What are the wind chimes?

Wind chimes are decorative instruments that are hanged inside the house. It is generally made up of wood, plastic, glass, or metal. These wind chimes are considered to bring positive vibes inside the house. This was first used by the Chinese.

Different wind chimes have different tones in them. They come with beautiful decorations which when hanged inside the house becomes a great decorative piece as well as brings good luck and fortune.

How Windchimes bring good luck and wealth?

Wind chimes work on the principle of Feng Shui. It is a Chinese theory which when translated literally means wind water. Wind chimes harmonize the energies inside the house and bring positivity and happiness. It can bring growth, personal development, and lots of opportunities for wealth.

Wind chimes are believed to bring positive vibes inside the house. It is hanged in the direction of the wind. The tones produced by the wind chimes purifies the ambiance of negative energies and bring positive energies inside the house.

The tones are also believed to have a huge impact on the personality of the people staying in the house. They are believed to cure mental problems such as depression, stress, anxiety, etc. The tones of the tingling of wind chimes create a positive vibration which when heard soothes our mind and creates a calming effect on it.

Not only it cures mental problems, but it also brings good luck and fortune inside the house. It frees the house from negative energies and bad luck. It purifies the ambiance and fills it with happiness and good luck.

There are many other applications of wind chimes as well. It is also believed that wind chimes can solve conflicts inside the house. Sometimes, people use it to bring happiness and calmness inside the house. By hanging wind chimes, the negativity produced in the house gets cleaned and the atmosphere becomes filled with positive energies.

Lots of people use it for wealth purposes as well. Wind chimes can bring lots of wealth in lives. It can also bring a huge amount of opportunities in life.

It has many more positive results in one’s life. It can also cure people with negative feelings inside them such as hatred, greed, insecurities, etc. The main work of the wind chimes is to spread positive vibrations and removes negativity from the atmosphere.

It has great importance in vaastu as well. It is also considered to remove the vaastu dosh from a house. Everything works due to the removal of bad energies.

There can be lots of bad consequences of the presence of negative energies inside your house. Bad health, mental illness, financial losses, family issues, sadness, etc. are some of the effects of negative energies. There are many options for removing negative energies and Wind chimes are one of them.

How long do wind chimes take to show affect?

Generally speaking, Feng shui takes 3-5 months to show its effect. The effect cannot be seen overnight. Hence, Wind chimes are also expected to take a few months to show its benefits. You have to be patient with it.

On average, results are seen after 2-3 months and in some cases it takes more than 3 months. But maximum it will take 5-6 months, not more than that.

Where should you put Windchimes?

Generally, wind chimes should be placed where there is the presence of enough wind. Hence, it is often advised to put it in the entrance as there it can get wind easily to create tones. But lots of people put it inside the house. There is no issue in putting it inside, just make sure it gets sufficient wind for creating tones.

Things to consider while hanging wind chimes

There are certain things that should be kept in mind. When you will be purchasing wind chimes make sure you check the sound. Some wind chimes can have irritating sound and do not produce a soothing and calming effect on our minds. Thus, make sure that the wind chimes you are buying have soft and sweet tones.

There are many ways to buy wind chimes. It is readily available in the market. It can also be made by yourself as well. It is very simple and easy to make.

After hanging the wind chimes, if you observe that the wind chimes is getting destroyed then immediately remove it. It is not safe to hang a broken wind chime inside the house. Thus, remove the broken wind chimes immediately and replace it with another.

 Applications for Windchimes spiritually

There are lots of applications of wind chimes spiritually. Wind chimes were made in ancient times and used by people to bring positivity and peace inside their house.

This is the reason, you can observe the presence of bells in the entrance or inside the temples. Even the temples that are old and built in the ancient times as well have bells inside them. It proves that people from a very early age has been using the concept of wind chimes.

The bells inside the temples are also a kind of wind chimes. It has a very soothing and calming sound in it. Temples are places where there are lots of positive vibrations and people feels calm inside the temples.

This the reason, bells are also included inside the temples so that whenever people rings it, the sound produced creates a positive vibrations among the people. That is why, you feel so calm after visiting a temple.

Hence, we can see wind chimes has got huge significance. There are many more applications of wind chimes and people from the ancient world have been using it for bringing positive energies inside the house.