Why is that People Believe in Astrology more than Modern Science?

Why is that People Believe in Astrology more than Modern Science?

No matter how transparent a study or a process is made, there are still critics who question the authenticity time to time again because they do not know any better. Unpopular opinions are very popular now and people thrive on the attention they get by ridiculing something on Twitter or Facebook. Astrology as a science has been dubbed as a pseudo-science by all sorts of people. They will be the same people who are going to flock to an Astrologer when a grave personal tragedy strikes them and they’ve nothing to look forward to. The Internet has lots of false information regarding different topics but who is to question the wave of this popularity? Now, if you’re somebody who wants to know why do people still believe in Astrology, let me change your opinion through the following reasons.

Astrology made their lives better in a way

You do not have to know everything about Astrology to see whether it works or not. People grieve immensely when they encounter a very rough phase in their lives. They will then opt for just anything to find out the solution. Astrological remedies provide healing, a reassurance of token to them to bolster themselves once again to fight their way through the storm.

People are fond of storytelling and weaving narratives

As far as Indian folklore and Mythology are concerned, the science of the whole Universe has been explained in our culture through stories. These stories are Shiva Purana, the Bhagwat Gita, etc. Even in Astrology to understand it better, the sages and seers weaved this scientific information with stories so people could relate to it and understand the phenomena with their little minds.

Past, Present, and Future stabilize one’s mind.

Many astrologers receive requests from people to know their future the most. Many little people want to know about their present scenario because their mind is somewhere else, not living here. Live in the moment is a very popular saying in the Western world but where do you live if not in the moment? You’ve to pass and be in the present to know the future. People still believe in Astrology for their reasons as they’d love to know about their prospects if their current life is in haywire. They believe that knowing about their future will help stabilize their mind.

Some people just look for excuses…

It is also true that some people look at Astrology to justify their stupid and horrid behaviors daily. Even if someone is being rude on intent, they can just say “oh but I cannot change it. It is my zodiac sign, I’m rude”. These types of people are very stupid and disrespectful towards Astrology. Astrology is not a tool to rubbish your behavior.

Marriage related decisions still depend on Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan is also a process that involves Astrology and is only recommended to be done by experts in the field of Astrology. Marriages in India involve a ritual where Kundali Milan has to be done. Kundali Milan is the matching of the natal horoscopes of both the bride and the groom to check their compatibility status. The compatibility status is low, certain remedies are suggested so that the couple’s marital life is enhanced throughout brightly.

Financial decisions are also taken with the help of Astrology.

In our culture, a lunisolar calendar is used instead of the standard solar calendar followed in the West. It is because the movement and phases of the Moon bring about changes in our emotions and feelings. Modern research will imply that no behavioral changes occur due to the Moon but this is far away from the truth. Observe your system for the day with regards to the transitions of the Moon. You will know the difference. Financial decisions are also taken by looking at the auspicious time in one’s life to start a new career or a venture.

People can believe in Astrology for their reasons. It will be disrespectful on our part to question their belief systems. But once you start your journey to know what Astrology is all about, belief systems will be left behind and you’ll see the real value of it.