Why should you start wearing a black thread on your ankle

Why should you start wearing a black thread on your ankle

All cultures have their own different sets of beliefs, some baseless superstitious while some very effective and useful customs. Among the many of these customs that can be useful for a person, wearing a black thread on the ankle is one of the most common ones.  People have worn a black thread on their ankle, even their wrist and neck since generations. It has had a very ancient history of belief that is true even in modern times. It is almost uncommon to see a newborn baby or a toddler without a black thread tied around their ankle. The family of those toddlers understand how children are vulnerable to evil eyes, jealous eyes and influence of the planetary positions that are in no one’s control. They opt for this custom to come to their help in protecting their little ones against many possible bad things. But not only for these toddlers or newborn, wearing black thread seems to be very effective to people even older in age. 

Why do people wear a black thread on their ankle?

In Indian culture, the colour black is considered to be very inauspicious and unholy. Nobody ever wears black coloured outfits in any holy festival of occasions. During any sacred ceremony, the colours that are more prominently seen are yellow, orange, red or colours in their periphery. Associated with Lord Shani, black is said to be very effective in warding off negative energy, vibes or aura. People wear this to keep them free and protected from the evil intentions and bad vibes of people around them. Wearing a black thread makes Lord Shani keep them away from negativity energy and shower them with only the positive ones.

But another main point is, one cannot just wear the thread out of nowhere. For the black thread to be effective, one needs to follow certain specific methods and pattern. 

How to wear it?

Simply wearing the black thread might be useful, but at the same time, might not be. To ensure that a person receives the full and the best effects of wearing a thread, one needs to ensure that they follow the correct method. When they are unsure of the correct process, it is advised that they consult a priest or an astrologer for the same. 

One should only wear the black threads after tying nine knots around the ankle. 

Before wearing it, it needs to be offered to Lord Shani and Hanuman. And then wear it only after sacred mantras. 

One should wear it during an auspicious ‘muhurat.’ One can consult a priest or an astrologer to know the proper time. 

One can also wear it on a Saturday.

The black colour is associated with the planet Saturn, thus the placement of this planet must be considered before wearing the thread. For this, an astrologer should be consulted.

Tying a black thread with lemon on the door of the house would also keep the negative energy away. 

The tying of thread should always be followed by chanting of Rudra Gayatri mantra. 

Benefits of wearing a black thread.

Wearing a black thread has almost become a trend for some years. But keeping the fashion aspect on one side, there are many hidden benefits this simple ‘trend’ or custom has. 

It is known to be effective in fixing stomach ache issues. 

It also aides people in solving their financial problems.

Wearing of thread can result in fast healing of injuries. 

It keeps the effects of the evil eye and the negative energy of other people away from us. 

The black colour is assumed to absorb heat and thus it has proven itself to be very useful in protecting ourselves against negative energies. 

It improves the immunity of a person and makes the person strong enough to fight with several diseases. This helps those who are prone to getting ill regularly.