The Tarot cards have become insanely popular and a lot of people have started wanting to know about them, and even learn about them. There used to be a negative stigma about the Tarot, no thanks to horror films or even the drama films that seem to trend all over social media. Though, now trends have been changing and the outlook of many of them are moving towards the positive direction.  

So, what is the Tarot?  

The Tarot consists of seventy eight cards and each of these cards have its own meaning, story and symbolism not to forget to mention its own imagery. The Tarot deck is further divided into two categories, the Major Arcana which has twenty two cards and the Minor Arcana which consisted of fifty six cards, and these cards represent the trials and obstacles we experience and go through in our everyday lives.

Many people believe that the Tarot deck is the mirror to our soul. Some believe that the Tarot deck is just ink on cards. The Tarot is basically the key to our inner selves, the storybook of the individual’s life. Every lesson we learn, spiritual lessons included, are found and told in all of the seventy eight cards of the Tarot deck.

As we consult the Tarot reader, we are shown what we may have to face, what we may have to learn and how to live our lives. It helps us to tap into the wisdom we possess and helps us find the answers we have always been searching for within ourselves.  

The workings of the Tarot deck. 

A lot of people assume that the Tarot deck has the power to tell and predict your future, to make the predictions that will help you or change your life. Unfortunately, that is not what the Tarot cards are not really about that.

The Tarot is all about intuition and less about fortune telling, contrary to the people’s beliefs. This helps in creating your ideal future and securing your goals, or even working towards them. The best way to read and understand the Taror is to use the cards in order to understand and know your intuition as well as your inner knowledge.

The imagery of the Tarot is to give you access to your inner mind and your intuition and this helps you discover and make positive changes in order to access your inner power and your inner wisdom. This helps you achieve all your goals and make you realise no dream of yours is unachievable.  

The Tarot cards help you or enable you to gain a connection with your intuition, in order to gain access to the wisdom of our higher selves, which helps us in raising the conscious in order to take action.

The Tarot reading can also be the confirmation of what you already would be knowing and there are even chances that you would have no idea of the message until you actually see it in the cards and now you know what exactly to do, and what action should be taken and done after you know what you have to do. 

All about Tarot, inner wisdom and universe. 

Everything is connected to the universe and in the end, all of us are connected to our inner wisdom and the universe. The reason behind why we need the Tarot cards is so that we can connect with out inner intuition and can access our universal wisdom.

It not only connects us to our inner subconscious mind but it is more like connecting with the connective mind.

The tarot deck should be read by someone who can read and understand the cards, as well as be able to connect you to your inner mind and help you understand what exactly are the cards trying to communicate to you.