Will we live longer in future?

We are witnessing technological advancements in all the sectors. From art to medical science, there’s growth in every field. There’s immense research going in every field which has become the primary reason for this growth. With the progress in the medical science and health industry, we are able to cure major chronic diseases. That has caused havoc at once. Diseases like Cancer, hepatitis b, Tuberculosis now fall under curable disease and this has improved the life expectancy of human beings.

The modern-day technological advancements and the revolutionized changes have made us capable of living a high-quality life and maintaining our body to work efficiently at a later age. With high- tech inventions, we are capable of delaying the aging process. The United Nations have considered Longevity as one of the major and significant social transformations of the modern era.

Health is a key player in this transformation that acts as a catalyst between us and life. However, the success of a good life will be worthless if we compromise on our health.

Living long does not mean living healthy

Health plays a prime role in channelizing the right energy for living life in particular moments and turns out to be the best formula for longevity. We as human beings have a limited time period which is not fixed and have different phases. We go through the period of birth then youth followed by aging and death. While we may be living longer, we are not necessarily living a healthy life. Our accumulated damage caused to body tissues by constant disease and unhealthy life structure results in fast-aging and even leads to premature death.

There are people too who are living well and healthy lives in their sixties and this shows how little efforts towards proper health can help you in leading a practically good life. Better health-care has resulted in improved survival rates and there’s significant reduction in disabilities making it possible for people to live a healthy and longer life

Disease, The Barrier to Long Life

What’s the major thing which is acting as a main blockage in living a long life? It’s poor health and premature death caused by disease. The study shows that the accidental death   rate is higher in younger people whereas the old people die from issues caused by diseases.

 We cannot in any way control the accidental deaths however we can manage to reduce the death rate caused by diseases by keeping ourselves healthy.  Getting a healthy body isn’t a journey of a day or two, you need to take care of your body as long as you live.

The Dream of Longevity

Longer life is directly proportional to slow aging. Proper lifestyle, balanced life, and adequate fitness is required to keep your body fit and in proper shape. We often say life is unpredictable but we forget that our life is based on our decisions and somehow, we know we can predict the happening. Our behavioral and genetic patterns can tell us about our life expectancy. If we do not maintain a proper diet or keep our body fit, we can’t expect to be completely fine and healthy at a later age.

We need to understand we are here because we are living, what’s the point of regretting when there’s nothing left for us. Living and that too with joy should be our primary objective. The true essence of life is to live with joy at that particular moment. Aging is just a notion that will always remain there no matter how hard you’ll try. There’s no such thing as immortality. The more you live in the present, the more you’ll be able to cherish it. what ‘s the point of weaving the world, when you’ll not be there to live it?

Plan for Healthy Living

As I mentioned, Aging is permanent. you cannot stop this process or revert it back. The only thing which is under your control is to plan how you can make your body live efficiently and work effectively in later years. A child, a youth, or an older person, we all have equal rights to survive and live a healthy life. It doesn’t need to be forced at any age. You can plan things accordingly and maintain a healthy lifestyle to

Futuristic visions of longevity

In the current scenario, people have become crazy about fitness and are a lot more conscious about general health. People are investing in therapies that can protect them from a mental breakdown. The awareness regarding good mental health, fitness, and long life has brought significant change in the life of many people and it is acting as a driving force behind greater life expectancy.  There’s no way to stop the aging process or become mortal but the exciting changes which are taking place in the scientific field of biotechnology which holds the immense power of slowing down the process of aging.

This new generation of visionaries firmly believes that by employing healthy habits and new methods of rejuvenation can add a few extra decades to human health.

Aging is normal in the universe of living and we find people growing. We ourselves age and grow older it is a complex process and practices it will be irrational to think that a pill or portion will just stop this scientific process of biological aging. No doubt healthcare has made advancements and the fact of living a long healthy life is too alluring to resist. 

 With improvements living more never seems to sound more logical.  Arthur C.  Clarke’s Third Law47 mentions – ‘any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’ and exponential life extension is one of such magical dreams!

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