Will I Get Married to My Current Lover, How to Do Marriage Analysis With Relationship Spreads?

Will I Get Married to My Current Lover, How to Do Marriage Analysis With Relationship Spreads?

Relationships can get a bit tricky. One moment the couple will be all over each other, caressing each other and holding hands and the next moment one of them will be throwing a fit over something that both of them only know. If there's a spectator present to observe their fight, he or she won't be able to tell on what topic or about what they're fighting for. When one gets into a relationship, it feels as if they've found everything in form of one another. The sky seems to be bluer; the fragrance of the flowers becomes more potent and the fluttering butterfly inside their tummies grows at the mere sight of one another. It is not that the shy has become bluer or the flower is exuding more fragrance. It always was but you did not bother to notice it. But now that you're in love, you notice everything because you feel love within yourself. 

Various tools for Marriage Analysis

 Once you've been through every kind of phase in a relationship, you will wonder what now. What is the next step that I need to take to make my relationship more solidifying and meaningful? Then the question of marriage comes into the picture. People resort to various tools to ensure the level of their compatibility together. The tools can be Astrology, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Crystal Messages, etc. People in a relationship get more serious while dealing with the prospect of marriage. It should not be like this. However, if you fall in the same line and questioning will my current lover be my groom or bride, then you can do marriage analysis with Relationship spreads very easily. 

What are Relationship Spreads?

 Relationship spreads are a part of Tarot Reading. For any question that is asked by somebody, the Tarot reader lay different spreads per the vibe and energy of the question posed. If you go to a Tarot Reader and ask them for a marriage analysis with your current lover, then what they will offer is a Relationship Spread to analyze your compatibility status with one another. 

How to do a Relationship Spread?

 Get your Tarot Cards ready and shuffle them close. You can choose any deck of your liking. Once the cards pop out, clear the space where you're doing the reading to set your cards in a neat spread. For Marriage Analysis, the Relationship spread will consist of three spreads. 


Spread One - My current compatibility with my lover

 Pull out 8 cards for the first spread of the Relationship Spreads. The first card will represent your energy. The second card will represent your lover's energy. If the first and the second cards are not in sync know that there might be problems that are brewing in your relationship and needs to be addressed. It can be one of you feeling insecure or not enough. 

 Card 3 - This card will talk about your physical compatibility with your lover. 

 Card 4 - This card will talk about your mental compatibility with your partner. 

 Card 5 - This card will talk about whether if you two wish to work together, will you be a good match or not. 

 Card 6 and 7 - These two cards will throw light on your pasts and how they've shaped you as a person. 

 Card 8 - This card will tell you about your domestic life. 


Spread Two - My future compatibility with my lover

 This spread will only need four cards to be pulled out from the Tarot Deck. 

 Card 1 - This card will tell you about the prospects of having children together. 

 Card 2 - This card will tell you about your financial status when married. 

 Card 3 and 4 - will talk about the health of both the spouses respectively when betrothed. 


Spread 3- My Future improvements with my lover.

 This spread can talk about the advice that you need to hear to make your relationship with your lover more loving, peaceful, and meaningful. For this spread, you need to pull out just three cards. 

 Card 1 - Improvements that can be done by you. 

 Card 2 - Improvements that can be done by your lover. 

 Card 3 - This card will tell you the theme of your relationship. 

 If you get a Major Arcana card as Card 3 in Spread 3 as a part of Relationship Spread for Marriage Analysis, know that you as a duo hold immense power over one another and in general and your union is entirely you’re making.


You can either make it so loving that it yields to you or destructive that it makes both of your lives miserable. The choice always lies in your hands. Make the right one and live your life amazingly with your current partner!