Why is Kundali matching an integral part of Marriage?

The Kundali matching is an ancient process that is thoroughly followed by Hindus before the scared event of Marriage. The holy event of Marriage marks a big step in any one’s life, and no one wants it to go wrong. The partners have to be compatible to make a successful marriage.

In order to find the compatibility between two potential partners, the process of Kundali matching comes into play. The procedure involves understanding the seeker’s personality and characteristics. Depending on the unique personality of the seeker, the astrologer who is well versed in the subject can suggest the best life partner.

The astrologer can suggest the best partner who can sync in the seeker’s mentality and personality. A marriage involves two people who need to understand and work together to build something beautiful together and grow together. The partner has to understand and support in every obstacle and hurdle in life.

In the case of having two stubborn and arrogant partners, they will not compromise for one decision. Both the partners will try to dominate each other and try to bring in more authority. This in return will trigger them more and increase many misunderstandings between them. The partners will not be able to happy married life as they keep fighting on their differences.

The partners will constantly fight as they will not find a common ground to share and enjoy. Eventually, their disputes will drive them apart and create unnecessary problems which can only result in separation. This is where the Kundali matching comes into play.

The Kundali matchings allows the astrologer to completely analyze the unique personality and calculate the parameters of the seeker. Then, the astrologer will sync the kundalis or commonly called as the birth charts with the other birth charts.

Whichever birth chart of the opposite gender syncs with the seeker will be the most compatible partner. There are a lot of parameters that are calculated by the astrologer to sync two partners. The uniqueness of the Astrology is, the Kundali matching can be done to find compatibility for two partners but also two business partners.

What does the Kundali matching result in?

The Kundali basically means the birth chart of the seeker which will have all the details of the seeker. The Kundali consists of the time of birth, date of birth, and the position of the planet at the time of birth and at the moment.

The Kundali or the birth chart is divided into houses and segments which represent the houses of the planets and the position of the planets. Each house and segment is ruled by one specific planet and the planet will have different influences on the seeker depending on the position of the planet. For example: the planet Jupiter rules the 7th house of the Kundali and it represents the finance and strength of the seeker.

The Kundali matching is a unique process that syncs the two birth charts of the potential partners before their marriage. The partners need to be compatible in all aspects to make the marriage work. The difference in their lifestyle and food habits also can impact on their life together.

Kundali matching is an integral part of the holy event of Marriage. It brings two perfect souls to make the most perfect family together. The Kundali matching helps to bring two compatible people who can support each other in difficult times and help each other grow.

In the process of Kundali matching, there are important factors that are looked into and considered before the matching is done. The seeker, in case, is a mangalik should only get married to a Manglik and never a non-mangalik person. This is a very important factor to work on. Then the Kundalis are matched for 36 points where each factor is valued differently.

The Longevity of life is considered for the partners after marriage. The Kundalis also predict the mental and psychological health of the two partners after marriage. Depending on their personalities, they can either contradict and affect each other’s health or complement and make each other healthy. The prosperity of family growth or in other words the number of children is calculated.

The Kundalis matching will include the syncing of the stars and the zodiacs and will measure the communication and romance compatibility. The sexual desire is also another parameter that is considered. Every parameter of daily life and the future endeavors are measured and calculated. The finest couple will have the best score and a happy and successful married life.