Your Motto for 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Your Motto for 2022, According to Your Zodiac Sign?
Are you normal or, did you realize that 2022 is pronounced as 2020 too! Of course, you have as you do not wish to waste any more time gloating on the fact that the past two years were the historic years of our lives, and yet the memories are blurry. But not anymore! 2022 is your year. Well! It is that time of the year when you are likely to get busy bidding goodbye to the current year and getting ready for the new year. You might find it hard to believe, but the new year is just a week away, and you must decide your new year's resolution before you get busy in the merriment of the vacation season. It is going to be a hectic year for everyone. So, before you ring in the new year, you must check what your new year's motto should be, according to your Zodiac Sign.


Aries Motto for 2022 This year is going to be full of new experiences, and your impulsive and fiery side will approach them confidently. This year your motto is to be fearless and confident in the face of every adventure, experience, and adversity.


Taurus Motto for 2022 Taureans are seeing the new year as a new problem. Not having great years in their past has taken a toll on their positivity. However, this year will not be the same. This year their motto will be to find new ways to tackle their problems.


Gemini Motto for 2022 Geminis are going to welcome a positive spirit in the new year. Their motto should be to acknowledge their flaws and mediate their thoughts through communication. Communication and sweet talks of wisdom will keep them going this year.


Cancer Motto for 2022 Oh dear Cancer, it's been a long since you stopped expressing your feelings. You have inculcated the tendency of keeping it to yourself even when your heart is ready to explode. This year it will change, and you will bring a more flamboyant and expressive self out there.


Leo Motto for 2022 For Leos, the year 2022 is going to be the year of being real and true to their nature. This year they feel the urge to step out of their grand life and be grounded. They will try to bond at the root level and let go of their facade.


Virgo Motto for 2022 Being a perfectionist comes with a cost! You tend to undermine all your accomplishments. Dear Virgo, this year you should change this habit, and be focused on celebrating the small and big joys of life. You will learn more when you let yourself out in the wild.


Libra Motto for 2022 Dear Libra, we all know that you have spent a good lot of your time and effort on people who do not value you. Isn't it true? Well, it got to change this year. This year you should make it a point to work on yourself instead of trying to please others.


Scorpio Motto for 2022 Oh, Scorpio! This new year will ask you to welcome it with open arms. The resolution, that can fetch peace of mind to you, is letting go of past grievances and grudges. You need not gloat over your enemies when you can make new friends.


Sagittarius Motto for 2022 Since the year is changing, you are bound to change as well. This year your priorities and perspective will see a major shift. Your transition will amaze everyone, from your family to friends. Your new year motto is going to be staying composed and patient while learning a new sport or passion.


Capricorn Motto for 2022 Usually, this hardworking sign forgets how much they have acquired and achieved. This year, Capricorn natives will realize the importance of self-love and will take care of themselves sincerely. It is their year of rewarding themselves and being grateful for their time and effort. Staying motivated is going to be their motto of the year.


Aquarius Motto for 2022 Aquarians are likely to echo “new year, new me” the most. It is your year of inculcating new habits that can make your life more enriching and more fulfilling. They are likely to adopt discipline in their day-to-day lifestyle and work hard to stick to these rules that they will inflict on themselves.


Pisces Motto for 2022 For Pisceans, the year 2022 is going to be the year when they let go of their addictions. Be it spending too much time on TV soaps or drinking more alcohol than you can control, no matter how big or small these addictions are, they have to say goodbye to them.