Do you have any instance where you found someone so interesting at first sight? Here you are feeling something good about them which means you got attracted to their positive vibes.

Also, take another situation where you find some people's presence so suffocating. You experience such feelings in their existence when you are disturbed with their negative vibes. Indeed you will mark that person as the jackpot of bad vibes. Situations like them happen too often in our life. Before going into a deep explanation let me ask you something based on the above context. How can you judge the people and the vibes they produce?

Do not worry the answer is quite simple. It is we who use our intuitions to register those abstract feelings as positive or negative vibes.

Does positive energy truly exist?

Yes, it is indeed true that the positive vibes prevail in our universe. In fact, there should be a balance between good and bad. Only then the universe will stay in the equilibrium position.

How can one identify the positive energy?

Positive energy is nothing but happiness. You tend to be very happy when something goes as you expected.

In general, most of you manage to radiate positive energy in the presence of your loved ones. Thus, at this moment we can say that your beloved ones are solely responsible for developing encouraging vibes in you.

Not only people do show an effect on us but there are several factors that have a deep impact on the positive vibes.

Negative Vibes:

The word itself gives the answer that feeling is negative. Negative vibes cause damage to a person emotionally. A single incident can turn the life of an individual upside down. The same theory can be applied to the incidents too. When you encounter an unpleasant moment then automatically the negative vibes start drowning you into depression. However, the later consequences are honestly dreadful.

In fact, negative energy can be detected based on the symptoms that a person is undergoing. Here are some of them listed.


Stomach throbs





Abrupt mood transitions







The above symptoms are scientifically tested and proven.

How to alleviate negative energy?

As stated in the earlier context, negative energy can have an intense influence on the individual's mind. Therefore, here are some tips and tricks to curb the negative energy in drenching you down into recession.

Stay with positive people

Our lives are full of adventures and emotions. To be more genuine, there is no one who is happy 24/7 but it is the responsibility of the individual to find ways for coming out of the miserable emotions.

To achieve the state of happiness better mingle with the people who tend to look happier. Try to join the clubs or the crowd where you find yourself being exhilarated. Give it your best shot to identify the people who can support you in uplifting your mood and your perception.

Comfort and aid others:

There is saying that human normally undertakes things to bring happiness for himself or herself but it is a fact that any person could only be happy when the people around him or her could be happy. So, individuals should make a habit to make people all around them to be happy with them. When you help or assist the other person, it makes you feel happy and satisfied with the work you have done. So, be happy and make the people around you happy.


There is a popular saying related to music and it goes in the following way," Music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot touch." The world strongly approbates the power of music in recuperating the piteous souls. Thus, music is the smoothest method for healing oneself during tough times is music. The soothing effect of music will obliterate all your worrisome thoughts and keep you at ease.

Be credulous:

Yes, believing in oneself is the best way to forfend yourself from negative energy. Cognizance is the preeminent way to know much about oneself. Also, once you get to know about yourself then you can take the propitious steps like meditating for longer times, getting indulged in various recreational activities. Doing all so can favor you from not being terribly affected because of negative energy. Apart from the above-listed methods, also do your damnedest to follow a variant autochthonous techniques like yoga, meditation, reading, writing, etc can succor you from decimating the effect of negative energy on yourself.