Your determination determines your destiny


George Elliot said,” the strongest principle of growth lies in human choice” which perfectly fits when determination and consistency are blended well to help you march forward and achieve the goals that have been set by you.  Choices play a big part in actually shaping a future, the right and wrong decision, ups and downs of life everything has a part to play. As each human is just an actor who comes on stage, plays its part, and leave and the cycle of life continues. Choices and decisions help you fulfill the reason for which you were chosen in the first place.

The term determination means a strong urge the will to do a certain thing in a particular way will full force of mind and body until you achieve that goal. Goals play a very important part of one’s life. If you wander aimlessly you are bound to get lost in this hustle and bustle of the fast-moving society. The environment seeks determination and creativity at its best. Skills and ability to perform a certain task Sal are interdependent with each other focusing on our end goals and what fate has actually written for us in the end.

At a very early stage of life, we are tough that if we do not have the will to do something we are always the last in the race or we are unable to pull ourselves out from a phase that is slowly and steadily consuming us. Determination is the key to sculpt out something that can actually garner a lot of self-confidence and esteem in a person. For example, To build up a start-up you need to chalk out a plan, everything is set, from ideas to floor plan and you just have to call the shots but you keep on delaying, why? The urge to stand up for your self, and take up a project all by yourself needs a lot of confidence and the will to own up everything you are about to do. Unless the determination and peace of mind don’t correlate things will not pan out.

Destiny and fate

There’s a thin line that separates destiny and fate. Destiny can be changed will full force of will and the urge to do a particular thing or a goal that needs to be achieved, fate outlines a possible end and the future that cannot be predicted and is the purpose of your life. If someone wants to change their destiny they are fully aware of the means and ways through which they can be successful, fate is something we have no control about, like the place we are born to, the family we belong to, the culture we imbibe whereas destiny is the possibilities that we have in front of us that is open and is waiting to be written. We write our own destiny our own future given that, we are a 100%  devoted to our goals and end terms that put us through endless struggles and crossroads where indecision and answers take ps place and change the course of our life. Fate is handed over to us, like the traits we inherit or the qualities we have to stand by.

Destiny keeps on unfolding numerous options and we have to choose whether we should accept it or if it’s not the right time. We meet certain people and get along with them that’s destiny, we chose to do so and then stand by it because it feels right. Destiny and fate go hand in hand, they both help each other and form the adventures of life we are about to experience. 

Determination and Destiny

What constitutes the authenticity of life are the emotions we incur or face during every situation but one thing that is common is the devotion and determination we need to actually finish the race we started. Tarot cards, astrological charts can tell us a remotely close prediction of our future, maybe the fate that we are already aware of but it can certainly not predict the destiny we are still writing, which is still under progress. No matter what the prediction says the right mindset and the establishment of the fact that you are certain of achieving that particular the goal is what determines the future. If wealth and prosperity is written in your the fate you will certainly have a good share of it but once you stand on your own feet and look around, your fate won’t help you to survive in this tough competition unless you are willingly ready to actually challenge your life, your fate. Similarly when people who come from a background of low resources and funds turn out to be the most successful businessmen or knowledgeable people around the globe, it wasn’t their fate that brought them there, it  was determination, which acted as a catalyst in the ongoing process of achieve their goal. It takes years and months of hard work to become a part of a known company unless you lack the ability to hold up a job you won’t be selected even if you know it to the company.

It is true that determination formulates your destiny because it actually does wonders when all your focus is on the bird’s eye and nothing around it. You practice and practice until you succeed and actually prove your fate wrong. When a person who is under a bad influence and has been pushed in a depressing phase can too pull themselves out from the wet sand of negativity if they are willing to and are motivated enough to bring themselves on the lighter side of life. That is why God provides us with our needs and not our desires because the primary thing he wants from us is to strive along with will and determination to achieve what they are about to write in their destiny and so, God helps only those who help themselves.

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