Your Zodiac Sign Reveals your Love languages

Your Zodiac Sign Reveals your Love languages

Listen with ears of tolerance, See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love. Love is a very deep and vast, it cannot be defined in a word or two, it is present all over, around us inside and outside us, love is present everywhere in the way we speak, react or dress. Love can be shown and received in all five languages. Once you are speaking his/her primary love language they will shower love on you and spell their magic on you and for you.

Wondering about which will be your love language based on your zodiac sign, our astrological sun signs reveals a lot more than our qualities or personality. The astrological readings can help us to build strong and long-lasting relationships and also provide solutions to our love problems. In reality, people have shared their real experiences of how have astrology has helped them and how has the love languages had built a strong mutual loving relationship. Yes, Love languages can bring wonder in your love life. From adorable libra’s to Sensual Scorpios, each zodiac sign has a different personality and way of expressing love. Let us look at love languages for each zodiac sign.


The zodiac sign Aries are well known for their zealousness. They are adventurous and independent but impatient sometimes. Spending Quality time with them is their primary love language which can win their heart. Spending a lot of time will make them happy, taking efforts for them and fully involving yourself with them. When Aries are happy, they love expressing themselves by treating you with your favourite food.


Taurus is dependable and cutest people of all the other zodiac signs, they love to get pampered, cuddle, kisses and lots of sweet words appreciating them would make them very happy and cheerful. What is there a way of expressing love? they like sharing food with their loved ones, taking efforts for them cooking for them and sharing with them.


Impressing twin Gemini’s is a tough task, but they being fun-loving and amiable around people makes it easy for their partner or loved ones to win their heart by appreciating them, complimenting them and you need to practise some cheesy pickup lines for them. Gemini likes to throw surprise parties for their loved ones, to surprise and see big smiles on their partners face.


Sensitive, adorable Cancer born needs quality time by their closed ones and wants their partners to make them feel important and special. They are soft and warm by heart which can be easily melted if one treats them like a soft stuff toy. They enjoy tenderness much. Cancerians have a very sharp memory and they always remember what their loved ones speak, every word spoken by them or memories created with them is always adored by the cancers.


Leo is the confident and soft-hearted people, shower them with love, affection daily, support and encourage their passion and dreams, let them take lead whenever possible. They are attention- seekers, they love to receive attention and praising them or constantly telling that they are Perfect makes them feel the best. Cute gifts and surprises are adored by Leos.



Organized and practical Virgo’s are the one who like to follow a particular schedule for everything. Be honest and open with them, they will love if you help them taking small efforts by helping them in organising stuff and you should keep your house as clean as humanly possible. They are the best gift-givers, their giving of gift always has a perfect thought and meaning related to a person’s personality or liking. The gifts given by them are always loved by all.


Adorable Libras are fun around all, they are very sweet and polite people, pamper them and in return let them pamper you be generous and polite with them, spend time with them and learn how to maintain peace. They are the biggest Social animals and love getting pictures clicked, they love to get perfect IG shot by their loved ones.


Sensual and Romantic among all the zodiac sign is Scorpios, their love language is a physical attraction with their loved ones or partner, they love sensual touch by their partners. To please them share emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy and always commit them with loyalty. Always be passionate with them in everything especially in a relationship, add some spicy and romantic moves in bed with Scorpios.


People with Sagittarius as their zodiac sign are blessed with good funny humour, they love to make people happy by acting funny and cute and also loves to be with positive people around them. Sagittarius in love, like gift receiving and physical attraction with their man. Loving them lots of gifts and hugs will always stick them with you.


Goal-oriented and determined Capricorns respond to physical love and service, find ways to continually show their dedication to them and your relationship and deal with love and logically. Use your intelligence to keep them engaged. They love to read books with their loved ones and their love is hidden so they express it through reading.


Don’t be intimated or jealous of their active social life, give them the freedom to do what they want and see how your relationship works smoothly. You should think and act accordingly with Aquarius. Words of affirmation and act of service is their primary love language which can capture their heart with lots of love.


The Classy and romantic Pisces likes to be around their loved ones and they can’t live alone for a longer period. Keep things romantic and supportive with them when they feel insecure also appreciate their go-with-the-flow attitude. They love to send and receive long encouraging texts; this is their way of expressing love and emotions as they are sensitive.

Look at your love language and go capture the heart of your loved ones, what is more, interesting than being aware of your love language and our astrological stars are moving in our favour to tell us about our love language.