World Nature Conservation Day 2020: HOW YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE

Nature is the most wonderful thing that God has gifted human beings. From time to time, we have gone exploiting beautiful interiors and exteriors of nature without any heed. Nature includes not only lush fields but also the creatures inhabited within them. Since the medieval era, nature has undergone waves of man-made alterations that have negatively impacted mother Earth.


Protecting nature is not that tough, once we learn the basics of perseverance, we might steadily reap optimistic outcomes. Nature conservation is the act of shielding nature to avert it from over-exploitation by human hands. It teaches us to wisely use natural resources in order to maximize the requirements without negotiating with the approaching generation. One of the crucial motives behind conserving is to shield the timberland while nurturing biodiversity.  It’s of utmost importance to conserve a running prosperous ecosystem.

July 28 celebrates World Nature Conservation Day

The world nature conservation day is celebrated to boost awareness pertaining to the importance of raw reserves and motivate the human race to shield nature’s resources. The world nature conservation day acknowledges that, in order to enjoy a fruitful society, the strong foundation of the environment is required both for the current and upcoming era. 

How can you make a change on World Nature Conservation Day?

Do all you can, spread the word with your loved ones. Smear the color green (which stands for nature and environment) across all your social media handles. Use appropriate hashtags and tag people for collective awareness. This way, people will start giving much heed to the significance of shielding natural resources. The world nature conservation day is commemorated by actively taking part in various events, taking initiatives to plant trees or more trees, attending various seminars aimed at conserving natural resources by professional communities or associations. 28 July 2020 wholeheartedly celebrates world nature conservation day. This day strives to boost major wisdom of all-natural resources present on the face of the earth as well as educating the masses on the significance of all-natural resources which are being used. 

Steps to conserve Nature 

Here are some sensible steps to conserve nature, with respect to nature, comes a handful of responsibilities. Let’s stick to each one of them without feeling pathetic about how humans are not sarcastically destroying the earth.


Plants not only give rise to fresh air but also elevates the environment as they can be recycled, renewed, and can be biodegradable. These small house-plants bring an abundance of freshness in our surroundings. Besides, we can sow seeds of fruits and vegetables home-grown for our needs. This one tiny creature compels us to save money.


Water is precious; thus, we must take baby steps in order to conserve water. It is one of the most valuable natural resources. We can cut down the use of water in terms of dishwashing and clothes rinsing, you can switch to dry soaps which have become a growing trend among the youth.

Lessen the purpose of using electricity

In order to deduct burning a large number of fossil fuels daily, we must cut down on electricity usage, for power plants to do their innate responsibilities. 


As we previously mentioned, raise the green flag of awareness. Shout it out, loud to the masses, begin with baby steps of course. No matter how big or small you are, always make sure that you are doing your humanity duties to perfection. Bring utmost attention to the public eye. Hold banners. Run with signs, shoot the slogans and rewind the revolution, that mankind was one ape-of-a-kind. It’s never too late for us, for you and for them. Awareness strengthens the foundation of that one cause and makes us more passionate about our social causes.

Deduct the usage of paper 

With the constant tapping done on the screens, replace old-school paperwork to a smart device. Switch to e-books and blackboards which are electronic. Grow smart like smart technology.

Conserve wetlands to preserve nature and safeguard societies

The human race is the severe cause behind such meticulous changes happening all over the earth. It is word-for-word real that the earth is sinking beyond our imagination, the hopes are drowning, storms slaying, tears ushering the floods and tsunamis annihilating what humans articulated the nature with (unwanted runway of streets with withering lanterns and human castles), now all resigning underneath the fury earth on natural terms.   

Nature is doing its best to bestow humanity with clean air, water, and quality food for a quality life. Nature which is protected by the roaring hands of humans is facing enough challenges when it comes to climate miracles and our well-being.

Why do we need to protect the wetlands? 

Wetlands replenish the supply of groundwater in order to lower droughts.

They act as a shield against loud floods while compelling as well as clasping the water when the rainfalls are strong. 

They play a crucial role in natural climate defenses.

Wetlands are the major reason behind why communities of coastal areas remain shielded against spurts of storms. 

Wetlands have a heavy hand when it comes to fishing, agriculture, and recreation.

They are the drivers of the economy which hold local strengths and weaknesses. 

They do a lot in curtailing the ill effects of climate changes.

They alter impurities from the environment before they make their way into the oceans and other water streams. 

They filter substances that have the potential to jeopardize the seas, rivers, and the beautiful lakes.


There’s so much to say about such devastating times. Make a change even if it is a small one, start with baby steps, don’t worry you’ll soon get there. The environment needs us just like we need the environment. It gives us space for destruction, fresh air to breathe, what else do we need?

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