Why Numerology numbers have physical or spiritual significance that can influence people’s lives?

Numerology is mystical study of activities and occurrences established on the numbers. It is an ancient art of understanding life and its events with the help of numbers. It is an educational tool that helps the practitioner devise insights into the personality and traits of an individual. The numerologists can assist you in choosing a suitable career, make better financial decisions and avoid health issues. There aren’t many accurate evidences about the origin of Numerology but historians believe that ancient East Civilisations invented Numerology and Astrology to conceive knowledge of the movements of the universe and its impact. Today Numerology is used by people from all walks of life to help make sense of their lives and predict future prospects.

// Numerology is defined as the belief that numbers have physical or spiritual significance that can influence people’s lives. //

Numerologists believe that numbers have personalities and each number is connected to a different destiny. It is believed that Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician was one of the first people to use numerology. Pythagoras discovered the importance of numbers in our everyday lives. To this day, Numerology is the study of mystical and occult and people rely on it wholeheartedly. Now let’s know the mechanism of Numerology.

How does Numerology work?

Numerology is grounded on the postulate that our identities are described by numbers and that certain numbers are more significant than others. They assign a numeric value to each alphabet and then make calculations based on the words that are to the same numbers. The foundation of numerology like all mystical or magical principles is constructed on centuries of trial and error. Numerology is also the study of numerical value of letters in words and names.

There can be many forms of Numerology but every form is based on the formulations concluded with the help of numbers. According to numerologists, a person’s name when reduced to a single digit has a value that represents his/her personality, traits and tendencies. To get a numerical value for a word or name, simply add up the numerical value of each letter. The numbers assigned to every alphabet is listed below-

1 ->      A, J, S

2 ->      B, K, T

3 ->      C, L, U

4 ->      D, M, V

5 ->      E, N, W

6 ->      F, O, X

7 ->      G, P, Y

8 ->      H, Q, Z

9 ->      I, R

How to find the number associated with the name?

Sum up the numbers associated with each alphabet of your name and keep adding until you reach a single digit. For example- if your name is David Malhotra

-D A V I D

= 4+1+4+9+4   = 22

-M A L H O T R A

= 4+1+3+8+6+2+9+1   = 34


= 22 + 34         = 56     = 5+6   = 11     =1+1    = 2

So David Malhotra’s name number is 2 which exhibit powerful energy and encompasses great amounts of strength. Number 2 people are quite gentle, peace-lovers, insightful and diplomatic in nature. The first expression of people with number 2 can be perceived as faint-hearted and feeble but are extremely flexible and retort with inconceivable force. They incorporate competitive, nervy and distinctive nature that builds up their leadership qualities.

Just as number 2, every number from 1-9 hold unique characteristics and tendencies. Every number has got its own exceptional traits and significance. As the numbers are associated with the celestial bodies of universe, their astronomical movements influence the numbers which makes them distinctive in nature.  There are some systems in numerology that analyse double digit name number as well. Indian numerology system has numbers assigned to the alphabets ranging from 1 – 8 only. They exclude the number 9 completely and have no assignment for this number. Practitioners make evaluation for the double digit numbers ranging from 10 – 99.

Just as the revolution and rotation of the earth around the sun causes transformations every day to which we adapt effortlessly, similarly the planetary movements, constellations, and elements of the nature hold a prominent significance in each and every being’s life. Numerology helps cope with these deviations with numbers as the intermediate of understanding.

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