There are a lot of mystic things in astrology, yantra being one of them. These are used to ward off any evil lurking around you and your loved ones.

Yantras are drawn at the foot of idols in temples. In South India, all the yantras are drawn with the help of Rangoli in homes or on religious occasions.

Yantra is drawn using easy geometrical figures. These geometrical figures are drawn in symmetry. 

There are different yantras for different purposes. They can be three dimensional, in the form of charms or two dimensional, in the form of drawings.

Power of Mantra in Yantra:

Yantras are made of geometrical shapes which has energies trapped in them. The importance of mantra here is that when you chant the mantras, the vibrations match the wavelength of the cosmic energies, thereby bringing out positive energies around you.

Working of Yantra:

Yantras are basically devices which will increase the intensity of your prayers, making them stronger and thus your thoughts will become more positive.

You should focus at the center of the yantra, this will result in your energies to be concentrated properly and thus they will flow once connected to the yantra. 

With the help of the yantra, your intentions will be fulfilled faster than without them. Any yantra will work in the following ways.

You can mediate with the help of the  yantra in order to concentrate your energy properly.

You can put it up on the wall, desk, or anywhere on the entrance. You can put it in your car too. This will make the space around the yantra pretty positive.

The three-dimensional yantra in the form of charms can be worn by you like necklaces, bracelets, or rings.

The vibrations that come out of the yantra makes the space positive.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Right after buying a yantra, make sure that you energize it in order to increase its benefits. Certain things need to be followed before using any kind of yantra.

You have to have a free as well as a positive mind. Try to purify your body by lighting incense sticks and diyas. You can now put the yantra in the puja house with the idol of the associated deity by its side.

Consider offering fresh flowers and fruit of any kind to the god. Take water on the leaf of any tree and lightly sprinkle it on the Yantra as well as yourself.

Now close your eyes, concentrate your mind and start praying to the yantra for whatever you wish for. 

The Yantra for a happy married life and a successful relationship is the Katyayani yantra.

Katyayani Yantra: About Goddess Katayayani

She is the sixth form of the Durga matta. You will always see her mounted on her holy lion. The existence or birth of this goddess is very interesting.

According to the belief, Rishi Katyayan who was the son of Katya wanted Paramba as his daughter and for that, he performed a ritual. Because of this ritual he got a daughter whom he names Katyayani. 

This tool will bestow upon you the blessings of goddess Katyayani. This yantra will clear all hurdles in your marriage and turn it into a successful one. Be it trouble caused by parent denial or interference by others.

Katyayani Yantra: Importance

As per the scriptures, it is said that an unmarried woman in Vrindavan used to worship this goddess in order to get married.

Katyayani was worshiped in the form of a doll made of sand and water of Yamuna. The deity of this goddess can be made with the help of any element.

You can make it by painting, with the help of metal, jewels, wood or stone. It can be even remembered in your hearts and the yantra will still work. 

Katyayani Yantra: Important Things to Remember

The placement of this goddess or yantra should be done carefully. It needs to be placed in the puja alter in the North East corner or hang on the wall. You can even wrap it in a red cloth in order to carry it with you.

There is no proper ritual to worship this yantra. You can meditate its powers or worship it by looking at it and saying the mantra. The mantra for this yantra is,’Om Hreem Shreem Katayani Namahi.’ 

With proper mindset and mediation, you are likely to benefit from the Katayani yantra and your marriage will be a happy and successful one. Make sure to follow the procedures carefully.