Witness How a Gemini Can Mess their Love Life!

Love can be a complicated notion for everyone. Believe us youre not the only one whos thinking about this but when it comes to Gemini things are different. Gemini is a fun-loving person who loves to interact with new people which helps them find their partner. It is easy for them to find love as they are constantly looking for it and can find it due to their social nature. However, the problem comes when they start a relationship. 

Finding someone and sticking with someone is two completely different concepts, Gemini can be great in one and well bad in the other. A Gemini has an outgoing and witty personality due to which they love to make friends. Some Geminis believe that staying friends are the most comfortable part for them as love brings many complications to their relationship. Love can take a bad turn for a Gemini as they have some weaknesses that need to be fixed. 

Tangled in feelings 

Being in love is different for everyone and love has different phases. The first one is the honeymoon phase where everything is rainbows and sunshine, but after that comes the real relationship so buckle up Gemini. Gemini is intelligent in nature and due to this nature trait, they tend to overthink their decisions which leads to confusion. 

They can be extremely scared or anxious about their decisions as they dont know how the other person is gonna react and this is their reaction when it comes to small life decisions, just imagine if theyre thinking about something serious like moving in or committing. A Gemini man will do everything in his power to stay away from commitment, they can be crazy about someone but still hopeless when things get serious. 

They have a phobia when it comes to commitment and things of that serious nature. It’s very simple just tell us how you feel guys no ones gonna bite you. 

Incredibly Impulsive

Okay so now we move on to something really sucky and that is Gemini’s impulsive nature. A Gemini can harm so many relationships in their life due to their impulsive nature. If one thing comes to their head they may make a decision out of nowhere which will definitely infuriate anyone.

They are known for constantly making reckless decisions during relationships which causes problems and may be the reason for the breakup. When they make up their mind about something they can stretch that discussion to the ends of the earth and you wont be able to get out of that discussion easily. It can be a difficult task to calm them down and this is one of their very worst weaknesses in love. 

Nosy and Pokey

Okay, some weaknesses start from a good place but they can quickly become very very problematic. Gemini is known for having a curious mind and naturally, they want to know everything about their partners life. Listening is one thing, the problem starts when they start to become a part of everything. 

They want to solve all your problems but sometimes they end up becoming a problem. They want to know all the gossip in life and every little detail of the scoop from everyone involved. Sometimes they end up leaking information in order to get more gossip which can be irritating for their partner and we dont blame them. 

Instead of listening to a problem or having a deep conversation session, they can make the whole thing about themselves without even realizing it. Some things dont need to be out in public and some people want their secrets to stay that way but a Gemini just cant help themselves. Sharing something big is always a gamble with them and you shouldnt have to say that about your partner. 

A little low on Ill always be there”

Gemini doesnt like to be mean or irresponsible but sometimes they just do all the wrong things at the wrong time. They have a phobia about committing and are naturally confused, due to this nature they may cancel on you at the last moment. 

They will suddenly come up with an excuse to cancel on you and can be seen as unreliable when it comes to love. These can become major issues in a serious relationship and you need to be there for your partner at all times. 

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