Tarot cards are the revelation of your intuition. It helps you to be clearer about your feelings, more precisely your gut feelings. Tarot is all about your intuition, it helps you see what exactly you want. The purpose of Tarot cards is to divulge what your unconscious mind is thinking so that it can become part of the conscious mind. They even provide spiritual guidance that helps you move on with your life in a much clearer clarity and understanding.

The tarot card deck consists of the Fool ( It is the first and the last card, and represents courage, new beginnings, and potential), the Magician ( this also represents new beginnings), the High Priestess ( represents the inner voice, giving the message that you should pay heed to your gut feelings), The Empress ( the card represents feminine energy, fertility, beauty, and pregnancy- figuratively or physical), The Emperor (the card represents leadership, intellectual prowess and determination), The hierophant ( the card represents mentor), The lovers (the card represents physical, emotional and spiritual love and connection between a couple), The Chariot (the card represents victory, dominance, control and power), The Hermit ( the card represents a person who enjoys being alone and being single), Strength (the card represents strength, which was very obvious by the name itself), The Wheel Of Fortune (the cards represents karma, what goes around, comes around), Justice ( the card represents justice, you get what you deserve), The hanged man( The card represents someone who sacrifices himself for a greater cause), Death ( the card represents the time where change is needed and also represents death), Temperance (the card symbolizes tranquillity, peace, calm and being cautious), The Devil (the card represents addiction and materialism), The tower ( the card represents unforeseen catastrophe), The Star ( the card represents joy, faith, happiness, and hope), The Moon ( the card represents the person’s subconscious thoughts and it also represents fertility and femininity), the Sun (the card also represents positivity, energetic and open), The Judgement(the card represents sudden realization, the person’s inner voice) and The World (the card represents summed up a journey started by the fool).

So, why is the Devil the most misunderstood card in the Tarot deck? The card does not represent Satan but is represents Dionysius (the God of wine, fertility, abandon, pleasure and madness) and Pan, (the god of wild behavior and unbridled desires). The symbol on the card is half man and half goat which signify your darkest and deepest passions and desires and how you are enslaved by them. The card is about to be trapped by your addictions, how you find yourself enslaved by your baser instincts, and cannot seem to find a way to get out of the situation. The card serves as a reminder that overcoming addiction in any form first requires us to acknowledge it as a force of emotional subjugation.

In this regard, we can assume that this card is all about being honest with yourself. What are your temptations? What are your addictions? What enslaves you and always draws you back from walking ahead? Figuratively speaking, the Devil as a person can be aggressive, dominating, rich, and full of erotic power. The Devil is a powerful person who is hard to resist, which is not exactly bad, but you need to make sure that you do not base your identity based on their validation. When the devil card is drawn, it signifies the sins and addictions we don’t attribute to ourselves.

The card usually appears when we feel lost or lose the focus in our lives. We are trapped in daily cycles of habits, and the card asks us to analyze the patterns we have drawn in our lies and erase out the ones we no longer need. We are all enslaved by the chains of habits that are destructive by nature and do not satisfy us in our lives.

The message the Devil’s card gives us is that we must face the darker, baser nature of ourselves and understand that that is how we are and learn to love it without causing us to behave or act out in the negative course of action. We must learn to face our temptations and addictions and learn that every action does have a consequence and it will always come back to us. We need to be straight forward about our problems, addictions, and weaknesses. We need to curb the desire that makes us indulge in excesses, even the desire of pleasure that makes us stray away. Denying all of this just makes it easier for them to control us.

The Devil is the most misunderstood card in the tarot deck simply because we assume it to be related to death or even Satan himself. But the card means something else altogether and has a deeper meaning to it. The card is about temptations, addictions, desires, pleasures, and how we allow them to manipulate us into losing the focus in our lives. How we are slaves to this endless cycle of desires of pleasure and indulging in excess. How we are bound by the chains of emotional enslavement and are addicted to so many different forms and types of addictions, and can’t seem to free ourselves from such situations. A powerful person is one who knows when to indulge and when to stop without being addicted to it and, is cautious enough to stop and walk away. We can only be powerful if we, ourselves, learn to overcome the temptations of what we desire and have enough of will power to gain control over our desires and use it to our advantage, rather than letting it use us and we, becoming slaves to our addictions, temptations, desires, and sins. In short, we need to control ourselves better before we spiral in our addictions and lose control.

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