Why it is necessary to be forgiving?

Nowadays, there is so much hatred among people. We always like to hold grudges against people who might have hurt us at some point of lives. These grudges are making us less forgiving. Even if someone hurt us unintentionally we tend to develop so many negative thoughts against them. But is this correct? No, we are developing negativity inside us by not forgiving people. The grudges inside are making us more arrogant and rude to people. We all have broken our friendship at some point of time due to some misunderstanding and to situations where we chose to hold grudges instead of forgiving.


Why it is important to forgive?


Forgiveness is a very rare thing seen in today’s world. The most common trait found among most of the people is hatred, jealousy, grudges etc. These things are affecting us. We are ourselves developing negativity inside our mind. When people are kind and generous, this is because they have less hatred and more love inside their heart. This makes them more positive and optimistic person. Hence, grudges will be making you more stubborn and you will lose some important people from your life. The people who forgive are the greatest because they have not let other’s to affect their sanity. Forgiving someone removes all the negative thoughts you had for them from your mind. You will be free from the negative emotions that were holding you back to be kind. Hence, each one of us must start forgiving people around us because that will make us more mature and strong people.


Tips that might help in forgiving someone


Forgiving someone is not an easy task. When someone hurts you, there is an ocean of emotions inside your head. Anger and sadness rule the emotions which makes you develop hatred against that person. Forgiving never happens by the mind, your heart should forgive the people. You can verbally forgive someone but have grudges inside your mind. This will not help you in developing mental peace. You should learn to forgive people inside your heart. Then only you can remove the grudges of people.

Following are some tips that might help you in forgiving people:

Understand why the person did what they did

At times, there is a reason behind everything people do. Understand the actions that have hurt you. If you try to find the reason behind those actions, chances are that you wouldn’t find that person guilty. Hence, whenever certain actions hurt you or you get instigated just pause and try to look for the reason behind those actions. Most of the times people unintentionally hurt us. They don’t really want to make us feel bad about anything. Hence, most of the time understanding the actions will solve the problem.


Evaluate your faults

There are cases when your faults might have made the other people overreact. People sometimes do things as a consequence of our faults. Hence, whenever you are holding grudges against someone, understand what were your faults in those circumstances. Was everything their mistake?  Evaluating our self is a difficult task and not everyone can do that. Hence, you should evaluate your own mistakes and this will eventually simplify the forgiving process. You will no longer have grudges against people if you know that you were equally responsible in that situation.


Remembering no one is perfect

In the end, we should always keep in mind that no one is perfect. We all can make mistakes. Someone else might be holding grudges against us even if we don’t know it. Hence, understand that it is normal for people to make mistakes. But it is not normal to hold grudges against someone. You are punishing yourself by keeping grudges against someone. Forgiving is a very positive thing and can make people remember you for a long time. If you can forgive someone who broke your trust or hurt you then, you become the greatest person. 

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