witness the Leo moon coming your way

witness the Leo moon coming your way

Leo is a fixed symbol, meaning perseverance and constancy. When you adore, you love extremely. Moon in Leo is known for your level of support and loyalty. Fire symbols are famous for a lot of energy, and you might be ever prepared to sparkle this abundance of passionate warmth toward people you hold dear and near.

The symbol of Leo is governed by the Sun and connected with eminence. Hence, your sentiments are probably going to have this solar quality, radiating to people you feel altruistic toward, and maybe striking out blazingly against the individuals who have lost your courtesy. With the Moon in Leo, you are probably going to have an inborn feeding of nobility and will expect a specific level of treatment and regard from other people.

As a symbol of sovereignty, you might have fairly extravagant tastes and will feel highly comfortable when encircled by individuals & circumstances you feel reflect your internal image of yourself.


On an intuitional level, you are probably going to feel powerful sentiments. There is usually a passionate power that is required to be communicated. Leo is a creative and dramatic zodiac sign. You might discover that you are often looking for outlets to pour your expression and creativity into. You will consistently feel more stimulated when your exuberance and natural spontaneity can be communicated.

This can go from conventional leonine fine arts that include self-expression and flamboyance, for example, drama, dance, and design. Or you might discover your innovativeness is simply communicated working with kids or in charge of a business where you can view your thoughts coming into the structure. You might discover that the customs of religion manifest for you deep sentiments of devotion and reverence which bring an imaginative dimension to your life.

Whatever you do, you discover your day is more vivid when you possess some sort of inventive outlet, and so discovering approaches to communicate yourself is probably going to be crucial for you.


Leo is a symbol of romance. You might discover that you work in dreaming up vivid approaches to show other people that you care. You are probably going to be somebody who requires affection and reassurance to feel associated with another and will search for approaches to maintain your emotional life.

You must make bonds with individuals who will offer you fun and affection. At this level, it is very significant that you discover a mate who is demonstrative and concentrates on your sentimental requirements. When mates take the time to make you feel unique, then you can react by sharing your wealth of sentimental warmth with them. Win-win situations result when you are treated with the love you require and offer other people the same in return.

The Moon in Leo is connected with kids. You are probably going to be in numerous ways a “child at heart”. You will appreciate fun, play, and immediacy and can simply coexist with kids at their level. You might have an intrinsic comprehension of where kids come from and what their genuine requirements are.

Investing time with kids assists in opening your creativity and sense of fun. You might also discover that life simply feels complete for you when you discover approaches to communicate with your inner kid. Taking time out for adventure and fun is like medication for you, and will be a crucial way of discovering food for the spirit.


Also, Leo is a symbol of leadership. On an intuitional level, you might feel that you are here to lead other people. Hence, you do great when you feel in charge of circumstances. This is the symbol of the planner, and you might have an inborn comprehension of how to bring an opportunity or event together. You might a gift for social circumstances, and naturally, realize how to bring flair and fun into any setting.

Your natural feeling of joy and fun combines with your willingness to accomplish things well. You can motivate individuals to unite energies and commit to a specific result, while simultaneously appreciating the ride.