a good year when it comes to health but they might suffer from minor seasonal fever but a slight a lifestyle change with mediation and yoga can help a Capricorn avoid them.



The major issue that Aquarius suffers from is a weak bone structure this makes them prone to pain and fracture with even small fall accidents. The health problem can lead to health issues like anxiety because an Aquarius fear they won’t recover from it. But they have an excellent digestive system that can enjoy every sought of a cuisine. Mentally they can turn out to be hypochondriac because they worry too much of suffering from all type of diseases so therapy is advised.

This year Aquarius is suggested to not take any trivial health issues for granted and they should be treated and taken care of immediately. Some physical activity should also be added to the regime for better physical health.



Pisces are not only sensitive from the heart but they also have a delicate body, this doesn’t imply that they are fragile from their body but they are also not sporty with great physical strength. But the positive thing about Pisces that they don’t suffer from mental health much because of their positive outlook on everything. Pisces are suggested to cut down their junk food intake as it can weaken the digestive system eventually.

2020 is the year of good health for Pisces but they might feel a little discomfort when they are suffering from any disease so keeping themselves clean and hygienic is advised.

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