Whenever we find a death card in our Tarot card readings, we are either scared of our wits or we definitely will be paranoid about why there is a card that represents death in your tarot card reading. You almost start to think or could have already started thinking if this is going to be a prediction and card reading about your death or the death of someone you care about and so on. But you need to hold your horses because the death card does not actually symbolize your death or the death of your loved one but it does mean the ending or the death of something significant like maybe the dark phase of your life or the death of an old habit and so on.

What does the death card represent in my tarot card readings?

The card represents the end of your dark phase of life. You have experienced a lot, seen so much, felt so much hurt and trauma but now all of that is ending and you are about to enter a period of time that is filled with love and light. You will start feeling much better and moreover, your soul will feel much lighter and filled with love.

Going much more in detail, onto the exact representation on what the card pictorially represents, the skeleton the card represents the old habits that were fossilized into your being and how these habits lead to a toxic lifestyle and environment. This habit or habits that were so toxic and unhealthy controlled your life and lifestyle for the longest time and now, you have finally decided to let it all go and work towards a more positive living. The white flower that is on the black flag symbolizes purity and innocence. It also represents new and fresh beginnings. The white flower has five petals if you look close enough and you will realise that the number five also represents your spirit. The death card in the tarot readings represent more about new beginnings, a new job or even a new fresh start at life. People often do not like the presence of the death card, often they are wary of the death card showing up in their tarot readings because like all of us, we often think that the death card cannot really mean something other than death right? Like, why else would the card be named death card then? When this card appears in your card readings, it symbolizes the end of something that was in your life for so long, and it was not something that brought you happiness, health or joy but it was something that was extremely toxic and literally leeched the life out of you. You leave the past behind to move on with your present and future, you close a door to open another one, a one which leads you to a brighter and happier future.

The Death card is a sign that you need to let go of all those attachments that did not bring you any sort of relief of calm but brought you stress and unhappiness.

This is exactly what the death card signifies when it comes in your card readings and you need to literally purge the things that do not bring you happiness or peace in your life because you should keep yourself as a priority and not let others walk over you or even take your happiness for granted. The death card can also symbolize a change that you have clearly not expected and it is this change that will transform your life and you as an individual. This change will be one of the turning points of your life, and it will be up to you to make that decision or not, and if you do, how will you go on about it.

Tarot card readings are here only to make your life easier and to help you understand what you are going through, and help you gain a deeper insight onto what exactly you got yourself into and how you can proceed further from there.