Yoga: An Essential Element For a Fit And Healthy Life

Yoga: An Essential Element For a Fit And Healthy Life

A workout is very popular though for a short time, it comes and goes but yoga is an ageless long-lasting remedy. It not only burns calories but also tends to tone the muscles which include both mind and body in the exercise. Yoga for the body includes strengthening and stretching exercises with breathing in and breathing out for relaxation.


Yoga contains more than a hundred different forms that are of fast speed and intensity. While some of the forms are gentle and relaxing that would add up meditation.

The different yoga forms would include the following


●          Hatha- It is a form of yoga that is associated with breathing and basic movements.


●          Vinyasa- It includes a number of poses that have smooth coordination with each other.


●          Power- A form of yoga that us faster with high-intensity practices to build muscles.


●          Ashtanga- It is a form of yoga that includes a series of poses with a special breathing technique.


●          Bikram- Inclusion of 26 risky poses that are done in a high-temperature hot room.


●          Iyengar- With the help of props like blocks, straps, and chairs for proper alignment of the body.


The energy and intensity level of the yoga exercises would only depend on the type of yoga you choose. The Hatha and Iyengar yoga technique is generally slow and gentle. Where the Bikram and power yoga technique is a fast and challenging one.


You also have the yoga postures that are meant for the various core muscles that even tighten and burn out the middle abs. With the help of yoga, you build weight through your own body rather than machines. You must try the postures like the plank or you might even spread the weight equally.


The postures of yoga work for all the sides of the leg including the hips and the legs. The poses of squats and bridges consider the deep knee bends, you can even try warrior poses. You should exercise by facing down as a child's pose and back muscles for a good stretch.


The different types of Yoga


●          Flexibility- It stretches the muscles and increases the range of motions and improves flexibility.


●          Aerobics Exercise- Though it is not exactly what we say as Yoga, rather the inclusion of power yoga that makes you sweat. Some researchers say although aerobics is not yoga yet it is good for health.


●          Strength- Yoga gives a person all the strength as well as it requires strength to hold the body to maintain a balance. It would also strengthen the muscles of backs, legs, and arms.


●          Sport- You must not take yoga as a challenge or any type of competition. It needs to be practiced daily with a routine without any comparison with each other.


●          Low-Impact- The most beneficial point of yoga is that it has no impact on the joints rather is a full-body workout.


Yoga is not a costly thing to do if you know the exercises and can find a yoga mat then that is all. You can practice yoga free at home through online videos and classes that may or may not cost money. It has no restrictions for any age group as people from any age group can practice different yoga postures.


Yoga can be practiced anywhere and everywhere be it indoors or outdoors l that you need is just a space for the yoga mat. Though any kind of equipment is not required as you rely on your own body structure and weight. A yoga mat is essential as it resists sliding when you do standing poses and cushions you up for the seating poses.


In yoga, you can also use a yoga ball, yoga block although these types of equipment are optional.  Yoga is of different kinds all over the world it gives strength and fitness to the body. It helps you gain flexibility and boosts your mind with proper focus.


A number of yoga books, DVDs are available in the market but it is best advised to join some classes for proper yoga. As some of the postures are tough to try so you need a good instructor to show the exact postures. You should have enough patience in order to practice yoga as it has both physical and mental benefits.


If you have some health issues then also you can practice yoga just you have to remember not to try out some challenging poses. During pregnancy also you should not try any tough and risky poses just try gentle yoga workout.